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NeutralNPC 32Quel'Anu
Title The Father Sun, Banisher of Shadows, The Sun Lord, The High Sun
Gender Male
Race Eternal
Character class Arcanist, Mage
Affiliation High Elves, Blood Elves
Position Personification of the Sun Lord, the Father Sun
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Elune (presumed)

Quel'Anu is a lesser deity in Azeroth, with only a small following headed over by the Quel'Praeta (high priest) Milliardo I. He s the patron deity of Quel'Thalas, High Elves and the Sunwell. It is assumed that when Dath'Remar Sunstrider first spoke out against the Night Elves and their ban on arcane magic, he did so with "a light like the sun emanating from within him." Dath'Remar, however, was not a strict follower of Quel'Anu, though many of the soon-to-be High Elves would soon become followers.

It is assumed by many of his followers that he may be the brother to Elune. This stance has never been verified by either Quel'Anu or any priests.


Quel'Anu, when he does manifest himself in front of mortals, takes on one of two (known) shapes: a beautiful crimson falcon that is slightly larger than a typical falcon, or that of a wise, kind looking elderly High Elf with golden hair, wearing crimson and gold robes lined with sky blue silk.


Quel'Anu was a very minor deity before the split between the Night Elves and High Elves, with only the very edges of Night Elves ever paying him heed. However, when the High Elves left Kalimdor and landed in Tirisfal Glades, it is known that some of the Highborne were already worshiping him. Through the years, his faith expanded slowly, and an official church was established roughly 400 years after the exile. The center of his faith was in Silvermoon, but moved to Dalaran for around 100 years. When Dalaran fell, the newly appointed Quel'Praeta, Milliardo I, moved it first to Stormwind, then back to Silvermoon (though a sect of the church that is followed by the Alliance is contemplating breaking off and establishing Stormwind as their "Holy See").


While never verified, many followers assume that Quel'Anu is a close relative of Elune (most likely her brother, but arguments for even cousin have been brought up). Some of his powers have been seen through the abilities of his priests as well as him intervening. These are:

  • Healing the wounded
  • Banishing back several demons from a small family (was in the form of a crimson falcon)
  • Resurrection of the fallen

He also was reported having been there when the Sunwell was formed, and possibly gave a small portion of his power to it.

Divine InterventionsEdit

  • Quel'Anu is credited with having saved many elves during the Third War, though this has never been looked into.
  • He has been credited with saving a small family from Felguard by spraying them with holy light while in the form of a crimson falcon.
  • Manifested himself in front of Kael'thas shortly before he went beyond the Dark Portal, warning him of his possible corruption. Kael'thas, however, did not listen.

He manifests only rarely, and rarely for his priests, opting to instead appear in front of arcanists and people in need of protection or guidance. He has been credited with appearing twice during the "Solstice Revelry," (Summer Solstice), his holiest day of the year.


Quel'Anu is based on various gods, notably Japanese, Nordic and Ancient Greek deities for the sun and wisdom. His name is literal in Thalassian, the "High Sun."

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