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For an example of this boilerplate in use, see User:Jiyambi/RFC.

Ragefire Chasm loading screen
Pre-Instance Caves

The Nameless Prophet


Outer Maraudon

Lord Vyletongue
Meshlok the Harvester


Inner Maraudon

Tinkerer Gizlock
Princess Theradras


Here, write an introductory paragraph or two. You will want to describe where the instance is located, briefly. Keep lengthy discussions about the instance's lore to the History section below - this is meant to be an extremely brief overview, no more than two short paragraphs long.

Characteristics Edit

Here, you will use the characteristics table to list important stats about the instance. You may want to include separate lines for each wing, for winged instances. The table should be filled out as follows, using Ragefire Chasm as an example:

Instance Name Faction Races Location Level Group Size Run Time
Ragefire Chasm Official horde mini-icon Horde

IconSmall Orc MaleIconSmall Orc Female Orc
IconSmall Trogg Trogg

Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar 13-22 5-man 1 hour

History Edit

Include a brief synopsis of the instance's past, usually 1-2 paragraphs (if it is longer, use sub-sections). It is also a good idea to include the dungeon description from the WoW world dungeons website, using the {{wow-dungeons}} tag and copying/pasting the info. Example:

From old World Dungeons site:

Ragefire Chasm consists of a network of volcanic caverns that lie below the orcs' new capital city of Orgrimmar. Recently, rumors have spread that a cult loyal to the demonic Shadow Council has taken up residence within the Chasm's fiery depths. This cult, known as the Burning Blade, threatens the very sovereignty of Durotar. Many believe that the orc Warchief, Thrall, is aware of the Blade's existence and has chosen not to destroy it in the hopes that its members might lead him straight to the Shadow Council. Either way, the dark powers emanating from Ragefire Chasm could undo all that the orcs have fought to attain.

Geography Edit

Write a brief description of the type of geography in the instance (no more than a short paragraph). Note any special features (for example, note if it is an outdoor instance).

Maps Edit


A pre-instance guide to Maraudon

Include one map of the instance. The map ideally should have bosses pointed out, but it is not necessary. More maps may be included by links, in bullets below the main map.

Sub-Regions Edit

Akumais Lair The Drowned Sacellum The Forgotten Pool Moonshrine Ruins
Moonshrine Sanctum The Pool of Ask'ar

Quests Edit

Include a brief paragraph summarizing the types and level of quests involved, or any special rewards gained from the quests. If a quest has prerequisites, it may be noted here if it seems pertinent. Then include a quest table listing all quests in the instance, separated out for Alliance, Horde, and neutral quests. Class specific quests may also be in a separate section.

Official horde mini-icon Horde Quests
Quest name Quest giver Zone location
Official horde mini-icon [15+] Hidden Enemies (3) IconSmall Orc MaleOfficial horde mini-icon Thrall Grommash Hold, Orgrimmar
Official horde mini-icon [15+] Testing an Enemy's Strength IconSmall Tauren MaleOfficial horde mini-icon Rahauro Elder Rise, Thunder Bluff
Official horde mini-icon [16+] Searching for the Lost Satchel
  Official horde mini-icon [16+] Returning the Lost Satchel
IconSmall Tauren MaleOfficial horde mini-icon Rahauro
Elder Rise, Thunder Bluff
Official horde mini-icon [16+] The Power to Destroy... IconSmall DreadlordOfficial horde mini-icon Varimathras Royal Quarter, Undercity
Official horde mini-icon [16+] Slaying the Beast IconSmall Orc MaleOfficial horde mini-icon Neeru Fireblade Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar
Neutral 15 Class Specific
Quest name Quest giver Zone location
Official horde mini-icon Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin [23] The Path of the Adept IconSmall Blood Elf MaleOfficial horde mini-icon Knight-Lord Bloodvalor Farstriders' Square, Silvermoon

Walkthrough Edit

Here, a walkthrough of the instance should be included. The necessary information in the walkthrough varies greatly depending on the instance.

Information that belongs in this section:

  • Info on trash mobs, their resistances, and tactics for dealing with specific groups
  • Info for particularly tricky or difficult quest objectives
  • Group composition recommendations
  • Info about what to do to prepare for the instance, including a brief description of how to get quests (readers can go to individual quest pages for more info)

Information that does NOT belong in this section:

  • Specific strategy for bosses. Simply provide a link to that boss' page and write the strategy there.
  • Detailed information for each quest - this should go in the quest's page, not here.

NOTE: if the walkthrough is particularly large, you may want to move it to a separate page and link to it here.

Possible subsections:

Attunement Edit

If there is an attunement process for this instance, describe the steps to complete it here. If there is a main article about this, simply summarize it in a brief paragraph and provide a link to the main article.

Preparation Edit

Any non-attunement preparation (such as getting special resist gear, forming a proper party, or collecting quests) can go in this section. If it is particularly long, it can be divided further into sub-sections such as:

Getting the quests Edit

Party composition Edit

Recommended gear Edit

Pre-instance/wings Edit

If the instance has an extensive elite area outside the actual portal, or certain "wings" or clearly defined sections, describe them separately here. Alternately, for instances such as the Scarlet Monastery who have very separate wings, the wings could have completely separate walkthrough sections - just make sure each section is organized according to the boilerplate.

Tips and tricks Edit

Any extra advice/information needed.

External links Edit

If there are other good walkthrough available elsewhere on the internet, link them here.

Loot Edit

Here, you will list notable drops from bosses, general dungeon drops, and special quest rewards. The {{lootbox}} template should NOT be used, as showing the item stats takes up far too much space. Instead, simply use {{loot}} to list the item. On the specific boss pages, {{lootbox}} SHOULD be used. In addition, you may want to make a separate page to show all general dungeon drops using {{lootbox}}.

Resources Edit

List ore, herbs, or skinning in the instance

Dungeon denizens Edit

List the creatures which dwell in the dungeon.

Notes, tips, & additional info Edit

Any additional information not covered should go here.

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