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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

History Edit

After Deathwings fall, many parts of Azeroth was left in destruction. War had torned many lands appart, but still, it was peacefull agien. But recently, a fisherman spotted a strange fog, south of stormwind. As he sailed into it, he landed upon a strange, rocky shore. After his found, he sailed back to stormwind to tell about his founding. Soon, the horde too heard about this, and sended out a mighty fleet to claim this land. Stormwind did the same. Soon, much on this strange land was explored. After both the horde base and Alliance base was built, they was under attack by a strange race of Black elfs. After exploring some of the land, Titan temples, troll cities and much more was find. And now. A new war broke out.

  • Level cap raised to 90!
  • New playable races: The savage forest trolls for the horde and the beer loving pandaren for the Alliance.
  • New quests.
  • New hero classes: Archmage, Barbarian.
  • New class combinations.
  • End Boss: Poul-soggoth
  • New Cities: New gnomeregan(Gnome city), Tor´watha city(Forest trolls), Mal´gazal(Trolls), Pandarios(Pandaren)
  • New Continents: The southlands
  • New secondary Profession: Woodlogger, woodworker
  • New Dungeons: Blackgold island: Harbor, Blackgold island: Factory, Blackgold island: Barracks, Criesh´zithol,
  • New Battleground: Ruins of Thiel´danol, Bamboonia island, Magma city, Mojo caverns.
  • New raids: Temple of Poul-soggoth, Magmorion castle, Blackgold island:Headquarters.
  • New Items
  • New Companions like Corvonian hatchling!
  • New Monsters
  • New trainable weapons!
  • New continent!

New races Edit

IconSmall NightElfDeathKnight Male / IconSmall NightElfDeathKnight Female-Black elfs

IconSmall Pandaren-pandaren

IconSmall Crow- Corvonians

IconSmall Felhunter-Wrathbringers

IconSmall Hobgoblin-Mutant hobgoblin

New playable races Edit

IconSmall ForestTroll Male / IconSmall ForestTroll Female Forest troll

IconSmall Pandaren Pandaren

New factions Edit

The arcanum. The arcanum is the Archmage faction. They are based in Gelaran, the ancient wizard tower. Their main goal is to unlock the secret arcane powers of the Black elfs.

Gothian knightsThe gothian knights are the Alliance faction of barbarians(except gnomes). Their base is in the secret Gothian village in the mountains of Alterac. They have no special main goal, just serving the Aliance.

The ToutonsThese are a tribe of gnome barbarians. They long ago was Jungle gnomes that travelled to the forest of Feralas. They have great respect of nature and have druids. The horde attacked them and thus they joined the alliance.

Hellscreams champions These are the horde faction of barbarians(Except tauren barbarians). They´ve serve Garrosh hellscream with their lifes and serve as the horde vanguard.

The Furyhoof tribeThe furyhoof tribe is a tribe of tauren barbarians that lives in Descolace. They fighted in many years agienst their centaur enemies. Later, they joined their cousins and the horde to assist them.

Pandaria kingdom This is the faction of the pandaren. Led by the wise Queen honeybrew they fight agienst the horde alongside the Alliance. They are great friends of Gnomes and dwarves since them helped pull back the savage gnoll invasion agienst pandaria.

Tor´wathaThe forests trolls of Tor´watha that joined the horde. They are led by Chief Haza´thal and Witch doctor Zul´mol.

CorvoniansThe corvonians is a peacefull, titan created race of bird people that was made by the titans to protect the Southland peaks. Unluckily, many of them allied with the Black elfs so they´ve could regain their stone forms. They are masters of wind magiks, hunting and holy rituals. Their main goal is to slay Poul´soggoth and free their corrupted people.

Prominent figures Edit

Poul´soggoth, a Old god that can see into the future. He is called "the oracle of the old gods" will serve as the main antagonist.

Danath trollbane who will lead the alliance into Southlands.

Warlord varok saurfang, who will lead the horde into the southlands.

High priest Thial´donel. A evil Black elf death priest that has been mutated by the old gods.

Mogul razdunk who will appear in several zones and as an end boss in Blackgold island: Headquarter raid.

Trade prince Gallyvix. The bilgewater cartel leader will betray the horde and work with The in Southlands.

Pandaren Edit

The pandaren long lived in peace in their peacefull kingdom of pandaria, but suddenly, their ancient enemies, the gnolls suddenly attacked their capital city in pandaria. But then dwarves of ironforge arrived and helped the pandaren drive the gnolls back to their homes. As a thank you, the pandaren gladly joined the alliance and was welcomed well.

Racial mount Edit

In the ancient Bamboo forests of pandaria, the Forest foxes lived, theese creatures are bigger and stronger than their gilnean fox cousins, and in many generations have been tamed by the pandaren to serve as hunting pets, friends and mounts.

classes Edit

Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Druid: The pandaren have great respect for nature and the other of the earth mothers creations, and thus they control its powers with care. The pandaren druids are one of the most respected classes in pandaria, since they helped creating the city of pandarios.

Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter: Many races have their own hunters. The pandaren hunters usually tames foxes as pets to help them in their hunt. The pandaren hunters are one of Azeroths greatest users of crossbows.

Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin: The pandaren Paladins are like taurens, gaining their powers from the sun. The pandaren paladins are the pandaren empires guard, and are togheter with pandaren priests, are members of "The brotherhood of the earth". They are called the Shado-wans, wich means in pandarian, Solidier of earth.

Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Priest :Many races have their own healers. Pandaren healers are great healers and usually masters the art of brewing potions(but mostly brews) and heals their combatants in battle. They, like paladins draws their powers from the earth mother and the sun. They are members of "The brotherhood of the earth".

Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Shaman: Pandaren shamans are true geomancers and followers of the earthmother. They control the earth mothers powers and use them in battles and other.

Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior: The pandaren warriors are called the Samhooraijs. They are the strongest , most armored guard of pandaria and protect it with their lives. After years of training and battles they can become Pandarian knights. Some Samhooraijs became Shado-wans.

Ability warrior offensivestance Barbarian: Many pandarens left their civilization to join the wilds, using more savage arts of battle and act more savage. Altough, many barbarians left the forests to join the alliance or horde.

IconLarge Deathknight Death knight: Everyone will die some day, and some, becomes corrupted and turns into Death knights. Many pandaren death knights was travelling Samhooraijs or Shado-wans that travelled to the barrens and was slain by the Death head quilboars and then brought to the Lich king.

Racials Edit

Warm fur: Frost resistance increased by 20.

Fire breath: The pandaren breathes fire, dealing X damage and immolates the enemy.

For the beer: The pandaren gain 20 stamina by getting completly smashed. Hic!

Male Emotes Edit








Hail there!

Open fire

Shot! Mmmm!

Unleash fire! (Burps) Excuse me...


So, a orc, a gnome, and ,me, walked into-(giggles)-a bar. The Orc ordered a strong beer. He drank it and vomited, then ran out. The gnome ordered a a stronger brew: He died! The pandaren me, ordered the strongest brew ever, ive drank, burped and asked for another one!

Im EATING shots, not Shoots them!

Leaves, leaves leaves, so delicious, you cant just leave them.

I can make blacksmith things for you cheaper than ANYONE!


For pandaria!

Lets get them!


Im getting out of here!

Its not allowed to kill pandaren you bastard!

Back to the forests!


Oooooh your my beer... sweet... bitter and... did i say sweet?

Want a beer hug?

We could brew togheter...

Wanna share my beer with me?...wait... NOOOOO!

Female emotes Edit




Amazing like beer!


Hail there!



Open fire

Burn them!

Time to shot! Mmmm!

Forest troll Edit

The forest trolls of Tor'Watha had many years lived separated from the est of the world. After Zul´jins fall, the trolls there remained neutral and lived in a peace a long time. Untill. The vicious Venture Trading Company attacked parts of Quel´thalas and stormed their great wall, in order to find a new precious metal found in the troll mountains named Antomitium. The trolls fough hard agienst the company and their newly created Mutant hobgoblins, but many parts was invaded, but then, a horde ambassador and his escort sailed from Revantusk Village and spotted the Tor´watha trolls fight, ofcourse he and his grunts landed upon the shore and helped the forest troll and sended reinforcements from silvermoon. After driving the Venture. co away, the Tor´watha tribe joined the horde.

Racial mount Edit

The forest trolls of Tor´watha worshipps spiders, and has tamed many of them to use them as pets, scouts and mounts.

Classes Edit

Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior: The Tor´watha warriors are great users of axes and hammers. They charges with a dreadfull roar into battle and brings fear among their enemies.

Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock warlock: Many tor´watha witch doctors practices shadow magiks, and learns how to enslave demons. Many Tor´watha warlocks learned their powers by Gul´dan in the second war.

A tor´whata war spider

Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Druid: The forest trolls have great connections to the forest, and thus they accepts it and practices their magics.

Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Shaman: Most of the Tor´watha withdoctors practices the power of elementals. They summons totems, elementals and hexes their enemies in order to win battles.

Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter: In the second war, Forest troll hunters teached the orcs to become hunters aswell. They are masters of bows, and usually tames spiders to aid them in their battles.

Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Priest: Many trolls have shadowhunters. Many of the Tor´watha troll priests are prophets and servants of the loa.

Ui-charactercreate-classes deathknight Death knight

Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue: Forest trolls are sneaky, usually hides in trees, and from nowhere jumps down on their helpless prey and kills it soundless. The forest troll rogues are feared among many races. They also brew dangerous poisons made from the most vile herbs and venoms, wich makes them VERY horrible.

Ability warrior offensivestance Barbarian: Barbarians lives in the wild. Like the forest trolls. The forest troll barbarians have long been famous. With two axes in their hands, they charges into the batlefield and goes berserk.

Racials Edit

Vicious roar The forest troll roars, stunning every enemy within 3 yards.

Forest sneak The forest troll melts into the environment, making them unable to be seen. Any movement or spell will remove it.

Woodlogging specialization Woodlogging increased by 12 and makes the forest troll logg faster than any other race.

Hero class: Archmage Edit

Spell holy greaterheal The archmages long hided in the violet hold, studying, but after a long time, they came out from the light with their magics to join the horde or alliance. They are powerfull users of nature, arcane and elementals and controlls powerfull minions. They uses light armor(Cloth).

Avaiable to: Gnomes, humans, undead, worgen, goblin, blood elf, night elves.

A arcane elemental minion.

Talents Edit

Nature: Many Archmages uses the power of nature in expriments. Some have unlocked how to use the power of nature poisons. The Nature mages are good in PvP. Example of nature spells: Spell nature rejuvenationPoison bolt. Description: Hurls a poison bolt at the enemy, damages it by X and deals X damage per second.

Spell nature abolishmagic Summon bog beast: Summons a bog beast that got the spells:

Spell shadow deathanddecay Summon crazy flowers:The bog beast summons 3 crazy flowers that deals X damage. They lasts for 30 seconds.

Spell shadow plaguecloudBog vomit: The Bog beast vomits on a enemy target, that deals X damage and makes mushrooms grow on the target that after 5 seconds, exploded and deals X damage.

Spell shadow deathpactSmash: The bog beast smashes the target and deals X damage.

Arcane: Archmages are masters of arcane, and thus controlls it. They are good as Dps. Sample of spells:

Ability druid starfallArcane rain: The Archmage summons a giant portal that spits out arcane bolts that deals X damage. similiar to rain of fire or rain of frost.

Spell arcane massdispelArcane bolt: The archmage hurls a bolt of arcane into the targets heart, dealing X damage and gives the target a debuff that deals X damage per 5 seconds for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, the debuff will explode, dealing X damage and stunns the target for 3 seconds.

Spell nature purgeSummon arcane elemental: Summons an arcane elemental minion that got the abilities:

Spell nature starfallArcane missiles: The classic mage spell, now used by a minion.

Spell magearmorMagic shield: Much like the voidwalker ability, it shields the archmage, making it immune to damage for 26 seconds.

Spell arcane blastArcanic sacrifiece: The arcane elemental minion charges at the enemy target, explodes and deals X damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Spell nature removecurse Arcane touch: The arcane elemental refreshes the archmages mana bar to 100 precent.


Many archmages practice the power of the elementals. They summon powerfull minions and controlls the power of the Wind, water, fire and earth. Example of spells:

Spell nature cyclone Hurricane: Puts the target into a crazy wind that stuns the target and deals X damage per second.Lasts for 15 seconds.

Spell fire immolation Immolate: Burns the target, dealing X damage per second and lasts for 20.

Spell nature lightningThunderbolt: The archmage fires a thunderbolt that deals X damage.

Spell nature earthshockTransmute: The archmage turns the target into a harmless gold statue, stuns it and making it unable to move. Any harm will break the effect. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Spell nature earthelemental totem Summon earth elemental: The archmage summons an earth elemental that got the several spells:

Spell nature stoneskintotem Hurl boulder. The elemental hurls a boulder at the enemy, dealing x damage and stuns it for 5 seconds.

Spell nature reincarnation Taunt: The rock elemental taunts the target, making them attack it.

Spell shadow deathpactSmash: The earth elemental smashes the target and deals X damage.

Spell fire elemental totem Summon fire elemental: The archmage summons a fire elemental minon that got the abilities:

Spell fire flameshockBurn: The fire elemental burns the target enemy, making them run around, making them unable to cast spells and and deals X damage per second.

Spell fire flamebolt Fire spit: The fire elemental spits on the target enemy and taunts them.

Spell fire selfdestructFire explosion: The fire elemental sacrifieces itself, explodes and deal x damage to nearby enemies.

Barbarian Edit

The barbarian makes their home in the wild. They fight faster and more savage than any other class. Avaiable to: Every race except night elves, blood elves, goblin and draenei. They uses medium armor(leather).

Blackgold island: Harbor Edit

Blackgold island: Harbor is a lvl 86-89 dungeon located on blackgold island


Bosses Monsters
Harbor basement Harbor
The harbor
''The goldbag''
  • IconSmall Hobgoblin First mate Glubnock
  • IconSmall Goblin Male Captain Nozmik saltwater

Blackgold island: Barracks Edit

The main barracks. Here they make machines of war and trains fierce guards. The islands native naga are invading the barracks.

Bosses Monsters

Blackgold island: Factory Edit

The main place of Blackgold island. Here is all raw materials the company is gaining brough, where they are made into bars, planks and other and then sold to cities.


Bosses Monsters
The mining tunnel
The great works
The dreaded labs
The destroyed labs
The tunnel
[[Boomzteins private lab])

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