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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Rayun Official horde mini-icon Wyrmrest Accord IconSmall Tauren Male Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 76 The Earthspear Tribe Ambassador
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
AllianceNPC 32Ladencrel Talonbranch
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Character class Hunter
Position "Commander of the Cenarion Protectorate, Former Commander of Night Elven Marksmen, Druid of the Claw"
Location Unknown
Status Living

Ladencrel was my first Night Elf Hunter, and is currently my main. I have a druid alt version of him, which confirms to other roleplayers that he is both a Hunter and a Druid.

Brief DescriptionEdit



Ladencrel is fervent in his duties, but is otherwise calm and carefree when out in the general public. Though during times of battle, he is known to not be afraid of taking command when there are no others available for the job.

The Hunter and DruidEdit

Through the years following the War of the Ancients, Ladencrel fine-tuned his skills with the bow. However, a higher calling soon called to him prior to the Druidic hibernation, taking part in it himself to train himself in the ways of Nature. During all these ten-thousand years, Ladencrel only kept to himself, and the teachings of his Shan'do; inadvertently shutting himself from any other contact. When he reemerged, Ladencrel normally stalked off into the corrupted forests to further train his marksmanship. However, when it came to the Third War, Ladencrel made it a decision to forsaken the Druidic path to retake his former position as a Commander of Marksmen.

Life Before the HibernationEdit

Ladencrel was born, contrary to popular belief, to a low-caste family of Night Elven society, the third and last of three children. His mother was ill, and in bed, through most of his life while his father went missing (Later, he discovered that his father left to pursue the Demigod, Cenarius, though was unsuccessful in his search and lost his own life). Despite being the youngest, Ladencrel became the head of the household, looking over his older siblings as if he were their guardian. When he became an adult, he met Yylia Nightwhisper, who he soon became infatuated with and, eventually, married. They both had three daughters.

When Ladencrel's eldest brother, Jarodan, joined with the Night Elven military - under leadership of Lord Kur'Talos Ravencrest - Ladencre followed, but was separated to be placed in Ravencrest's personal guard. Following this, he had never seen or heard from again until his discovered death during the War of the Ancients. His sister, Illiana, became a Priestess - who survived the War of the Ancients, but died giving birth to her firstborn son.

Ladencrel rose through the ranks of the Night Elven army until he was among the personal, elite guard of the esteemed noble.

The CommanderEdit

Ladencrel served the Night Elven noble until during the War of the Ancients, when leadership was needed for any form of resistance against the Burning Legion. When Jarod Shadowsong took position in place of Desdel Stareye (who took command after Ravencrest met his end), Ladencrel was appointed leadership over a small contingent of Night Elven Marksmen, who he commanded without issue. It was to be decided that Ladencrel would continue leading these marksmen after the war was over.

He kept this position until the Third War, where he lost a good majority of his fellow soldiers to the Burning Legion's ascent up Mount Hyjal.

The Lord WarderEdit

During the Battle of Mount Hyjal, Ladencrel met a Paladin of the Silver Hand - one of very few remaining in military service. Xandar Matthias, a battle-hardened Captain of what remained of the Royal Lordaeron Fourteenth Brigade, taught Ladencrel many things about Human culture and ethics. He then spoke of the plight Lordaeron now suffered, which had piqued Ladencrel's interest.

Following the war, Xandar went missing - only to be discovered again in Theramore by Ladencrel, himself - but Ladencrel made the journey, in secret, to Lordaeron when ships sailed across the great sea. He understood the plight, and the plague, and learned much from it. Several years later, Ladencrel was seen among Humans in an attempt to restore Lordaeron back to its former glory, lending his faltering Druidic abilities to what was to be known as the League of Lordaeron. As an unquestionable, and loyal, ally he was given the top position of Lord Warder by Lord Knight Xandar Matthias - before Matthias passed it along to Stromharrow Eldarwind. Along with the Human Archmage, Elorah, the three led the League of Lordaeron staunchly and with much honor.

The Cenarion ProtectorateEdit


Ladencrel was once married prior to the outbreak of the War of the Ancients to Aliah Gladewind. Their love for each other stretched from their childhood, when Ladencrel first became infatuated for her. Eventually following his joining of Ravencrest's personal army, Ladencrel married Aliah, but too soon before the outbreak of the War of the Ancients. During the struggle between the Demons and the Night Elven resistance, Aliah was caught in the middle-before Ladencrel could reach her and save her-and was killed. Ladencrel never forgave himself for this.

Currently, he is in a good-standing relationship with Keisra, of Unknown Blood. Due to a vision he had in his sleep-in which the two were together before an apparent end-Ladencrel swore to protect his and Keisra's bond, which eventually led to an engagement.

OOC NotesEdit

This character no longer exists. Replacing him (through Faction Change) is Rayun Heartseeker, a Tauren Beastmaster of Thunder Bluff, and Ambassador of the Earthspear Tribe.

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