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Gar’ouya Jareth Kodobeign is often seen as a loudmouthed, abrasive, Cruel, crude, demeaning and often violent woman. While these traits are acceptable to her species, even Orcs find themselves somewhat disgusted by her ‘need’ for chaos, bloodshed, alcohol and tobacco use; often seen with a flask of some sort of hard liquor, or a rolled cigarette in her hand. Gar’ouya ( pronounced Gar-ooh-yah) acknowledges that she doesn’t seem to have the ability or the built in ‘passiveness’ that Orcs of the day posses, looking upon those of her species that take on a ‘ Sindorai’ way of life as if they are not Orcs at all. She looks down on those green skins who embrace fancy clothes over armor, who speak without guttural sounds, and don’t even know what ‘Lok Tar Ogar’ means, much less would shout it on the battlefield. While you might catch her wearing a tribal robe time to time, She refuses to shame herself by wearing anything made of silk or other soft materials, save the one white undershirt she owns, most of her ‘ civilian’ clothing are made of rough leather or animal furs. Trusted by few and even fewer call her friend, ‘Gar’ finds herself hated, adored, hunted, loved, and looked as both a force to be reckoned with, and easy prey all at once.


Gar’ouya is much shorter in stature than the average Orc female, at only five foot two inches tall, or 62’. With this stunting of her growth comes bodily adaptations, her muscular system tight packed, giving her a ‘built like a brick wall’ appearance. Her skeletal system is also a bit thicker than the average woman of the species, her stout, strong bones making her appear almost husky, stalky. However, Gar’s body contains very little fat content, barely a centimeter or two of cellulite culled into a small pooch below her navel, a reminder of her one successful pregnancy. Her stomach could be akin to a tower shield, her abs perfectly chiseled, flexing under her taunt olive green skin. Her body is covered in battle scars of long past, slash marks, arrow wounds, bullet dents, and criss-crossing marks over her shoulders and back. With these are faded tribal tattoos, most notable are two black inked serpents, starting tail first down her arms, the heads resting at her wrists a few inches from her palms. Across her chest near the collar appears to be some sort of bird, Eagle or Condor, wings outstretched, head downward, red ink coloring its eyes, talons facing to the sides. Under this is the most notable scar she has, an impacted bullet-wound of some sort, recent enough to still be slightly pink against her green flesh. No matter what she wears, at least a portion of this particular scar remains visible.

Appearing to be in her mid thirties, Gar’ouya has the telltale signs of aging, though slight. Under her eyes are crows-feet wrinkles, giving her a matured appearance, and frown creases at the edges of her almost always pouting lips. Jutting from her mouth are two pairs of lower jaw fangs, the outer set larger than the second, clean and sharp. The second set is smaller, recessive, barely showing over her bottom lip. On the right side of her face is a long, jagged scar, leading up into an old wound of an empty eye socket, covered with a simple brown leather patch. Her remaining eye is bright piercing blue, almost shimmering. Her hair is cropped short as if cut on her own, the color grey with pepperings of white and black. It appears as if she does dye her hair time to time jet black, the color of her youth, but it always ends up fading back to near snow white, and she lets it. Of her body features her chest is the most prevalent, the large ‘rack’ making her appear top heavy. However, it does not seem to impede her movement in any way. Her face is slightly gaunt with age, her cheeks almost looking hollowed, and yet an uncanny beauty shapes her features. Gold rings pierce her nose and ears, created from ‘Space Goat tail rings’ she’d tell you if asked.


Please Note that none of this should be known in Role-play unless a topic of conversation arises or she has already told you.

Much mystery shrouds the story of Gar’ouya, as from her telling of it and by Horde historians, with what has happened to her, she should be much older than she appears. Gar claims that she was born on Draenor with the name ‘Krei’tara Hawltalon’, given to her by her parents Grol’mosh, a Mok’nathal shaman, and Yavi, an orcish drake-rider. She also says that she found this out when she had an out of body experience, and walked upon the ‘Celestial Plains’, where her ‘true’ parents revealed themselves to her. From what is known, Gar was raised by Tauren nomads of the Kodobeign tribe, Yarik and Kari, two elders who later served Cairne Bloodhoof when Thunder-Bluff was instituted. The Orcess claims that the two elderly Tauren found Gar as a toddler, wandering the barrens alone. History does report that a band of Centaur attacked a clan of Orcs on their journey to Durotar at this time, and no survivors were reported. Gar claims to be the only one left, and that she was only three years of age at this time. The truth in this is that there are records of Yarik Kodobeign, and that his profession was Advisor and Master Herbalist to the Chieftain.

History claims that she was given the name Gar’ouya by Kari Kodobeign, who after saving the small child from a pack of ravenous plains wolves couldn’t get her to stop ‘howling like a little animal’. Therefore, the babe was named Gar’ou’ya, which in the Taurathe tongue means ‘tiny wolf’, Gar being the short of Garou meaning wolf, and Ou’ya loosely translating to ‘small’. As the story goes, Gar lead a happy life under the wings of her bovine adopted family, Yarik and Kari being too old to have any other children, this small Orc was their pride and joy. The two taught her how to tell the time by the sun, how to predict when the rains would come, how to track prey, and how to hunt game much larger than her. By the age of seven, Gar’ouya was bringing home giant tallstriders, huge and hairy kodo bulls, and three wolves at a time. At ten, Gar traveled into what is now the forest of Tendrasil, riding into the thicket on a kodo yearling, and bringing back a large grizzly bear as her prize. With the ursine catch came a small cub, which she gave to her father with the spoils. Proud of his daughter, Yarik gave Gar’ouya the cub, telling her to take care of it as if it here her own child. She did so, and now the large, burly bear serves at her side as friend and protector for many years, carrying the name of Benvolio.

As a teenager, historians report that Gar fought in the ‘ First War’ between the Humans and Orcs, Taking the side of her own species to repel the ‘pinklings’, eventually causing the retreat of the humans to Lorderon. Gar also claims that she was a prisoner at the infamous internment camp Durnholde Keep for three months, whence a young Orc named Thrall escaped and found his way to Kalimdor. As stated before, Gar would have to be at least in her fifties in order to have been there at this historic time, but Strangely enough, her name does come up in the official records as one of the Orcs that made their escape with Thrall. Gar’ouya attributes her longevity to the Naaru, mythos stating that the magnificent other worldly beings promised her father Grol’mosh that his progeny would not die until the fate of the Orcs was truly set, and the world was finally at peace. Whether this is true or not, Gar’ouya is much older than she appears, the aging process seeming to have stopped at 36. By no means Immortal, Gar has been killed numerous times by Alliance enemies and those who wish her gone within the horde itself. It is rumored that Gar’ouya also fought in the second war as well, though little of that is known.

Also a veteran of the third war, Gar’ouya is noted to have marched alongside Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion and Illidan Stormrage, and Jaina Proudmoore. In this skirmish which seemed to have lasted forever and echoes still, Gar’ouya earned the rank of Commander after a daring attack on a large camp of Grom Hellscreams tainted fel Orcs. Though Thrall had commanded that the daemon led Orcs not be touched, Gar’ouya took a small army of Night elves, Blood elves and Orcs, marching against the murderous beasts after they had attacked a small human outpost. After driving back and near exterminating the red skinned brutes, it was determined shortly after that had not Gar acted, the capture of Grom Hellscream would not have been so easy, and there would have been many more needless deaths. After this, Gar’ouya rose through the ranks, Becoming ‘General Kodobeign’ right before the last skirmish leading to the attack on Archimonde and his forces. After witnessing the destruction of the hulking eredar at the hands of Shan’ do Stormrage, Gar’ouya saw the destruction of the World Tree, and actually felt the immortality of the Night elves slip away. After the war was over, Gar’ouya returned to Orgrimmar, finding that the short alliance between Durotar and the Eastern Kingdoms was short lived indeed, both factions tossed back into a grizzly warzone once again. Sick of constantly fighting, Gar moved to the Blood Elf city of Silvermoon, created on the destruction of the high elves ancestral home, Quel’thallas.

Soon after settling in to her new home, Gar met a Tauren druid by the name of Mua’toki SharpClaw. The young Tauren fell in love with the battle scar covered Orcess, and eventually after much vying for her attention, she fell for him as well. As she said, “I don’t know if it’s the grey fur or the yellow eyes... Maybe it’s those hooves. I just love Toki.” Gar and Toki conceived a child, naming him Samuel. Shortly after, Toki asked Gar to become his life mate, to which she accepted. The half-breed baby was classified as a T’orc, having the attributes of both; Green skin, light grey fur, a short muzzle, Orcish fangs, Tauren hooves and a tail. The boy was like his mother, undersized, and had health problems due to his conflicting genetics, but he was loved and cared for by a zealously protective mother and a proud father. Gar made a few friends, Dielsa and Arentil Redhawk, Mirson the Bastard, Manako (Mugar), Mondo, Throm’ka and Solandis Lightwarder. Dielsa aided Gar’ouya when Sammy became deathly sick, pulling from her demonic sources to create life once again in the infant at the sake of her left eye in return to the dark forces. Arentil stood by Gar as a friend and confidant, Mirson gave her ‘moral’ support as best he could while ogling her behind her back, and Solandis in his youthly way just wanted to help, healing the Orcess when she needed it. With these allies there to give her assistance and friendship, Gar’ouya, Toki, and Sammy prospered.

However, it was not meant to last. The time came when Toki would have to enter the Emerald dream, a magical resting place where Druids went to gain wisdom and strength, sleeping away literal centuries. Promising to not be gone long, Toki vanished, leaving Gar to tend to her son alone. A full year passed before any sign of the Tauren was seen, and it was not a happy reunion. By this time, Gar had in her desperation for contact had romantic relations with the fledgling paladin Solandis, and was engaged in a relationship with him. Mua’toki sought out his mate, made insane by the Emerald Nightmare and stuck in his bear form, unable to morph back into his true self. He attacked Gar right away, clawing at her and trying to maul their year old son. Gar fought back savagely, using her first opportunity to load her rifle. Two shots rang out through Eversong woods, and Mua’toki dropped to the forest floor, bleeding from his chest. Gar ran to the large beast’s side as it shrank back into the body of the Tauren she loved; only to find him deceased.

Months later, a messenger brought Gar some news that broke her heart further. It appeared that her father and mother were dead, as well. Taking the first Zeppelin to thunder bluff, the bodies of Yarik and Kari Kodobeign lay on a pyre, ready for cremation. The bluff watchers told Gar that her parents were killed by Venture Co. workers after protesting the digging up and removal of several acres of precious and rare herbs from the plains. Now with nothing left but her son and Solandis, the three became a family unit, with Sammy calling the paladin ‘daddy’. They soon moved to Nagrand, and lived a pretty normal existence. However, like most things in her life, it did not last. Solandis and Gar’ouya separated, and the Orcess sought out a way to destroy the guilt, sadness, and depression she felt without the paladin beside her. This answer came from the demon known as Naz’ora Baelthean, a woman masquerading as a blood elf, openly stating what she truly was.

Naz’ora told Gar that she could take away every negative feeling, giving power and the ability to seduce in its place. The Sayaad demon gave to Gar a chance, and she took it. With the help of the warlock Easton, Naz pulled one of her own kind from a swirling vortex and gave Gar’s body as a shell to the demon. The being known as Kris’tanya entered Gar’ouya, taking her over, heart and soul. From then out, Gar became a rather promiscuous, caring neither for her life nor the wellbeing of her son, causing Arentil to take the boy from her at one point. After taking back what was rightfully ‘hers’, Gar took a job from the Argent Dawn, traveling to Lights Hope chapel. Given the mission of destroying Baron Rivendale at the ruined human city of Stratholme, Gar left Sammy in the careless hands of the humans at the small outpost and left without even saying goodbye to the crying boy. Gar was gone for almost two weeks, not much is known of what she actually did in that time span, but reports say that she did in fact complete the mission. On the first of the third week, Gar returned to Lights Hope to reclaim her son, only to find out that He had toddled off into the eastern plaugelands, and was kidnapped by a Gargoyle, the flying sentries of the scourge. The soldiers searched for Sam, but he was long gone by the time Gar arrived. Suddenly, the real Gar’ouya came to the surface, and the panicked mother took a small battalion of troops north with her, to the uncharted lands of Northrend, since the Gargoyle was seen flying north.

Months later, a water logged ship made port on the edge of Dragonblight. The only occupant trudged forward through the severe winds and snow, broken and bruised from battle. The soldiers had abandoned Gar to her hopeless mission, and she was truly alone in a strange, cold land. She continued forth, dragging her sword behind her, her trusty bear friend trying to guard her from the howling wind with his own body. Eventually, she fell to her knees at the foot of Icecrown, the frozen throne. Gar screamed out at the sky “Where is my son?!?” as the scourge surrounded her. A single Gargoyle toddled up to her, coughing and hacking. The gray beast spat something out on the snow before her, and backed up. Gar reached out with frostbitten fingers for the object, and took it into her hand. It was a scrap of red corduroy material. She unfolded it, and found that it was a small red hat, the same red hat she’d given Sammy for his third birthday.

Rage welled up inside the half dead Orc as she stood, rearing her axe from her side with amazing strength. She charged the undead with a battle cry that echoed off the mountains, Benvolio running at full speed before his friend. Her axe cleaved into the skull of a ghoul just as she was swept off her feet by another Gargoyle. She screamed in bloodlust as she struggled to not fall from the beasts grasp, climbing onto its back. Her fist met hard skull repeatedly, causing trauma rather quickly. She gouged at the abominations eyes, blinding it as it began to fall from the sky, taking Gar with it. She grabbed the edges of its wings and curled them inward, shielding herself as the Gargoyle made impact with the frozen ground.

Darkness came over her, and she froze to death, her blood seeping from her wounds. Into her head came words, simple, commanding, gentle. It rang through her entire broken body.

“Ah... So the wolf finds herself in the hunters trap, Gar'ouya... I must admit... You had me worried that I would not be able to destroy you... Commander Kodobeign. Great heroine of the Argent dawn... Puh! You gave it one hell of a go, M'lady... Kidnapping your son to bring you to me was such a simple plan... But it worked, didn't it. And now... You will stand at my side, mighty wolf... You will be my hand of destruction... The world will fold to my will... And you will be the greatest of my death knights. Rise, M’lady Gar... Rise."

And so, Gar awoke to undeath. It did not last long, but during the short time she was a Death knight, all of those that once called her friend tried in vain to make her remember who and what she was. Not long after, the paladin Narinthei called upon every ounce of power he could and cleansed the battered and torn Orc, forcing her back to life.

Now she lived, without her son to love, and Solandis had become a man of the cloth, leaving her to follow the teachings of Lord Fordring. However, his chaste ways did not last, and Gar found herself romantically evolved with him again and again, nearly wedding once, and actually becoming man and wife for a short time. During all this drama, Mirson, king of the bastards, had vied for Gar’s attention as well after his wife disappeared, and somehow, Gar found herself unable to resist the charming scoundrel that everyone hated. After all, it was he that gave her the bullet to the chest, and he that looked at her as if she were something beautiful. Gar gave in once more, leaving Solandis for Mirson. However, things did not last long, and as usual, Mirson requested that the two remain friends, instead of in a relationship.

( more to come.)

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