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I started playing Warcraft when it first came out (and Starcraft, as well) and I sure wish I could find Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and Tides of Darkness for Windows XP, so I could go back and play them again!!!! I've been playing WoW for about three years, but just recently started reading the paperbacks, and I've never read the comic, or played the card game. Most of my lore knowledge about WoW comes from this site, thus I will refrain from changing the content in any of the articles, unless I know for absolutlely sure it is incorrect. I have about nine years of journalism experience and my major in college was English (also, my minor was history, which is the reason I enjoy this site, because the lore gives background and substance to the characters and places in the game) so the majority of my edits will be grammar, punctuation, and just trying to make the sentences flow better. Things like run on sentences, repeatative use of a word or phrase, or just poor english grate on my nerves and I have little choice but to edit them. . Like I said, as for the content and context, I will leave that up to you lore experts, atleast until I know more myself. All in all, this is a great site, and everybody is doing a great job. I've learned a lot about WoW in all its incarnations from this site. I'm glad I can make my little bit of contributions here. --JK

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