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Emerald Dream Expansion IdeasEdit

Whilst a fair amount of warcraft's rich lore has been adressed in the main game and it's expansions, one area that reamins un-touched is the emerald dream. Below are a list of ideas that could be included into the expansion if it ever comes about.

The basics and speculationEdit

Each expansion so far has delt with both an unexplored area and a force which must be adresseed (eg: Outland + Illidan and the naga/buring legion, Northrend + The scorge). The emerald dream's location is obvious but the force is still unkown. Suposedly the nightmare was created by the conciousnus' that entered the dream however there is possiblity that another force is at work here. The Naga for instance is a contender for this due to the fact that mutanas (wailing caverns) is a murloc which could be under the control of the naga. However this is very vage speculation and there are other potential reasons for the burning legion and even the dragonkin.

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