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NeutralNPC 32Yeril'jaa the Fishmonger
Yeri night fishing
Title <Owner, Longtusk Fish Co.>
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll
Character class Hunter
Position Fisherman, dabbles in Herbalism and Alchemy
Location Ratchet, primary residence
Status Alive
Relative(s) Jan'diyah, daughter

Yeril'jaa Edit

Simply called Yeri by his friends, you can find him mostly drudging through the various Oasis' of the Barrens searching for deviate fish or most any other fishing hole. Though sympathetic to his own race, Yeril'jaa has no allegiance to the horde and will deal with most factions openly. Of course he speaks Zandali fleunting as well as common through his dealings with goblins and Orcish (though his reading and writing of it are limited).

Though his "full time" occupation is fishing, he also dabbles in the gathering and mixing of herbs. In a darker period of his life the troll even resorted to peddling Bloodthistle to the locals of Sivermoon (which he still has a surplus of).

Appearance Edit

  • Age: Late Middle Aged
  • Height: around 7 ft.
  • Weight: 230 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Dyed a firey orange
  • Eye Color: Sea Blue
  • Skin Color: Green-Blue

Yeril'jaa tends to keep the traditional dyed orange mohawk that is common with his Trollish race - especially his class. The aging troll also has the markings of a troll huntsman apon his face and has long tusks, a sign of his age. Three bronze rings adorn his left tusk, in varied sizes, they sit equa-distance from one another. The rings are a reminder of those close to him he lost - his wife and two sons.

Though Yeri tries to keep himself as clean as possible, he spends most of his time in the wild or along the shores of Kalimdor looking for the big catch - this of course causes him to often have the not so sweet smell of fish on him and it is his fishing garb he wears most; simple shirt, pants and shin guards (boots) along with a very standard brown harness which all manner of fishing paraphernalia are strapped to. He usually has a rod strapped over his shoulder or a worn blade at his side.

History Edit

In the archipelago most called Darkspear Islands, Yeri lived in the village of Yojaam'jin. It was a small village and most of its troll inhabitants shared a common lineage to it's founder, Yojaam. The village however was one of the first to be razed by the crazed Murlocs and their evil Naga masters. Though Yeri savagely defended the village along with the other warriors they were unable to save it and his wife and two brave sons died along in the onslaught. The survivors of Yojaam'jin were harried through the jungles as Yeri and his brave brethern fought a rearguard to protect them. Even his hunting companion, the Jungle Tiger Jang'ai helped defend. It was in the next village that Yeril'jaa was filled with bitter happiness, there he found the only immediate family he had left, Jan'diyah, his magicaly inclined daughter learning from one of her tutors. The Village was evactuated and eventually they linked up with the Darkspear's new leader, Vol'jin and Thrall's forces to leave the island altogether. As his ragged band existed the thick jungles they came upon the awe-inspiring sight of thousands of their fellow Darkspear's gather in the a large valley below them. It was time to leave that island which had been his home.

In Yojaam'jin Yeri was somewhat of an esteemed elder among his fellow huntsmen yet in the Darkspear's new home along the Durotar coast his title meant nothing, little of his line (those of Yojaam'jin) even remained. Neither he nor his daughter wished to remain in Echo Isles, the latter moving on to Orgrimmar than Undercity to further her magical abilities. Another unspoken reason for her departure is Jan'diyah not knowing the true circumstances of the sack of Yojaam'jin somewhat blames her father for the loss of her mother. Her brothers being warriors of the village is understandable, but not her loving mother. Yeri and Jang'ai on the other hand went south to seek work in whatever way he could find eventually settling in Ratchet and running some odd jobs for the Goblin Gazlowe.

In Ratchet he took to one thing all his Darkspear kin were keen at, fishing. Blackmouths sold well but eventually he heard of the freshwater, Deviate Fish, which was coveted by many. His skills in the wild along with Jang'ai ever watching gaze help him deal with the vile Centaurs who stalk those murky osais'. Selling deviate fish has worked out well for the old fisherman and he often sends money to his daughter in Undercity though little else is ever said between them.

Recently... Edit

Longtusk Fish Co. Edit

Lokarn, the "Sales Associate" of the newly founded Longtusk Fish Co., doing whatever it is he does - on the clock of course.

Yeril'jaa has prospered enough to start his new venture, Longtusk Fish Co. and employ the orc peon, Lokarn (not that peons cost much) to watch the Auction House of Orgrimmar and sell his prized deviates while the troll is out looking for the next big catch. The company specializes in Deviate Fish but deals with a handful of minor other fish including Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper.

The fishmonger keeps his catch fresh in an ingenious manner. Rather than travel back and forth to the Orc captial to meet Lokarn, Yeri can keep his fish frozen in a most useful enchanted bag. The workings of a skilled mage have manged to weave a miniture yet durable frost nova spell into the bag. When full he can simply send the frosty sack back to his associate via air mail. Every so often it has to be recharged but it is worth it's full burden in gold for letting the angler travel far and wide not worrying about his fish spoiling.

Besides the bag, Yeri has also been working with close friend and engineer, Fizzlo a goblin who often supplies his wares for Gagsprocket in Ratchet. Fizzlo has been brought into the company as "Aquatic Apparatus Engineer", a self proclaimed title. More or less he is tasked with maintence, production, procurement and exploration of all items related to fishing and engeering, including items like the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor, advanced reels and more aerodynamic bobbers. Being in Ratchet he also is able to keep the Blackmouth stock up when he finds the time. Somehow he still manages to blow things up however.

A Guildless Guild Edit

Yeri has joined a guild, for lack of better words, of outcasts. Most of its members are fairly similar to him in views - neutral in many cases. Brightleaf Brigade is this group and it is lead by an odd couple, Te'Nala the Blood Elf and Tomahna the Tauren. Since joining with the motely crew Yeri has taken up writing after he fished up a strange old journal from the shores of Ratchet. You can find the troll's scrawlings here. He also credits the guild for giving him the will to get out and see more of the world, letting Lokarn and Fizzlo run Longtusk Fish Co. in his stead.

Weary Companion Edit

As the days pass it has come more and more apparent to the old hunter that his trusted guardian (translation of Jang'ai in Zandali) grows weary of the hunt. Yeri has bagan easing Jang'ai into retirement by leaving her with his friend Shoja'my the stable master in Razor Hill. The Tiger is a true friend to him and has been with him since he was a young troll back on Darkspear Island. He would not care to see her die by a sloppy mistake brought on by her own old age. Though it saddens him to leave her behind, he knows it is for the best.

Sulfeugo, or Flamelash in common, is Yeri's new companion. The Southern Barrens hyena is young and feisty - he has a long way of training ahead of him. Suited better for the arid climate of the Barrens and Thousand Needles, Sulfeugo should make a usefull addition to the trolls latest endevors. But, and for a troll of Yeri's occupation this is a big but, hyenas do not eat fish... what cruel irony.

An Overdue ReuinionEdit

Another interesting event is that Jan'diyah has recently had contact with her Yeri. Yeril'jaa was overjoyed to finnaly see her again. Her father than mentioned the Brightleaf Brigade and seeing as she was not affiliated with any other guild type organization invited her to run with them. She has reluctantly excepted, better to have friends in her travels than noone at all and of course they cold alway use a mage of her skill.

Coincidentally, Yeri's goblin friend Fizzlo, who took care of engineering supplies for Longtusk Fish Co., happened to blow his arm off along with half of his workshop. The angler troll, hearing his daughter was an avid engineer as well, alluded to perhaps Jan'diyah working for him on the side - her studies of magic coming first of course.

Don't worry about Fizzlo however. A healer was not far off, though the limb could not be reattached as it was in a dozen pieces scattered in the sands of Ratchet, he survived. He is now, much to his disdain, working with a gnome to craft a replacement arm.

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