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The faction exclusive Winter Veil recipes are BoP. These tailoring pattern were mailed out for the first time in 2007 to appropriately skilled characters, then were made available via Goblin-faction vendors in 2007 as a 'correction' by Blizzard. Those opposite faction characters daring enough to make the run into the opposing factions' "Greatfather Winter" city could purchase these from the neutral vendor. That is the only way to get the opposing faction recipe. Doing the diplomatic mission during The Feast of Winter Veil will allow you to buy this easily.

The Alliance Winter Veil recipe [Red Winter Clothes] is sold by Wulmort Jinglepocket near the gates of Ironforge.

The Horde Winter Veil recipe [Green Winter Clothes] is sold by Penney Copperpinch near the gates of Orgrimmar.

Recipe Profession Source Availability Binding
Official alliance mini-icon [Pattern: Red Winter Clothes] Tailoring Sold by Wulmort Jinglepocket during Winter Veil (BoP)
Official horde mini-icon [Pattern: Green Winter Clothes] Tailoring Sold by Penney Copperpinch during Winter Veil (BoP)

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