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Golmoza is the firstborn of a dwarven gemelli. Although only born shortly before her sister, Twinsis, she's always been considered the big sister. Responsible, and always the one to blame, but also let free to explore the world alone.

Golmoza walks the path of the hunter. Together with her loyal pet Swift she can be found anywhere around the world, trying to find some new treasure, or skinning some druids for her "druid pelt collection".

Golmoza and her sister where both part of The Silver Sirens, an alliance guild of aggramar. Recently Twinsis moved over to Disciples of the Watch, so Golmoza decided to follow her there.


NO she is not a bot, NO shes not a marksman, Golmoza is probably the only living hybrid hunter.


(maybe one day when she knows for sure the druids dont want revange)


Skinner and Leatherworker. Wanne know whats in store? Try to catch her!

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