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This is one of laurlybots modules. Used to check if guilds have disbanded and remove there guild pages. Phase 2 will add some other features.


This user is a Bot controlled by Laurly (Contribs)

If the program is malfunctioning, or you disagree with some changes, please drop down a note on the Owner's talk page.
If you wish to request bot-assisted edits, see WoWWiki:Bot requests.

Guild bot Edit

Will run though all the guilds and check them on armory.

Phase 1 Edit

  • load [[Category:Guilds]]
  • Scan page history. This is to check how old the page is any guild page under 2 weeks old wont be run as armory tends to lag.
  • Search armory for the guild.
    • Guilds that cant be found will be taged using template {{Inactiveguild|armory=a link to armory}}
      • the armory link will just make it easer to double check armory. Yes it looks messy as a tag but hey it works
    • This will dump all inactive guilds into [[Category:Inactive_guilds]]

From there the bots job is done

Phase 2 Edit

Check for {{guild|<name=>|<realm=>|<loc=>}}:

  • The bot will check for the {{guild tag.
    • if not found it will add it.
    • If found it will check that its using the correct syntax and not just {{guild}}
      • If the wrong syntax is being use the bot will replace it with the correct syntax.
      • the bot will remove any extra cats that will be added by the {{guild cat tag.
        • [[Category:PvE Guilds]] [[Category:Alliance/hord Guilds]] [[Category:<location> Guilds]] [[Category:<server name> Guilds]]

Default sort check {{DEFAULTSORT:

  • If not found the bot will add it.

Stub guild check. (Note: the bot will have a lot of this info after checking armory so will even if the page didnt have it to being with the above check probably added it for them.)

  • If the bot is unable to find any below {{stub/guild}} will be added.
    • guild type: pve pvp rp
    • Server name
    • guild type horde/alliance.
    • might be more not sure.

Status: not started yet.

Status Edit

  • Phase 1: v1.0 stable Laurly 11:09, 9 March 2008 (UTC)

Bug log Edit

  • bot needs to check if the page was already SD'ed before marking it inactive.
    • Fixed Laurly 11:33, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

Change log Edit

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