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Hello I finally decided to start to do something useful with my page now I've gotten the editing bug (lol) on Wow Wiki. I am Iluvcritters, and I play a character called by the same name on Kul Tiras-EU (alliance faction) and she's a level 80 hunter. I've been playing WoW for over three years since just before The Burning Crusade came out. I made my hunter about 2 months after TBC came out and initially she was only occasionally played, but about 2 months later I decided to start to level her more discovered hunter class was my favourite class.

The origins of the character name - which even get commented on by Blizzard GMs at times - is all thanks to some funny stuff I used to do with mates that I had in the guild my other character called Aihlah was in (a now defunct guild by the name of The Warcraft Saints on Wildhammer-EU). We would go around in a group and every time people in the group saw a "critter" they'd kill it and every time I would yell "but I luv critters, don't kill them..." -- then a few weeks later I made the hunter Iluvcritters for a laugh as I found it hilarious to call a hunter who would kills beasts, critters, mobs and such by such a name. And the name has stuck and the hunter is commonly known by the shorter nickname "Luv" on the realm by people who know me on there.

Anyway that's enough lore about my character, more about me now.

As stated I've played WoW over 3 years. And the one thing I never get enough or tired or bored of is questing and exploring the world in which I exist in game, finding more quests to do (I've done 5230 quests according to the statistics on the Achievement system with my hunter and it is stated on a website I checked there are 5379 alliance and neutral quests. I got this speculation personally that Blizzard can add a 6000 Quests Completed in addition to the existing 3000 Quests Completed achievement. I'll let you know if I ever get to 5379 quests with my character.

I like finding obscure stuff in game and I always check the things I find against what is listed on Wow Wiki, and if I find anything of interest that I can add I may just do that (including any nice screenshots I get hold of during my travels in Azeroth and Outlands).

Thanx for reading/listening/chuckling --Iluvcritters (talk) 05:41, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

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