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AllianceNPC 32Jango Dawnblade
Title The Dawnblade, The Light's Champion, Rider of Retribution (Formerly),
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level  ?? (Boss)
Character class Paladin, Crusader,
Affiliation Knight of the Silver Hand, Church of the Holy Light, Alliance
Location Hearthglen, Elwynn Forest
Status Alive
Relative(s) William Dawnblade (Father), Lisa Dawnblade (Mother), Victor Dawnblade (Brother), Cantor Dawnblade (Brother), Christine Dawnblade (Sister).
Mentor(s) David Brightsong
Student(s) Errexon Starkblade
Comp(s) Shadowbreaker (Charger), Vindrastrasza (Red drake), Duke Worg Pup
Alignment Lawful good



Jango is a brave, strong, handsome, smart (sometimes..), and occassionally rational paladin. As such he is obviously a follower of the holy light, and is also a champion of the light, chosen by the light itself, and also prays and follows the light religeously. He cares alot about his friends although he may hide that at times, he would do anything for them. Jango can be a bit hard headed at times, and occassionally stuborn, believing he is always right at times, even when hes not, but his intentions are always good. Currently one of his life goals is to rid Azeroth of the evil presence of the Cult of the Dark Riders, even if that means self sacrifice.


The man standing before you is tall and muscle built, with broad shoulders and strong arms. He stands about 6'3 and has a young looking face, he has semi-long brown hair and a well-groomed beard. His eyes are a hazel color, and many say that he has nice eyes.

Sometimes while in armed combat Jango's eyes will glow with inner power, giving a slight yellow glow, this usually only occurs when engaged in intense combat, especially against the undead


Early Years

Jango Dawnblade was born in Hearthglen, He was born into a wealthy family of holy men and women, his father being a paladin and his mother being a priestess. Jango was the second child of the four children William and Lisa Dawnblade had, his older brother was Victor Dawnblade and his younger siblings would later be Cantor and Christine Dawnblade. Growing up Jango took paladin training, which he began at the age of four, throughout his training he was taught how to read, write, fight and most importantly he was taught of the holy light. Jango's mentor was a paladin named David Brightguard, Knight of the Silver Hand, David found great potential of holy light within Jango much greater than an ordinary paladin. David remained Jango's mentor throughout his training process.

Joining the Order

Jango was accepted into the Order of the Silver Hand at the age of 19, as a reward for joining he was given a signet ring of the Silver Hand crafted of truesilver and bearing the mark of the silver hand. Jango was sent to assist in fighting the scourge within the plaguelands as a test, while doing so he came across a farmstead being ravaged by ghouls. He killed the ghouls at ease, but while doing so he found a lone horse within one of the barns, he decided to take the horse back to Hearthglen with him to heal it, and later decided that the horse would be his companion. Jango named the horse Shadowbreaker, after their victory against the scourge that day. Shadowbreaker remains as Jango's loyal steed to this day.

The Northrend War

Jango finished his training with David at the age of 22, and about half of a year later he was sent to Northrend to assist with the war of Northrend against The Lich King and the scourge. Sailing to Northrend was a rough journey, the boat Jango was on was attacked by Vrykul on their way to Dragonblight, Jango and the rest of the crew managed to fight them off though. Upon arriving in Dragonblight, Jango was stationed in Wintergarde Keep, and was later moved to Fordragon Hold, where he was priviledged enough to work along side the great Bolvar Fordragon, who sadly died during the Wrathgate battle. Jango was awarded a red drake by the Dragonflight for his heroic deeds and bravery within Dragonblight, he named the drake Vindrastrasza. Jango spent about a year in Dragonblight untill he was restationed to Icecrown. In Icecrown Jango met a friend who would become one of his lifelong friends, a druid named Daelann Nightwind of the Cenarion Circle. After many monthes of training and killing scourge within Icecrown, Jango followed the crusade on their march into the frozen citidel, Jango was within the citidel assisting in holding back the scourge at the time of the Lich King's demise. It was a glorious day!

Returning Home

At long last the Lich King had been defeated and the scourge dismantled. Jango could finally head home to Hearthglen after those long years in the frozen wastes. Jango was around 25 at the time of his return, his family and friends were very happy to see him back alive after him being gone for so long

The Dawnblade Stolen

Upon returning home Jango was almost immediately informed by his father that the Dawnblade had been stolen by his elder brother Victor Dawnblade, who had gone corrupt and was now evil. Jango was shocked at his brother's actions, but agreed to do whatever he could to help retrieve the family sword from his corrupted brother. Jango left Hearthglen in search of his brother, he started within the Elwynn forest, he liked it there and decided that he would buy a house there, so he did. Jango spent all his days either searching for Victor or at the Cathedral and occassionally he would stop by one of the inn's and socialize with locals.

Victor Dawnblade

Jango finally discovered Victor's location after nearly two years of searching for him, (Jango was 27 now) Victor was hiding in Darkshore in a small cave near the Maw of Void. Jango approached Victor and attempted to reason with him, but Victor had gone completely insane with power and would not reason with Jango, instead he went into a rage and attempting to kill Jango. There was a long and hard battle between the two brothers, in the end Jango rose victorious and Victor was forever lost within the Maw of Void. Jango was unhappy with his brothers death but decided that it was for the best, he then returned to Hearthglen with the Dawnblade, but his father, William gave the blade to Jango and decided that it was his time to command the Dawnblade. Jango made a promise to his father, assuring him that the legacy of the Dawnblade would never die.


Jango decided that he would keep the legacy of the Dawnblade eternally, by becoming immortal, so he travelled to Maraudon to visit an old friend by the name of Chopperbob, a very powerful being with an unbelievable talent in magic within Maraudon, Chopperbob was able to grant Jango immortality through a ritual, Jango's physical form is now eternally stuck at the age of 28 and he can no longer die of old age.

The Dawnblade


The Dawnblade in WoW

Jango-DB model

The Dawnblade

The Dawnblade is a great and powerful sword known for its use against the undead and demons. Upon being forged the blade was given the name Dawnblade after its owners family name, Dawnblade.


The Dawnblade was forged a mere hundred years ago, It was forged within Ironforge, and built on the Great Anvil. The sword was crafted by the extremely powerful warrior Chopperbob the Immortal, he was a very knowledgable master of weaponry and master weaponsmith. The blade was built with and infused with the Chopperbob's power, the blade was a holy paragon of the light, and was to be wielded by none but the most powerful paladins. The sword was specifically built for the Dawnblade family, as their family sword.


The Dawnblade was used in all three of the wars by the Dawnblade family and is still in the possession of the Dawnblade family to this very day, it only once fell into the wrong hands, when it was wielded by Victor Dawnblade the corrupted paladin, Victor only wielded the blade for a short time before he was defeated by Jango, who became the new wielder of the Dawnblade. Jango still possesses the Dawnblade.


David Brightsong


David Brightsong

Errexon Starkblade

Jango and apprentice

Jango and Errexon.

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