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Neutral 32  Narkra Rok'Ogar
Narkra on Nefarian's Throne

Narkra on Nefarian's Throne

|209px|Image of Narkra Rok'Ogar|center]]
Talent SpecCombat Assassination
ProfessionsMining and Engineering
RealmMoon Guard US
Guild[[Guild:Guard US)|[]


  • Name: Narkra Rok'Ogar (Warchief of the Bloodied Blade Clan)
  • Age: Supposably in her mid thirties. (Was around when the Orcs were on Draenor/Before the first Portal opening.)
  • Height: 7'1"
  • Marital Stats: None
  • Siblings: (Half Sister) Taikal
  • Children: None
  • Grandchildren: None
  • Hair Colour: Jet Black
  • Hair Length: Long/Shoulder Length/Unkempt and messy.


Always in dark clothes, usually seen with some sort of mask. She is quite attractive, for an orc. Black leather boots, dirty rougish pants and shirt, and black leather gloved hands, with midsection exposed. Her hair is slightly messy, black, and long, covering some of her cheeks and some of her ears. Her skin is a dark olive green, with a coal-black tint. She also has piercings along her ears. Her eyes are a crimson red. Whenever very angry or provoked, they glow a demonic red.


She has a kick-ass, don't-care what you think attitude. She will never take orders from anyone, not even Thrall himself. Even when beaten down bleeding, she won't bow down to anyone. She won't take no for an answer, especially from an elf. She will always be stubborn and bull headed. And don't let her trick you, she can be a backstabber to anyone.


Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Never trus' a fellow rogue, nor partner completely. Anyone is cap'ble of turnin' on you."

Child Hood and Living on DraenorEdit

Coming to AzerothEdit

Once the Dark Portal was opened, the Bloodied Blade Clan had moved their base to Azeroth, and sought refuge within the ranks of the Horde once Thrall had became Warchief of the Horde. Now they do dirty deeds within the cities of the Horde, in secret. The Bloodied Blade Clan is now rising once again, in secret, using the stories heard about them as fuel to their fire, as well as taking disloyal members of the Old Horde into their ranks to grow.

As Warchief of the Bloodied Blade ClanEdit

She is as brutal as Vargron was. Possibly even moreso. She is more tough, and demanding of the Clan. (More to come.)


Enemies of the Bloodied Blade ClanEdit

  • Vanguard of Hope
  • Grimtotem Mercenaries

Possible Allies of the Bloodied Blade ClanEdit

  • The Pale Shield

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