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Not Free As in Beer Edit

Shameless Proselytization I encourage every player to take a chance, try something new and exciting and give WoW on Linux a spin. It'S Free and Libre.

I Am a user and lover off all things Open and Free. I exclusively use Linux for work and play, more specifically,Linux Mint. Since Blizzard doesn't have a native Linux client, I play WoW using a third party program called CrossOver Linux, which allows me to fool WoW into thinking it's running on Windows. There are other ways to accomplish this As well, and WoWWiki is a wonderful howtwo source. While I may not Be a Linux Hacker per say, I have used nothing but Linux for many years now, and look forward to contributing more useful WoW – Linux content to this already robust resource. I'm also happy to see that not only is the content of WoWWiki released under a Free License it is made using Software created under the same CopyLeft philosophy As Linux.

Wiki This user is addicted to WoWWiki.

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