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Biography Edit

From Childhood to Stratholme's Fall Edit

Dame Liuceijya Silverblade (deceased; executed for war crimes) was the elder daughter of Sir Malkai Silverblade and High Elven Mage Raietha Bloodthorn. Although her mother and two older brothers all were respected Mages, Liuceijya broke that particular trend, defying her mother's expectations. She instead decided to study the Light and take up training as a Paladin, just like her father. This was believed to have been at least partly the influence of her childhood friend and future husband, Coren Pinecroft, and his father, Lord Ashrinn Pinecroft.

She joined the Knights of the Silver Hand as a squire at a young age and gradually advanced in rank. Under the command of Prince Arthas and Sir Uther Lightbringer, Liuceijya fought the Scourge during the Third War and, according to military record, participated in the purging of Stratholme. Her younger sister Roseiantha was one of many victims of the purge.

From Silver Hand to Scarlet Crusade Edit

Liuceijya Scarlet

Liuceijya in Scarlet regalia

Liuceijya eventually got promoted to a command position over a small number of Silver Hand soldiers during the latter days of the Third War. However, the esteemed order was on the brink of collapse.

Soon enough Liuceijya's life took yet another drastic turn as she came into contact with Highlord Mograine, Lord Isillien and High General Abbendis and the small band of survivors with them who would soon form the nucleus of the Scarlet Crusade. It was at about this time that she met Elwynn-born Paladin Estly Morante who would become one of her closest friends, and reunited with Coren. It is said that shortly thereafter the two were finally married in a fireside ceremony, their plans having been delayed by the initial Scourge invasion, both bride and groom rather unromantically clad in full plate armor while fellow Scarlets watched for undead.

Deaths in the Crusade Edit

Liuceijya stayed with the Scarlet Crusade even after the tragic death of Highlord Mograine. It was around this time that Coren also met an untimely death. Some people have speculated that Sir Pinecroft was murdered by somebody wanting personal revenge on Liuceijya herself. Others believe that the attack on Pinecroft was an action of the Undead wanting to weaken the Scarlet Crusade as an order. However, due to trial proceedings against Dame Silverblade it recently came to light that she was, in fact, her own husband's murderer.

New Life and Crusade's Return Edit

Four years after joining the Scarlet Crusade and achieving the rank of Commander, Liuceijya left precipitously, only to reappear in Stormwind. There she joined her Gnomish godmother Teatha in the Order of the Lotus, a small but close-knit group. However, soon enough Liuceijya came into renewed contact with the Scarlet Crusade after Inquisitor Morante's transfer to Stormwind under the aegis of the Scarlet Inquisition. Estly convinced Liuceijya to rejoin (her friends attested that Estly in fact brainwashed her, although Inquisitor Morante denied all such allegations); records of this period reflect the same loyalty as before.

Alahni lo Andu Edit

Liuceijya left the Scarlet Crusade once more under unknown circumstances and joined the militia organization Alahni lo Andu, under the leadership of Night Elf assassin Starlear Lightsheer. SI:7 records indicate a romantic relationship during this time with high-ranking operative Vanni Silvante. However, as certain events unfolded that relationship quickly spiraled downward, and, due to unsettling details about her history with the Crusade that had by then begun to leak out, a warrant was issued for Liuceijya's arrest. She was apprehended mere days afterward and imprisoned, much to the dismay of those close to her. This was most likely due to the influence of Lord Pinecroft, who had survived the Scourge invasion and now sought justice for his dead son, but nothing can be proved for certain.

Trial and Execution Edit

Administrative delays resulted in Liuceijya staying in prison for nearly five months until she was finally brought to trial; she confessed to a long list of crimes against the Alliance that included multiple counts of murder, treason, and war crimes committed while she was a member of the Crusade. The Paladin tribunal judging her voted unanimously to condemn her to death; the testimonies given by Teatha and a former friend, Draenei warrior Ashantae Bitingrock, were said to be devastating to what defense she had. Her sentence was carried out in front of the Stormwind gates, marking her as a tragic example of zealotry gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Liuceijya was 34 years old at the time of her execution; other than Raietha, now a Blood Elf, Teatha and Ashrinn are considered her closest surviving 'relatives'.

(Server: Silver Hand)

((OOC Note: The level 70 Paladin associated with this character has moved to Moon Guard and is now known as Raelindra. There is, however, a low-level Mage named Liuceiijya remaining.))

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