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Just some ideas, no commitments :)

Rogue toolsEdit

RogueBars - Combo points, health/energy, enemy status

Auction HouseEdit

Could use some more advanced filter tools e.g. for all cooking tradeskill items or for all blacksmithing recipes.

Crafting ToolsEdit

Currently on hold


The idea here is that you can click to make an item, and the tool will automatically create any sub-components that you don't have in your inventory.

Basic frameworkEdit

  • find required tools (e.g. spanner for engineer)
  • find required sub-parts (recursively if necessary), including count
  • check inventory for existing sub-parts
  • check required components for each piece, including final item, and count inventory levels at same time (uses same API function to do both)
  • Optionally inform user of what will be used (tooltip to do this dynamically perhaps)
  • build parts from botttom to top


Heavily based on existing crafting tool, most modification is going to be code-based not UI

  • Possibly modify numbers creatable (add third section perhaps?)
  • Tooltip based on the Reagent Watcher tool to show all the bits that will be needed/used per item
  • Different sort options (maybe!) - alphabetical or level based. Maybe have to sort cleverly e.g. so Potion of Greater Defense and Potion of Defense would come under "Defense, Greater" and "Defense, Lesser" (just an example without looking up actual names!)

Future ideasEdit

Provide info on how many items can be created, based only on the non-vendor parts - i.e. assuming the user can buy the required vendor-components, what can he now make?

Costing data for complete item (vendor-costs only initially, possibly allow user to add costs for other stuff, maybe able to use AH purchases??)

Creation Queue - Queue up a list of various items to make. Tool then makes them one by one, including required sub-parts as far as possible. Will require additional UI component almost certainly.


ReagentMinion - Much the same idea but with the focus on collecting the parts not building them. Would make sense to create a CraftingLibrary module with the core code, which both AddOns could then use to build the reagent/build lists as appropriate.


Current status: Idea

Single-button potion drinker. Similar idea to AutoPotion, but aimed more at alchemists with their wide range of potions.


  • If in combat - focus on health/mana/?free-action?
  • If not in combat - focus on buff potions.
  • Mod-key overrides


  • Health/Mana levels to take health/mana potions at
  • Buff potion order and selection
  • Mod-key override behaviours (e.g. Alt-Left forces best health potion, Shift-Left forces best mana)
  • Bind options
  • UI Display options - e.g. as action button showing texture of what will be drunk on next key press.
  • Movable/dockable display stuff (reset position, dock, undock)


  • Options panel (Cosmos and standalone versions) - FUTURE (will be command line based initially)
  • Single-button action bar to show next potion. Initially, will just be a command-line option to output next item as a text string or link. Any chance of issues with adding lag via requiring OnUpdate calls all the time? Maybe can use intelligent Event calls (take dmg, use mana, buff cast, buff fade? Need to investigate this)

Basic frameworkEdit

  • Debug basics first to allow display of current choice list
  • Setup data structures (Sea library should help here)
  • UI Display options to re-order data structures to preferences
  • Class detection to help determine auto-choice?


  • Class/Character based options
  • Add non-potions? (healthstones certainly! but how far to take it?)
  • Optional DPS hook-ins to make more intelligent healing potion decisions


Current status: Idea

Very basic specified channels for specified text strings, and if found, repeat the specified line in zone-text on middle of screen.

No idea if its possible or already done elsewhere!

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