Kerfax of Darkspear

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April 29, 2008


My first character in WoW was created on a trial account. At that time, I didn't know about US/EU servers, I just assumed that location didn't matter. Well, I didn't even know about realms, what with WoW being the second MMORPG I have ever played (the first one was Anarchy Online, but due to either a bad net connection or just plain huge lag, I quit that game).

So, the first character had to be something really cool. Fighters, I was tired of them. Spell casters, those were over-played in every game. But... wait! A dude that can TRANSFORM into animals?! How cool is that? So I end up creating a Night Elf Druid, du to the lack of other classes (at that time I didn't like horde at all). Now, as you might now, some time ago WoW US had a character name generator. And Kerfax was the name of the druid.

After two weeks, I bought the game. Turns out I can't use the key, since it's not compatible with the US version (I'm from EU). After 3 hours or so, being completely disappointed to find out that I won't talk to my friends from the US realm Aman'Thul, and having to abandon my level 18 druid, I created a warlock, thinking that it's probably the evil class of this game. I named him Kerfax, in honor to my lost druid.

P.S.: I noticed that the druid isn't really lost, WoW Armory still shows it at level 18 :P so who knows, since that account is still up...

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