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The Fourth War Edit

  • Synopsis: The time has come for the Alliance & Horde to declare war upon themselves. But there are other forces who are merging behind the back of both factions.
  • Related areas: Argus, K’aresh, Dark Below, Emerald Dream, Great Dark, Twisting Nether and Elemental Plane.
  • Related opposing forces: Burning Legion in a full extent, All the Forces of the Old Gods and Other Forces of *the Great Dark..
  • Related intelligent/playable races: 2 Arakkoa, Broken draenei, High Elves, Centaur, Cenarian, Drakonid, Dragonspawn, Ethereal, Faceless One, Furbolg, Gnolls, Goblin, Half-ogre, Harpy, Makrura, Magnataur, Mo'arg, Murloc, Naga, Nathrezim, Nerubian, Ogre, Pandaren, Quilboar, Satyr, Tuskarr and Worgen.
  • Related professions: Boat-Crafter, House-Builder etc.
  • Possible Extra-Stuff: Breed of pets

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