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This article is a player character biography page for Faldrake of Kalecgos US created by Rogrim. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Neutral 32Gregorios Faldrake
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Formerly Kingdom of Azeroth
Alliance of Lordaeron Defias Brotherhood
Position Lieutenant of Edwin VanCleef
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Darigos, Richard II, Melvar Stoutmantle

Lieutenant Gregorius Faldrake was a former Sergeant in the Stromgarde 21st Calvary during the closing days of the Second War. He would later become a prominent figure in the founding of the Defias Brotherhood, which would ultimately place him as a traitor to the Alliance.

Biography Edit

Faldrake was born in the Kingdom of Lorderaon during the advent of the Second War. He became an orphan at an early age when his parents were slaughtered by a band of orcs in the Arathi Highlands while traveling to Stromgarde. His mother, father, and himself were traveling by wagon when the orcish raiders surrounded them. Faldrake's father, a librarian, was unarmed. He plead to the orcs to let them pass, but they only mocked him, ignoring his request. The orcs bludgeoned his father and mother in cold blood. The orc's then noticed a young child who crawled out of the wagon. Before they had the chance to murder him, a cavalry of men swooped in and slew the orcish raiders. They took the child back with them to Lorderaon where he would grow up.

As he grew older, Faldrake became interested in the architecture of Lorderaon City. He was quite fond of the massive guard towers which protected the great city, as well as the beautiful design of the Imperial Hall. He studied craftsman books written by great dwarven architects, as well as a stonemason handbook by an author initialed "E. VanCleef." After a lot of hard work studying, he would become an apprentice stonemason under a dwarf by the name of Kelgor. The well known dwarf would later personally invite his apprentice into the Stonemasons guild.

The Second War Edit

During the mid of the Second War, Faldrake, 17 at the time took it upon himself to train in combat. When he was 21, Faldrake enlisted as a soldier in the 21st Stromgarde Calvary. One of his reasons to join was to get revenge upon the orcs that had slaughtered his parents. Although he was very young, he could still see the orcish raiders 17 years ago murdering his parents. All those years rage had been building up inside of him and he needed to take revenge.

Faldrake was ordered with his cavalry to assault on Arathi. His men set up a medic check-point camp, which was also an armoring ground for new soldiers. It contained many weapons, armor, rations, and an unknown locked chest. The men were attacked by invaders late at night. It is thought they came to eliminate the check-point camp and take control of the weapons. Faldrake and his soldiers were outnumbered, but he held off the invaders, defending his camp and injured men. He would later earn a Valorous Combat Medal for Bravery.

On the assault of the Thandol Span, Faldrake and his men were the second group to rush for the large Orc armory post. They crossed and in the heat of Battle, the majority of his men were slain. Faldrake disappeared and was thought to be slain in battle. He would not be seen again for many years.

Return and Capture Edit

As the reconstruction of Stormwind was underway, there was gossip between certain veterans of the war of a conspiracy. Specifically, these veterans were surviving members of the 21st Stromgrade Calvary. Rumors were being spread between the men and hierarchy, of Faldrake being a traitor. A few men from Faldrake's division who were injured at the check-point camp during the Arathi assault, claimed that Faldrake had sided with the orcs.

During the closing days, a few orcs who had fought at Thandol Span were captured. The orcs would give valuable information if their lives would be spared by the humans. The orcs said that they ambushed a camp of men during nightfall near Thandol Span. Five out of six men were executed by the orcs, but one they said, proved to be of use. The orcs said the human was named Faldrake and did provide service to them. The deal was one of two things. Faldrake's life would be exchanged for information on alliance forward base camps in Arathi. Also, he would get a ship out of Thandol Span alone in exchange for alliance munition stocks. Faldrake kept his end of the bargain, as well did the orcs. He got his own ship out of Thandol Span and disappeared into the mist.

Faldrake returned to Stormwind during it's reconstruction. He was ragged and in tatters, but was alive and well. Faldrake picked up his old profession as stonemason and helped rebuild parts of the city. It was here that he worked a long side Edwin VanCleef, another mason. They became good friends and a good team while working together.

All seemed well until former members of the 21st calavary figured out it was Faldrake who was reconstructing the city. He was apprehended and charged with conspiracy. He was deemed a traitor to the alliance and to his people. He was sent to the Stormwind Stockades awaiting his sentence. Faldrake was sentenced to 77 years in prison, but he would serve less than 2 months...

Escape and allegiance to the Brotherhood Edit

    • Coming** Soon

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