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Out of raw boredom, I've decided to compile my dieas for expansions into a single page. By Blizzards Plan, there should be 4-5 expansions left follwoing the Lich King, and thats about as many as I could see, plus perhaps a creative xpac filled with my own ideas and uniqe lore.

The Nightmare Awakens Edit


Races: Alliance-Furbolg Horde-Pandarian

Factions: Cenarion Sleepers Red Dragonflight (Again) Bronze Dragonflight

Major Antagonists: Corrupted Green Dragonflight Nightmare Saytr Old Gods

Summary: The Lich King has been defeated and the threat of the Scourge removed forever. However, a recent cover-up by the Cenarion Circle has been blown wide open, allowing the denizens of Azeroth to learn, far too late, of the Nightmare and the threat it poses. Now the adventurers of Azeroth must wander the shattered realm that was once paridise, and stop the blight that thretens all life on Azeroth. But can they defeat that which can never be destroyed; the very feeling of fear itself?

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