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I've got some ideas for expansions(they usually feature new continents, new races, hero classes and sometimes even new factions). Note that the expansion ideas are presented in the order that i think they should be in(as some of them take lore from others). Also i have taken some other people's ideas that I have thought worthwhile. And sometimes I have put new abilities, I do not know every single class ability so it's not my fault if I put down an ability that is already an ability.

1. All out war Edit

Synopsis: the races of Azeroth have erupted into a massive world war that has engulfed all the land.

New playable races: none.,,, New continents: none.,,, other new features: Racial hero classes(every race has one of them)(I thought of this to overcome the problem that I was faced with when I found out some of my most loved hero classes were race specific e.g. dreadlord and keeper of the grove). Also every class now has a new tier(warriors have weapon mastery, druids have enviroment, warlocks have demonic, rogue has agility, mages have conjuring, hunters have forestry, priests have race specific tiers(e.g. night elf priests have ancients whilst dwarf priests have the titans), shamans have spirits and i can't think of one for paladins).

New hero classes(race specific):

Knight,,, Hero class.,,, Class leader: Sir Lanthar.,,, Race: humans.,,, Tiers: 1. arms, 2. honour/chivalry, 3. horsemanship and 4. knighthood.,,, Role: tank, flanker or reserve.,,, Epic mounts: ?,,, Description: a fast mover due to a knight's ability to get a mount early on and good at mount to mount combat, knights can also make unnamed humanoid npcs into squires(pets) the same way a hunter makes creatures pets.,,, Some abilities: challenge(challenges target(can be npc) to a one on one duel, other enemies cannot attack you during the duel), taunt(makes enemies attack you), summon foal, summon warhorse, make squire.,,, Resource bar: rage or energy.,,, Knight only weapons: lances.

Mountain king,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: (whoever the leader of the bronzebeard dwarves is).,,, Race: dwarf.,,, Tiers: 1. fury, 2. stone, 3. leadership and 3. arms.,,, Role: tank or party leader.,,, Epic mounts: ?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: storm bolt, bash, thunder clap, avatar, stone touch(makes another character do stoneform).,,, Resource bar: rage

Sentinel,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Tyrande Whisperwind.,,, Race: night elf,,, Tiers: 1. woodcraft, 2. survival, 3. reverence and 4. marksmanship.,,, Role: flanker or dps.,,, Epic mounts: ?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: woodland stride(walks through trees and dense undergrowth), moon glaive(fires a moon glaive at target), strength of the moon.,,, Resource bar: energy,,, Sentinel only weapons: moon glaive.

Vindicator,,, Hero class.,,, Class leader: Velen.,,, Race: draneii,,, Tiers: 1. holy, 2. dicipline, 3. divine and 4. avatarism.,,, Role: healer, tank(ish) and caster.,,, Epic mounts: ?,,, Description: a vindicator is a fearsome opponent to face, as well as being adept at wielding the holy light vindicators have the ability of avatarism(to channel your inner soul into the outside world to give yourself and your allies mystical abilities).,,, Some abilities: strength of the light, immortality(extremely powerful, renders you and nearby allies immune to damage and debuffs until your mana runs out), light blast.,,, Resource bar: faith.

Gambler(no lore),,, Hero class,,, Class leader: ?,,, Race: gnomes.,,, Tiers: 1. chance, 2. coin, 3. card mastery and 4. cheating.,,, Role: ?,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Description: a gamblers abilities rely mainly on chance, every 5 minutes the abilities on the ability bar are changed randomly, every ability you have, has an equal chance of coming up.,,, Some abilities: Shuffle(lets you shuffle your ability bar even if it hasn't reached the 5-minute time limit), exploding dice(3 ranged attacks that deal damage), royal flush(makes it more likely that when your abilities are shuffled that they come up with abilities of your choice).,,, Resource bar: luck.

Blademaster,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Samuro. Race: orcs.,,, Tiers: 1. agility, 2. fury, 3. stealth and 4. arms.,,, Role: dps,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: wind walk, mirror image, cripple, bladestorm.,,, Resource bar: energy.

chieftain,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Baine Bloodhoof.,,, Race: tauren,,, Tiers: strength, stamina, ancestors and fury,,, Role: tank, buffer.,,, Epic mount: plainstrider skill?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: plainstider, shockwave, endurance aura, reincarnation.,,, resource bar: endurance.

shadow hunter,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Rokhan.,,, Race: trolls,,, Tiers: 1. loas, 2. shadow, 3. voodoo and 4. ?,,, Role: ?,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: hex, healing wave, serpent ward, big bad voodoo.,,, Resource bar: voodoo.

Dark ranger,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Sylvanas Windrunner.,,, Race: forsaken,,, Tiers: 1. shadow, 2. marksmanship, 3. hex and 4. dark archery.,,, Role: ranged dps.,,, Epic mount: dead horse(might already be normal forsaken mount I have no idea).,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: paralysis arrow, silence, charm, life siphon, black arrow.,,, Resource bar: mana.

Blood knight,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: ?,,, Race: blood elves.,,, Tiers: 1. arcane, 2. holy, 3. fury and 4. horsemanship.,,, Role: ?,,, Epic mount: Pegasus?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: empowered strike.,,, Resource bar: faith.

2. legion's fury Edit

Synopsis: the legion's efforts to conquer Azeroth have so far been failures. But now the legion is back with more force than ever, and it seems impossible to defeat them.

New faction: burning legion.,,, New races: Eredar, Nathrezim, Shivarra, Mo'arg and Sayaad(Suucubi and incubi).,,, New continents: the twisting nether.,,, New normal class: beserker(burning legion faction class),,, New hero class: fel sworn and racial classes.,,,

Eredar,,, Faction: Burning legion.,,, Classes: beserker, warlock, mage, warrior.,,, Mount: felsteed.,,, Racials: 1. mana bonus, 2. ?, 3. ? and 4. ?,,, Racial class: Sorceror.

Nathrezim,,, Faction: Burning legion.,,, Classes: rougue, warlock, mage, warrior.,,, Mount: dreadsteed.,,, Racials: 1. fly(for limited period of time), 2. command dead, 3. ? and 4. ?,,, Racial class: dreadlord.

Shivarra,,, Faction: Burning legion.,,, Classes: rogue, hunter, beserker, mage, warrior, druid, shaman.,,, Mount: panther.,,, Racials: ?,,, Racial class: ?

Sayaad,,, Faction: Burning legion,,, Classes: warrior, hunter, rogue, mage, priest.,,, Mount: ?,,, Racials: ?,,, Racial class: torturer.

Mo'arg,,, Faction: Burning legion,,, Classes: warrior, beserker, hunter, priest, mage, rogue, paladin.,,, Mount: ?,,, Racials: 1. engineering bonus, ?,,, Racial class: felguard.

Fel sworn,,, Hero class.,,, Class leader: Kil'jaeden.,,, Tiers: rage, fury, demonic, shadow.,,, Role: melee dps.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Some abilities: hell rage, gash, shadow burn, bloodlust.,,, Resource bar: rage.

Beserker,,, Faction: Burning legion.,,, Tiers: rage, fury, stamina, strength.,,, Role: tank/melee dps.,,, Some abilities: killing spree, blood lust, terrifying shriek. Resource bar: rage.

Sorceror,,, Hero class.,,, Class leader: Kil'jaeden. Race: Eredar.,,, Tiers: 1. arcane, 2. familiar, 3. destruction and 4. demonology.,,, Role: caster.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Some abilities: Finger of doom, hellfire.,,, Resource bar: mana.

Dreadlord,,, Hero class.,,, Class leader: Vaylos Race: Nathrezim.,,, Tiers: 1. arcane, 2. demonic, 3. shadow and 4. dread.,,, Role: ?,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Some abilities: sleep, vampiric aura, inferno.,,, Resource bar: mana.

Felguard,,, Hero class.,,, Class leader: ? Race: Mo'arg,,, Tiers: fury, arms, survival and leadership.,,, Role: tank, dps.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Some abilities: bloodlust.,,, Resource bar: rage.

3. the rebuilding of Lordaeron Edit

Synopsis: after fighting the lich king(in WOTLK), the alliance and the horde have returned their focus to the plaguelands and work to restore them to their former glory.

New races: high elves, ogres and the scourge.,,, New classes: Templar and racial classes.,,, New places: Gilneas.,,,

High elves,,, Faction: Alliance.,,, Classes: mage, warrior, priest, hunter, paladin.,,, Mount: elven horse.,,, Racials: same as blood elves.,,, Racial class: archmage.

Mok'nathal(half ogre),,, Faction: horde.,,, Classes: warrior, shaman, hunter.,,,Mount: Rhino.,,, Racials: war stomp, ?,,, Racial class: beastmaster.

Scourge,,, Faction: Burning legion.,,, Classes: warrior, rogue, mage, warlock.,,, Mount: dead horse,nether drake.,,, Racials: ?,,, Racial class: light slayer.

Templar,,, Hero class.,,, Tiers: 1. holy, 2. retribution, 3. fury and 4. light.,,, Role: dps/healer.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Some abilities: light blades final strike, banishing strike.,,, Resource bar: faith.

Archmage,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Ansirem Runeweaver.,,, Race: high elves.,,, Tiers: 1. arms(they did use weapons), 2. arcane, 3. conjuring and 4. familiar.,,, Role: caster but can be used as secondary melee.,,, Epic mounts: unicorn, magic carpet(i know there is no lore but it is magic).,,, Description: powerful allies, an archmage can lay low many a group of foes.,,, Some abilities: summon familiar(I know it makes it like the warlock), blizzard, mass teleport, slow, invisibility, polymorph and brilliance aura.,,, Resource bar: mana.

Beastmaster,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Rexxar.,,, Race: Mok'nathal.,,, Tiers: 1. instinct 2. beastmastery, 3. mimickery and 4. ?,,, Role: ?,,, Epic mounts:?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: summon bear, summon quillbeast, summon hawk, stampede, tame beast.,,, Resource bar: instinct.

Light slayer,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: ?,,, Race: scourge.,,, Tiers: shadow, death, blood and curses.,,, Role: tank, caster, dps or anti-paladin.,,, Epic mounts: ?,,, Description:?,,, Some abilities: sun choke, doom of shadow, curse of blood, sacrifice.,,, Resource bar: mana.

4. Hunt for Illidan Edit

Synopsis: The black lord Illidan has arisen once again. It seems that when he fought Arthas(Frozen throne x pack) he half possessed him. Illidan transfered a little bit of his spirit to Arthas so that he could never truly die unless Arthas too died. And so Illidan has come back once more, and has many of his agents hunting down his betrayers. Akama has already fallen, and his people have joined with Illidan once again; prince Kael'thas' son San'tros Sunstrider(new character) stayed with Illidan, and is personally hunting down his father, That just leaves Maiev Shadowsong left to be hunted down... While the two headed ogres of outland have joined up with Illidan.

New faction: The Illidari.,,, New classes: Warden, Spellbreaker(faction class) and racial classes.,,, New races: Satyrs, Blood elves(on horde and Illidari), naga, broken, two headed ogre and Fallen(outcast night elves who have become demons like Illidan).,,, New features: player owned housing, new profession construction.

Satyrs,,, Faction: Illidari.,,, Classes: warrior, rogue, hunter, mage, warlock, spellbreaker.,,, Mount: ?,,, Racials: feral form, ?,,, Racial class: ?

Blood elves,,, Faction: Illidari.,,, Classes: warrior, rogue, priest, hunter, mage, paladin, warlock, spellbreaker.,,, Mount: same as horde blood elves.,,, Racials: same as horde blood elves.,,, Racial class: Far strider(elven ranger).

Naga,,, Faction: Illidari.,,, Classes: warrior, priest, hunter, mage.,,, Mount: snap dragon, Coatl.,,, Racials: water breathing(same as undead), quick swimming, ?,,, Racial class: siren.

Broken,,, Faction: Illidari.,,, Classes: warrior, rogue, hunter, mage, shaman.,,, Mount: ?,,, Racials: stealth, ?,,, Racial class: Elder sage.

Two headed ogre,,, Faction: Illidari.,,, Classes: warrior, mage, hunter, spell breaker.,,, Mount: thunder lizard,,, Racials: ?,,, Racial class: ogre lord.

Fallen,,, Faction: Illidari.,,, Classes: warrior, rogue, priest, hunter, mage, warlock, spell breaker.,,, Mount: leopard, ?,,, Racials: fly(for a limited amount of time), horn gash, ? Racial class: demon hunter.

Warden,,, Hero class.,,, class leader: Maiev Shadowsong.,,, Tiers: head hunting, subtlety, assassination and vengeance.,,, Role: ?,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: blink, shadow strike, fan of knives, avatar of vengeance.,,, Resource bar: energy.,,, Warden only weapon: ringblade.

Spellbreaker,,, Faction: Illidari.,,, Tiers: counterspelling, arcane, immunity, control.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Role: anti-caster/weak caster(can cast some offensive spells).,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: steal spell, control magic, arcane shield, backlash.,,, Resource bar: mana.

Far strider(elven ranger),,, Hero class,,, Class leader: ?,,, Race: blood elves(Illidari).,,, Tiers: woodcraft, marksmanship, balance and nature archery.,,, Role: ranged dps/secondary caster.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: unparalleled shot, camouflage, nature's wrath, rapid fire. Resource bar: nature.

Siren,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: ?,,, Race: naga,,, Tiers: the deeps, song, minions and ?,,, Role: caster, pet.,,, Epic mount: ?,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: lure, watery parasite. Resource bar: mana.

Elder sage,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Ankaron,,, Race: broken.,,, Tiers: spirit, arcane, wisdom, elemental.,,, Role: caster.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: spirit rift, spiritfire, burstfire.,,, Elder sage only weapons: kamas.

Ogre lord,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: ?,,, Race: two headed ogre.,,, Tiers: strength, stamina, fury, rage.,,, Role: tank.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Description: ?,,, Some abilities: smash, bloodlust. Resource bar: rage.

Demon hunter,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Illidan.,,, Race: fallen.,,, Tiers: metamorphosis, demonic, augmenting and agility.,,, Role: melee dps, secondary anti-caster.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Description: Demon hunters have the power of augmenting, that is to make their weapons more powerful for a short period of time; but their main power is that of metamorphosis which lets them turn into powerful demons.,,, Some abilities: mana burn, evasion, aura of fire, dark metamorphosis, infernal metamorphosis, doom guard metamorphosis, dual wield.,,, Resource bar: power.,,, Demon hunter only weapons: warblades.

5. Terror of the tides Edit

Synopsis: Their have been disturbances under the sea and Lady Vashj reports that the naga have found out that there is an old god imprisoned there and he is nearly free. new champions have arisen as the Nan'dorei(sea elves)(new lore) have arisen(the sea elves were none highborn that also sank under water during the cataclysm, and like the naga they evolved(although they are still bipedal)) as have the mighty sea giants. Whilst the leviathans(with two snake heads), the servants of the burning legion, are desperately trying to aid the imprisoned old god.

New races: Mur'gul, Sea elves, Sea giants and Leviathans.,,, New classes: Sea witch and racial classes.,,, New places: Maelstrom/sunken Kalimdor.,,, Other new features: aquatic mounts, Naval battleground, diving kit(lets you breathe underwater), new profession shipcraft, buy/make your own ships and guildships.

Mur'gul,,, faction: Illidari.,,, Classes: warrior, rogue, priest, warlock.,,, Mount: ?,,, Racials: water breathing, quick swimming, ?,,, Racial class: shaman of the deeps.

Sea elf,,, Faction: Alliance.,,, Classes: warrior, priest, rogue, hunter, druid, paladin.,,, Mount: ?,,, Racials: water breathing, quick swimming, ?,,, Racial class: hydromancer.

Sea giant,,, Faction: Horde.,,, Classes: warrior, shaman, hunter, priest.,,, Mount: ?,,, Racials: water breathing, quick swimming, ?,,, Racial class: pharaoh.

Leviathan,,, Faction: Burning legion,,, Classes: warrior, beserker, mage, warlock.,,, Mount: ?,,, Racials: water breathing, quick swimming, ?,,, Racial class: ?

Sea witch,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Lady Vashj.,,, Tiers: arcane, wind, sea and lightning.,,, Role: caster.,,, Epic mount: ?,,, Some abilities: mana shield, forked vortex, frost arrows, tornado.,,, Resource bar: mana.

Shaman of the deeps,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: ?,,, Race: Mur'gul.,,, Tiers: deeps, aqua beast mastery, water spirits, ?,,, Role: ?,,, Some abilities: light of the Anglefish, tidal wave, hurricane.,,, Resource bar: mana.

Hydromancer,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: ?,,, Race: Sea elves.,,, Tiers: Frost, Steam, Sea, ?,,, Role: caster.,,, Some abilities: crushing wave, summon sea elemental, deep freeze.,,, Resource bar: mana.

Pharaoh,,, Hero class,,, Class leader: Pharaoh Rasnem,,, Race: sea giant.,,, Tiers: holy, discipline, leadership, ?,,, Some abilities: embolden, gods' champion.,,, Resource bar: faith.

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