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High Lord Erenithiél

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Title <High Lord of the Whitehood Order>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 82 Elite
Location Unknown
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History and background Edit

Lord Avarion 'Silverwing' Erenithiél, Superior commander, hero, reformer and present Lord of the Whitehood Order.

Just like so many others... Edit

Avarion was born in the Silvermoon City, where his father, Shalital served in the Royal Guard. His mother, Baitandrilé (nick'd Bairillé), was familiar with magic though not enough skilled with it to make herself a career. Growing up in Silvermoon, with his father in the Royal Guard - the Blood Knights and other military forces of Silvermoon were the idols of Avarion and his childhood friends. It was but everyones dream to become one. The Captain of the Royal Guard was called Goldenwing, or Caeldron Goldenwing. This male elven captain were about the become a person of huge meaning in Avarions childhood, he took care of the young Ava while his father were on duty and such, he's also the one who taught Ava the importance of the Holy Light of the Sun and the Arcane Magics of the world, even though Avas father disliked it, greatly. At the age of 113, Ava was a hectic young man, who seemed to follow his father footsteps and joined in with the Guards of Silvermoon.

Grave news and a Lightchosen surprise Edit

During the end of his training for the Guards, at the age of 114, Avas father was also training with his regiment, outside of Quel'Thalas. - He never came back. According to his superior officer he was shot by their own rangers during an exercise. the ranger called Valodar were judged guilty and hunged for the incident. According to Caeldron though, Shalital had been shot on purpose. Due to his radical ideological views, that already had enraged some of the lesser royalties in Silvermoon. Aswell, Valodar had been a close friend of Shalital and Caeldron suspected he was nothing but a scapegoat. Upon hearing this, Ava immediately quit his training with the Guards and returned home to find his mother transformed. Nowadays, she never spoke of her once, beloved husband - Except, speaking of the great dishonor he had brought onto their name. With not much of his family left, he joined the underground movement lead by Caeldron known as the 'Si Shoraendyr Osaes', or in Common - The Whitehood Order.

The Birth of the Silverwing and the disaster of the Finest Hour Edit

3 years later, at the age of 117 - Ava went with the Whitehoods to join with the forces of the Alliance of Lordaeron. Fighting in the war for 10 years, Ava saw much horror and cruelty from both sides of the conflict. Caeldron died in the Aftermath of the Second War, and Lord Sunbane took lead of the Order, Ava was promoted to the rank of Captain, and his men gave him the name Captain 'Molaesolaer', or in Common - Captain 'Silverwinged'. After the war, the new Lord of the order wanted to flex his muscles and charged the Plaguelands in a furious crusade, later called 'Si Shas Teradi', or 'the Black Crusade', at the climax of this crusade was a apocalyptic disaster called 'Si Tholaer Cys', or in Common - 'The Finest Hour'.

The Seconding, a Priest, a Paladin and a Legacy. Edit

Whatever small pack of soldiers made their way back to the Order's monastery, in Tirisfal. While Avarion headed north, back to his homelands - some found refuge in the south, and soon the Order were spread over the complete Eastern Kingdoms, stretching over both factions as well. A couple of months later, Captain Molaesolaer found Priest Brightfeather (Later becoming High Priest Brightfeather) and heard of his great prophecy, just days after he decided to reform the Order, in what's known as 'the Second Founding' or 'the Seconding'.

He took the Crown of Fire from his dead superior, Lord Sunbane and set of towards the monastery in Tirisfal, there, he regathered the Order, rebuilding its strength and its former glory. Today the Order shines just as bright as the sun and, though it's not what it once was - it has been reborn, Through the fire, through hell and over the heavens - to be reborn in the ashes, the Phoenix.


'It doesn't matter if you are brave or cowardly - the Light decides who will fall and who that will survive, which makes the need for shields and other kinds of cover completely unnecessary' - Captain Erenithiél at the Finest Hour.


'We shall go through the Fire, through Hell, We shall fly over the heavens, And we shall bring the fiery destruction from the very stars upon our enemies, Because that's our path, the Path threaded only by the Strong. Whitehoods! This is our destiny, the Light has given us this task since it believes we're worthy. We shall not fail, We've already fallen and been reborn, Just like out of the Ashes came the Phoenix, So do we bring Order out of Chaos, Just so do we bring the Light into a world of darkness and corruption! This is our destiny...'

- High Lord Erenithiél and High Priest Brightfeather in the prophecy called 'Red and white, to follow our chosen path in the Name of the Light'.


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