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Nightmares of AzerothEdit

  • Synopsis: Azeroth has it's days counted, as a powerful long forgotten evil force has made it's way to the Emerald Dream, tunring it into a horrible dimension of death and darkness called Emerald Nightmare. Many druids were trapped inside, and almost every single of them has drove mad along with all the living creatures. The Green Dragonflight has been overwhelmed, those not corrupted were killed by massive hordes of once-their-friends wildlife, druids and dragons. Among the conflict, two factions have emerged: the Underskin Furbolgs, once living in a massive underground beneath Mount Hyjal cave system called Underhyjal, have enlisted the aid of the Night Elves, and at the same time, the Alliance, to fight the same corruption of the Dream that has started to lick into Azeroth through the Emerald Portals. The half-ogres, under the rule of Rezzar, have joined the Horde, seeking to find a place in the land for themselves in the eastern coast of Khaz Modan, an area known as the Wild Hills. The Furbolgs, Night Elves, Tauren, Half-Ogres and the remaining uncorrupted green dragons have created the Emerald Legion, an army of druids and dragons that opened Emerald Portals in Teldrassil, Mount Hyjal, Mulgore and Wild Hills so that the Azerothain volunters and adventurers willing to help the Emerald Legion can enter phisically into the Emerald Dream. Their task will not be easy, as the Lord of the Old Gods, called Chaos, as returned and made the Emerald Dream, once a wonderful paradise, a place worse than death.
  • Related Areas: Emerald Dream, Emerald Nightmare, some unknown citadel of Chaos, Eye of Yseras as Neutral Capital.
  • Related Opposing Forces: Nightmare Dragonflight, Old Gods, Druids of Nightmare.
  • Related Intelligent/Playable forces: Underskin Furbolgs and Half-Ogres (also known as Mok'nathal)
  • Bonuses: Spiritual Mounts, Level Cap raised to 90 (this possible expansion should before the possible The Tempest Crusade expansion) and a new hero class for all races - Preserver, a plate-armored Druid/Shaman melee class - and new Caverns of Time wing: 1000 years in the future, in an unknown location, Deathwing has finished creating the Infinite Dragonflight. You must organize a raid to invade the future and put an end to Deathwing's maddened plans once and for all.

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