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About meEdit

Kelticfox enjoys gold, profession leveling and mini-pet collecting. He currently is guildless (due to boredom he is concentrating on Loremaster) but has been in several of the servers top progression oriented guilds as well. A veteran player of 5 years (playing Rogue), Kelticfox rolled his first alt at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King (to gain missing professions). Kelticfox is often known to rant about the state of professions (especially Engineering).

Kelticfox has taken long periods of time off during his 5 year playing career. Once he returned to find his account had been hacked. Since then Kelticfox has bought a Blizzard Authenticator and says "Up yours Hackers!".


Is his downtime from saving denizens of Azeroth from various forms of evil (Horde, Monsters, Gnomish Fashion Sense), Kelticfox logs into the World Wide Ironweb and plays a futuristic game called BF2142. Here he travels under the pseudonym 'Manxfox' (some Horde noob has already stole the Kelticfox and is no way affliated.)

Critter CollectionEdit

The life of a rogue is a lonely one and as such Kelticfox likes to run around Azeroth with a little friend in tow. His critter list can be found here.


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