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This is a Boilerplate, a model to give you an idea about how a page should look, for object articles. Objects are parts of the in-game world, fixed in place, that can usually be used. They cannot be carried by player characters, and are either permanent spawns (such as specific quest objects) or random spawns (such as chests). They are different from items because items exist in your inventory while objects exist in the world. Additionally, objects are different from NPCs - they do not have stats or levels and are not killable. An good example are wanted posters that give quests.

For an example of an object article, see School of Red Snapper

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Dragon nopic

Name of Object

A description of the location, appearance, and any other pertinent or interesting background information goes here. Be sure to note the zone and subzone where the object can be found. If there are any quests involved with the object, you may want to describe the story behind them briefly.

Activation Edit

Most objects can be activated in some way, either to cause an event to occur or to gain an item. In this section, detail how to activate the object and the results of the activation. For example, note if the player must be on a certain quest or have a certain item to activate the object; whether they right click the object or a special item in their inventory; and describe any event that may occur after the object is activated.

Quests Edit

The Name of Object is involved in the following quests:

List any quests the object is involved in here, who gives the quest, and a brief description of the quest's objective.


Use the [Draenei Fishing Net] to catch 10 [Red Snappers]. Return both the fish and the net to Diktynna on Azuremyst Isle when the task is complete.

Loot Edit

The Name of Object contains the following items:

If the object is lootable, list what specific item drops from it here - do not note world drops in the case of chests, just note that it is a chest and contains items, and perhaps their average item level.


External linksEdit

Links to thottbot, etc. Change the number to the proper object ID - you can find this by searching for the object name on thottbot. When you are at the object's page, the object id number is the last few numbers in the address bar (o####).

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