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Neutral 32Reimos Gunthyr
Humanmale nopic
Title <Experiment #104>
Race [[race::human,worgen]]
Affiliation Gilneas, Lordaeron, Darnassus, Alliance
Location Unknown
Status Alive


Reimos Gunthyr is a loyal man of the royal family of Greymane, he served as a royal guard for several years being age 45 when the worgen civil war happened. In order to find a cure to the curse of the worgen he offered his own body for the cure. The experiment was a failure...His body dead. He was brought from death by an artifact that was oddly found broken through a window, it gave off odd energies. They were told by an odd presence to put it into his body, so they implanted the artifact into Raimos' abdomen, he immediately jolted back to life his body moving again. He oddly enough had odd powers and never aged anymore, however he did have internal damages causing him to cough blood once in a while. His body currently is tainted, infused with unusual energies, fel energies from their warlocks. Even other diseases to cure them. He is supposed to be considered a hero by the populace but they trust him less than they trust the savage worgen. Due to the odd nature of his aura and his odd appearance, he feels as an exile and practices firearms occasionally wielding a lance of sorts.


The artifact that he was given was from the land of the dead given to them by a spirit of a druid. It gives him some druid capabilities but it doesn't seem compatible to his body. The relic is called "The Amethyst of Growth."


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