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Neutral 32Gel'daroon & Gel'maxima
Gel&#039;daroon &amp; Gel&#039;maxima
Title <Coorik's trusty steeds>
Race [[race::dreadsteed, felsteed]]
Affiliation Coorik Von Kibbeltorque
Location Wherever Coorik Summons them.


While living in Xoroth, Gel'maxima was a mount to a high ranked Nathrezim, but was summoned by Coorik. He defeated it's master and enslaved it under his stead. While Gel'daroon her brother was injured during an assault on the mortal races of Azeroth. He was easily summoned to Coorik before he brought forth Gel'maxima and enslaved. He was then healed with unnatural magic, the fel magic.


Gel'maxima has a fiery mane and spits fire. She also breaths fourth fire, she is very fast and tame. Gel'daroon has a regular mane with twigs and dirt stuck in it and a lack for cleanliness.

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