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Pyrian Goldcrest

General Info Edit

Name: Pyrian Goldcrest
Home Server: Sisters of Elune
Race: Blood Elf
Age: Young adult
Class: Hunter
Interests: Animals, exploration, fishing
Guild: Brightleaf Brigade

Physical Description: A rough-looking young man with gold-orange hair and eyes more gold than green. He looks rugged and wild in general, as if he hasn't been a part of civilization for some time, and carries himself more like a hunter of the wilds than a ranger.

Under the layers of hand-crafted leather and mail lie a variety of twisted scars, several visible above his neck. No, there aren't any unique stories to them, he just fights a lot.

Personality Description: Pyrian tends to be detached and quiet, paying more attention to his surroundings than what anybody around him might actually be saying. He rarely feels the need to speak unless he absolutely has a point, since in the past he's been shot down for speaking before knowing the full story or thinking.

He keeps a distance from most humanoids, preferring to spend his days in the wild with his pets and the other animals than in the cities. Still, when he encounters others, he tends to be polite, admittedly at the basest level. This politeness is incredibly stretched when it comes to dealing with most other Blood Elves.

History Edit

Raised for most of his life to be a mage like the rest of his dwindling clan, Pyrian never took to magic as well as the others around him. When he was finally told point-blank that he may as well find another path by one of his teachers, he switched his attention to the path of the Ranger, a move that went over surprisingly well with his family. He trained along this path for many years after reaching adulthood.

When the Scourge, lead by Arthas, finally arrived in Quel'Thalas, Pyrian and several of his fellow Ranger trainees were in what is now the Ghostlands. By the time the seige on the city was over and the Sunwell corrupted, only he and two others of his group had survived the slaughter; his family, who lived outside Silvermoon, was missing completely and presumed dead.

After that, Pyrian joined the Blood Elves simply because he had nowhere else to go and was in a poor state of mind due to all the death he'd experienced first-hand. Once he had been granted his formal title as a Hunter, he finished off his last vestiges of training, tamed a pet, and disappeared from Quel'Thalas, wanting to try and find a new place in the world he'd never seen.

As time progressed, Pyrian discovered the truth behind Kael'thas' actions and was horrified by it. He realized that the magic he drew on (although he rarely used it, preferring to starve himself of his addiction rather than capitulate and become one of the Wretched) was demonic, and with no desire to reintroduce the Burning Legion into the world, he immediately began the fight against Kael'thas and the Sunfury by joining the Scryers. When he returned to Silvermoon at one point in an attempt to enlighten the leaders of what their "beloved king" was really doing, he was condemned as either mad or a traitor (or both) and exiled from Silvermoon and all of Quel'Thalas for the rest of his life.

Since then, he has avoided contact with most other Blood Elves, and constantly wonders if he can expel the taint of demonic magic from his body without losing his alliances to the rest of the Horde. He feels more kinship with the residents of Kalimdor than any of his own people, and struggles to dispel the stereotype cast on him because of his race whenever he's among the others of the Horde.

Little Known Facts Edit

- Pyrian is petrified of becoming one of the Wretched.
- He despises a good portion of his own people, if mostly because of their arrogance and insistence that what they're doing (read: capturing and manipulating a Naaru, allying with demons, damning the world to a second invasion by the Legion) is even remotely right.
- He's a little biased against his own people. (No, really?)
- Secretly (very, very secretly), Pyrian is a member of the Druids of the Paw - one of only two Horde that were present at the first meeting. He realizes that if he's found out, he'll be executed without a second thought regardless of who finds him. Since joining, he speaks even less about himself or his actions to anyone.

Gossip Edit

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