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Icon Title Description Points Category
Inv misc key 08Blackrock Master KeyObtain the Shadowforge Key in Blackrock Depths.10Blackrock Depths
Inv misc key 03Raiding the VaultOpen all 12 Relic Coffers in Blackrock Depths.10Blackrock Depths
Spell fire fireMolten Core BindingsSlay Garr and Baron Geddon.20Molten Core
Spell frostresistancetotem 01Molten Core BossesSlay Lucifron, Magmadar and Shazzrah in Molten Core.35Molten Core
Inv misc gem opal 01Attunement to the CoreGet attuned to Molten Core.10Blackrock Depths
Inv letter 17Blackwing Lair EntryGet attuned to Blackwing Lair.10Blackrock Spire
Inv staff 16Maraudon PortalObtain the portal key in Maraudon.10Maraudon
Inv misc key 10Maul the KeyObtain the Dire Maul Key.10Dire Maul
Inv pants wolfNever Partner With An OgreSlay Rhahk'Zor in the Deadmines.5The Deadmines
Inv misc gear 05Sneed and the ShredderSlay Sneed and his Shredder in the Deadmines.5The Deadmines
Spell fire flamebladesThe SmelterSlay Gilnid in the Deadmines.5The Deadmines
Inv helmet 66The First MateSlay Mr.Smite in the Deadmines.5The Deadmines
Inv misc food 15A Cook Unlike No OtherSlay Cookie in the Deadmines.5The Deadmines
Inv gauntlets 17My Grub Is In Your PawsSlay Grubbis in Gnomeregan.5Gnomeregan
Spell nature abolishmagicAcidic IssuesIn Gnomeregan, slay Viscous Fallout.5Gnomeregan
Inv gizmo 01Backdoor ViolationIn Gnomeregan, slay Electrocutor 9000 and obtain the Workshop Key.5Gnomeregan
Inv mace 14Way of the CrowdIn Gnomeregan, slay Crowd Pummeler 9-60.5Gnomeregan
Inv misc key 02Fel Key CraftingSlay a Fel Reaver to craft the Shattered Halls Key.5Shattered Halls
Inv qiraj jewelblessedHeroic Key CollectionObtain all five Burning Crusade heroic attunement keys.25Heroics
Inv misc head undead 01Hard To KillGet attuned to Magister's Terrace heroic.10Heroics
Inv misc bone 01Flint ProblemsSlay Oggleflint in Ragefire Chasm.5Ragefire Chasm
Inv chest cloth 24Invoker SlainSlay Jergosh the Invoker in Ragefire Chasm.5Ragefire Chasm
Ability warstompThis Is Not The End BossSlay Bazzalan in Ragefire Chasm.5Ragefire Chasm
Inv weapon shortblade 10Fanglords of Wailing CavernsSlay the four fanglords in the Wailing Caverns.5Wailing Caverns
Spell fire fireYor, The HoundSlay Yor on Mana Tombs Heroic.10Heroics
Inv misc qirajicrystal 03Green LightedObtained a [Green Qiraji Resonating Crystal] in Ahn'Qiraj.5Ahn'Qiraji


  • 25 All New Achievements covering missing aspects!
  • None of these are official. (See Forums!)


Many others coming soon (Version 1.5.0+)

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