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McFlynnTHM is new to World of Warcraft, having only started playing in September. But already the addiction takes hold of him.

When not playing WoW, McFlynnTHM enjoys dancing and drinking snooty, imported beers around the Boston area.

Characters Edit

Currently, his characters are:

  • Thromgar, orc warrior, lv. 31, Duskwood (main)
    • Rides a Turtle (from the WoW TCG). You might have seen it.
    • Member of 'jealous imo'
  • Gothygoff, human paladin, lv. 7, Duskwood (alt)
  • Corrodin, undead mage, lv. 11, Moonrunner (alt)
  • Dugrendra, orc warlock, lv. 13 Duskwood (alt)
  • Floinn, human mage, lv. 48 Auchindoun

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