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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Inn of the Rampaging Dragon Edit

The Park in Stormwind was built as a great open area fronted by magnificent buildings with elegant facades. It is normally quite crowded especially during celebrations and other events. Perhaps it attracts people because of the moonwell. More likely, it is because the Park is one of the few remaining open spaces in the city. In theory, the Park does not come under the jurisdiction of the city bailiffs and as a result, it is not subject to the laws of Stormwind, not that anyone would say that Stormwind has much in the way of laws anyway. Like any major city, its legal system is mostly a matter of opinion. Although Officer Pomeroy can sometimes be seen in the Park, he just likes to pop in occassionally for a drink or two while doing his rounds of the city.

As a result, the Park naturally attracts various criminals, prostitutes, free lancers and others wishing to avoid any legal "complications". By nature of the real or perceived lack of order, the Park also attracts many free thinking people such as poets, minstrels, artisans and the like. Some say the decline of the Park was inevitable. Most blame it on the proximity of the new harbor. In any event, the end result is that all sorts of people from paupers to princes can be found roaming the streets and frequenting the many inns, pubs, taverns, and establishments of questionable character. One such establishment of note is the Inn of the Rampaging Dragon.

Dragon rampant

Sign of the Inn of the Rampaging Dragon

The Inn of the Rampaging Dragon bears a weather-beaten sign with the image of a red dragon rampant half hung on a rusty chain. The sign frequently falls down or otherwise often gets misplaced leaving the inn unmarked.

The building is several stories high and may have originally been some nobleman's mansion or perhaps it was purpose built as an inn. In any event it is now an inn. Some decades earlier, the building was ravaged by fire or some other calamity which left only half the original structure and facade still standing. It has been haphazardly rebuilt probably several times leaving the structure a chaotic disaster of stone, brick, wood, mud and thatch which barely contains a pub and lodging rooms. The inn looks as if it might completely collapse at any time. The lodging rooms are currently sealed off due to a seemingly never ending renovation although there are rumors that chambers can be rented by "special" clientèle.

There is one main entrance to the inn however frequent patrons may occassionally hear tales about various secret ways in and out. The interior of the inn is dominated by a long bar along the far wall behind which are stacked several kegs and casks maintained by the customary yet lazy and rarely seen barkeep. The inn's lighting is dim regardless of the time of day thanks to the three chandeliers in which only a few candles burn at any given time. The main room is strewn throughout with a variety of different types of tables and chairs. There is a surprisingly well stocked kitchen with a fireplace that seems to always have a few pieces of coal sparking and sputtering. Leading from the kitchen is a very large wine cellar and sundry storage. Above the bar is a private seating area where patrons go who do not wish to be overheard. On a table near the entrance is a well read copy of The War of the Ancients. Outside is a barely functional mailbox which is in need of repair due to lack of use.

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