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Neutral 32Jubtai Jeckyl
Sunblade Imp
Title <Small thing, miniaturized flamethrower>
Race Imp
Character class Pyromancer,Warlock,Mage
Affiliation Burning Legion,Alliance,Horde,Coorik Von Kibbeltorque
Location Twisting Nether


Jubtai was a little imp with nothing much in his life. He was called into the legion and has been their version of an artillery with fire magic. He seems like an ordinary imp able to throw fireballs, except he goes insane at times when he casts too much magic which usually subsides after a while. He had a similar case in the legion, he was about to be killed so he fled. He hid in a building on Xoroth, before being 'saved' by Coorik who called him from there one day when he was traveling through the nether. He immediately asked for Coorik's protection from the legion, only to learn he works for them. He was afraid of him but Coorik swore to give him another name and keep him safe, thus he was called Kippah for a bit until Coorik was separated from the legion in which he was always known as Jubtai, he was only known as Kippah when he was around the legion.


Eccentric and energetic, he also talks alot about fire and burning things and flirts with girls. He also goes insane saying things you wouldn't expect him to say, however he is always willing to protect Coorik, Coorik usually funnels his madness against his enemies but it goes to the extreme at times that he attacks everyone.


Icon Spell Min Level Description
Ability warlock avoidanceAvoidance (Passive) Passive Reduces the damage your summoned demon takes from non-player area of effect attacks by an additional 90%.
Spell fire fireboltFirebolt 1 Deals X fire damage to a target.
Spell shadow bloodboilBlood Pact 4 Increases party and raid members' health by X.
Spell shadow impphaseshiftPhase Shift 12 Shifts the imp out of phase with the world, making it unattackable unless it attacks.

(While Phase Shifted imp cannot be target and can't get mobs attention)

Spell fire firearmorFire Shield 14 Surrounds the friendly party or raid target in a shield of fire, increasing fire resistance by X (Rank 6 or higher) and making every strike against the target cause X fire damage to the attacker. Lasts 3 min. The caster cannot cast fire Shield on himself..

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