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Blog rulesEdit

Blog articles are a new feature on WoWWiki, You can find out more about it on Help:Blog article on Wikia help.

There are a few guidelines for their use on WoWWiki:

  • All normal rules and policies must be followed when writing and commenting on a blog.
    • Posts should relate to Warcraft - however, this includes character stories, fan fiction, opinions, or general WoWWiki-related postings.
    • Note that comments, unlike discussion pages, will be about the topic of the post - more like a forum.
  • No more then two blog posts a day. But no more then 7 posts a week, to avoid clutter in recent changes.
  • This is not a replacement for a standalone blog, such as Wordpress or Blogger.

If you break a rule in your blog, you will receive a warning on your talk page. However, if you continue, your blog will be deleted and (based on the severity) you may be banned.

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