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Hello there, I am Unique. Well, I'm actually FarFromUnique, becasue I wished to be Unique and the name was taken (a long time ago), so now, as a tribute to irony, I'm FarFromUnique.

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Projects / GoalsEdit

  • Help keep the wiki neat and clean.
  • Updating pages in my sandbox

About FFUEdit

I play Littlegizmo on Icecrown Alliance Side. I got my character's name from my phone. Literally. I needed a name, and my phone rang, so I looked at it. It's an LG240X, From LG electronics. It's small. L=little, G=Gizmo. LG makes Little Gizmos. Then I took the call.

I play alliance because I know more people who are allies. However, digging more into the history and lore of Warcraft, I'm beginning to think that the Horde are the good guys. Unfortunately, my attempts at creating a horde alt have resulted in not playing that character, so I'm staying Alliance for now.

Main CharactersEdit

All on Icecrown US:

  • Littlegizmo, Tankadin (80)
  • Evilgizmo, AffliLock (70+)
  • Tinygizmo, mage of unspecified spec (10)

I also have 2 bank alts, GizCloth and GizBank.

Other RandomEdit

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