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About SïgnyEdit

Sïgny is a human paladin on the Nordrassil server, speccing toward Holy. Created as a melee alt to User:Grimnir512/Brynnhild. Sïgny has Herbalism and Alchemy as her professions.

Sïgny's HistoryEdit

This is the life chronicling of Sïgny the paladin.

Early historyEdit

Sïgny was born in Stromgarde in the Arathi Highlands. Growing up she had always wanted to stay at home and be a nice housewife, but no, her father decided that she was to follow in his footsteps and to be a paladin. When she reached the age of eighteen she was packed up and sent off to Northshire Abbey, where she was set to work killing kobolds.

"Hmmm...", she thought was as she killed her first kobold with a mace to the head, "this doesn't seem so hard. It could be quite easy to kill at least ten of these without breaking a sweat. It has a perk too, kobolds make a most satisfying noise when they die."

Eventually, she got to leave the Abbey having spent much praying to the Holy Light to be given some rather spiffy holy powers. She headed down to Goldshire where there were some duels going on.

"EEEEEK! Duels!", she thought quietly to herself. "I better avoid these at all costs. Who knows what germs or diseases are on those weapons. I might even get HIV, and I wouldn't want that! I know, I'll register my hearthstone instead."

After having registered her hearthstone she went to pick up her first few real quests. Most people seemed to want her to go into the Fargodeep Mine and kill lots and lots of kobolds, no matter what they said about collecting gold dust or exploring deep into the cave.

"Yippee! Kobold killing!", she thought happily. "I couldn't have picked any better quests to do."

And with that marched straight into the cave, killing kobolds and collecting eight piles of gold dust.

"Eight! Eight!", she thought with a sigh. "I couldn't even make a gold coin with this much. I wonder what that dude Remy wants it for. Oh well, he's giving me marbles!"

After a while more questing including uniting two lovers and killing lots of wild animals, she decided that it would be a good idea to learn swords.

"I hear it costs twenty silver!", she thought. "I can never hope to own even ten!"

Whilst passing through Stormwind, however, she met the weapons master in the street and he assured her it only cost nine. "Good", she thought, and learned swords and spent much time learning the ways of it by killing a lot of wolves. Little did she know it but this would help toward the humans making the wolves extinct, much to the orcs disgust. After she had her sword skills up (to around level fifty, if this was some role-playing game, she thought) she decided she would need some more skills, so she went to the Herbalism trainer in Stormwind's Mage quarter.

"Herbs!", she thought. "I've always wanted to smoke peacebloom. I hear it makes you sleepy. Silverleaf is also a good one, so I hear. I've always wanted everything to go purple. Maybe I can even make myself some heal potions if I take alchemy."

After a while she went and teamed up with a warrior to take on the notorious Hogger, and won.

"That wasn't so hard", she thought, as she plunged her sword through Hogger's eye and right out the other side of his head. "I don't see why people failed against him. Now where do I go from here?"

So she headed back to Goldshire to ask for directions to stronger baddies. Marshal Dughan recommended she try Westfall but local rumour had it that there were a lot of local bandits and robots there, so upon asking the nearest dwarf she set off for Loch Modan.

"I hear there are bears and wolves by the dozen!", she exclaimed silently in her mind. "I also heard that they have kobolds the size of my foot! I do think I'll enjoy it there."

Life in Loch ModanEdit

To be continued.

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