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HordeNPC 32Leiliana Sunstriker
Title <Cryomancer>
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Position Tailor, Enchanter
Location Unknown
Relative(s) none

Leiliana Sunstriker Edit

Leiliana Sunstriker is a Blood Elf mage affiliated with the Horde.

Description Edit

Leiliana's unnaturally green eyes stare out at you bemusedly from under a fall of jet black hair that frames a pale, heart shaped face. The hint of a smile plays about her lips as she speaks to you, as though there is something about you she finds amusing. She is, in human years, close to thirty years old. Lei is slender, of an average height for a sin'dorei female, and on first glance appears to be quite fragile.

Looks can be deceiving.

Personality Edit

Leiliana's quiet disposition is often mistaken as inexperience or shyness. This, however, is as far from the truth as it gets. She is of the firm belief that those who speak rashly and without thought are little more than hot-tempered children, and so chooses her words carefully, reserving judgment for after all the pieces are in place.

She is a loner, sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Regardless, Leiliana has spent a majority of her life in a self-made seclusion, and though she is friendly and open to everyone (unless you happen to be a Night Elf or Human), finds it hard to open up to people.

A Filler Story Edit

“The nights here are quite beautiful… though I must admit the humidity does nothing for my hair.”

Leiliana pulled off a glove and ran her hand through her tangled hair, then sighed in defeat. The nights were lovely, despite the heat… deep skies, moonlit trees, the occasional soft growl from the tigers – the nights in Stranglethorn were passionate, heated, almost like spending a night in a lover’s embrace. “Though without the… culmination,” she admitted to her silent companion. Leiliana chuckled and slapped the raptor’s haunch, then climbed on top of its prone form and sat, conjuring water. She drank deeply and rested for a brief minute, then slapped the raptor again. “You did give me a good workout, though… hmm. I only now realized you don’t have a name.” She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, stowed her water, and pulled out a small knife. “I believe I’ll call you dinner.”

A benefit to mage studies, Leiliana thought as she was stowing the fresh raptor meat in a bag to sell in town, was the ability to forever supply oneself with ample amounts of fresh bread and water, regardless of how tasteless the stuff actually was. Another benefit was being able to turn random humans into sheep.

She wasn’t too sure which she appreciated more.

A short time later Leiliana made her way through the moonlit jungle to the road; her trek through the various ruins of the jungle had netted her what she figured would amount to at the least a new set of robes. She looked down at her muddy, blood-stained shoes. “Perhaps some new boots instead,” she muttered again, and continued her walk to Booty Bay.

Leiliana liked walking about as much as she liked humans, and by the time she arrived in Booty Bay, well past midnight, she was hot, damp, dirty, and cranky. Booty Bay was always interesting; greedy little goblins peddling their wares and crafts to the adventurers that flowed in and out of the bay on a regular basis, no matter the time or allegiance. Several times she spied Night Elves and humans glancing her way – she made it a point to stare back coldly until the humans blushed and looked away, or until the Night Elves that had once been family squared their shoulders haughtily and turned their backs on her. The others didn’t matter; dwarves and gnomes weren’t worth the annoyance, but the Draenei… one lone Draenei was standing on the pier watching her, and after staring at each other for a long minute, they both nodded curtly and went about their business. Leiliana’s brow furrowed briefly as she watched the large male Draenei walk off, then she shook her head as if to clear away embarrassing memories and continued to the inn.

She stomped into the inn and slammed her packs down on the bar, making the sickly green goblin tending the bar squeal. The human male at the end of the bar looked at her with drunken, bloodshot eyes, and Leiliana raised a brow at him. “Baa baa, little sheepy,” she murmured to him in Thalassian, sneering coldly, then turned her attention to bargaining with the greedy goblin. After convincing him rather forcefully that all she wanted was her gold, and no, she was not interested in procuring a bed for the evening, she left town and made her way to a quiet area near a small waterfall - the one place in the vast jungle that seemed to be regularly devoid of beasts and people alike – where she stripped off her dirty robes and scrubbed herself under the spray from the waterfall as best as she could, then tried to scrub the most offensive stains from her robes. Enchantments be damned, she thought, they could help her spellcasting, but they couldn’t manage to repel blood or grass stains.

It was only after she had covered herself in her spare linen dress and stretched out on her cloak near the small campfire that she allowed herself the luxury of relaxing. She drifted off to sleep listening to the rush of the waterfall and watching the stars circle the sky overhead.

The nights in Stranglethorn were quite beautiful.

Other Fings Edit

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