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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Like many others, I have a plethora of expansion ideas. The expansions are listed by what I feel should be the order of release. On a side note, if all Expansions are released, there will be 27 tier sets and a level cap of 150.

Emerald DreamEdit

Working TitlesEdit

  • Into the Dream
  • Fall of Arcadia (Related to lore)

Story and BackgroundEdit

The Emerald dream was once a land were only the worthy may enter. A pristine paradise where the land was unsullied. But in recent years, the dream has suffered growing corruption, and the leader of the green dragon flight,Ysera, has been investigating the source of the corrutpion for years on end. And her search is almost over.

A malevolent force is spreading nightmare with the ambition of fully corrupting and taking control of the Emerald Dream. He originally planed to corrupt all of the dream slowly, but with the resistance of the green dragonflight as well as the dreams inhabitants, his patience has begun to run thin. With much planning, he finally figured out a way to carry out his evil deeds. In order to corrupt the dream as a whole, he needed to go straight to the dream's power source, the great tree Arcadia.

I cannot come up with there st of the story, but that is the basic jist of of the expansion pack's story. Also, on a side note, the return of Malfurion Stormrage will also prompt an event related to the main story line. Fandral Staghelm will have his pride get the better of him as he becomes corrupt trying to solve the problem in Arcadia himself. He may either be part of a 5-man, a boss in a 25-man, Part of the Arcadia raid. In his absence as Arch-druid, Malfurion will resume his former duties.

New Game FeaturesEdit

New racesEdit


The Alliance will get the high elves to help their fight against the forces of the corruption. They are essentially Blood Elves with a lesser emphasis on magic. High elves can be either a Warrior (which was previously unavailable with their blood elven counterparts), Rogue, Hunter, Paladin, The new Soldier class, and Priests. I have not come up with any racials for this new race, but some may include: Magical Rejection: Which increases resistances to all schools of magic by 5, Slight of hands: When activated, increases your attack speed by 50% for 10sec. I can't think of any more racials at the moment. Their racial capital and well as their starting areas my include a chain of islands off the coast of dustwallow or a new island nation off the coast of Tirisfal Glades.


The Horde will get the Pandaren who somewhat fit into the druidic aspect of the expansion. They have improved strength and defense, which makes them good for combat classes, and also seem appropriate for some nature based caster classes. The pandaren can either be a Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Priest, the new Monk class, and Rogues. Racials may include: Alcoholic Tolerance: Recovers health when drinking alcoholic beverages. The higher the level, the greater the amount of health recovered, Volatile breath: Belches a line of fire causing XX-YY damage. Healthy Diet: Increases the amount of health recovered through eating. Their capital may be either a small island nation of Padaria or another settlement off the coast of Durotar.

The Neutral factionEdit

This faction will offer a unique pvp experiance to those who decide to play the any of the 4 races in the Neutral faction. Though I have not come up with four races, but I have come up with a few. These races include: Goblins, and a new race to WarCraft lore Dire Elves. EDIT: Ogres?

The Affiliation SystemEdit

This system will help determan a neutral race's place in pvp. It works essentially like this: The player will start out with neutral on all 6 capital cities in the Horde/Alliance. When a palyer does a quest for one city on the H/A, rep from a city pf the opposite faction will decrease, while the one increases. Like the Scryers and Aldor. The rep distibution willl go something like this:

  • Stormwind <=====> Undercity |
  • Ogrimmar/Darkspear <=====> Ironforge/Gnomregan |
  • Darnuasses <=====> Thunder Bluff |
  • Exodar <=====> Silvermoon |
  • New Silvermoon <=====> Pandopolis |

In towns, if that town is affiliated with a certain city (Example: Goldshire is to Stormwind as Bloodhoof Village is to Thunderbluff) and you are not in good terms with the city, the town's inhabitants will attack. Same thing goes for battlegrounds (Example: Silverwing-Darnausses Warsong-Orgimmar). This system can also be implemented to Alliance and Horde characters. If that does happen, then each city may offer pvp rewards instead of each faction.

Three new base ClassesEdit


The Soldier class is another Hybrid class consisting of a warrior/hunter fusion. It will have most of the warrior's combat melee abilities, as for the the hunter side, they will only consist of the ranged attacks, thus dropping most of the beast-like aspects of the hunter. The can only wear leather (unless they up grade to mail through a talent), and can use shields, can only learn all of the one handed weapons (unless they upgrade through talent), use rage like the warrior, and have the hunter's auto shot ability. Soldier abilities also have a few new traits. Like the rogues vanish and (Formerly) Blind, some of the Soldiers skills will require reagents called gadgets. Gadgets will used in the more technical moves of the soldier like a grappling hook for the move Hook shot, an all purpose claymore mine for the move Flash Trap, and a gadget spring the move Spring step, which enables the follow up: Plunge. Which brings us to the next aspect. Most reaction moves require the move to follow a dodge, a parry, or block. Some of the moves the Solider has in fact reaction move, but work differently. Instead of these moves following a dodge, block, etc, these moves must follow moves the soldier does. Simply put, the solder does a simple low damaging move (or something of the like) and follows it up with a more effective move. the only set back to this is that it requires A LOT of rage to successfully pull off.

Talents and SkillsEdit
Combat MasteryEdit

Essentially consists of skill and abilities that change the situation of the fight. Simply put, the skill have abilites to put emeies at a distance (to ultimately use the ranged abilites), or close distance between the target and the soldier (for melee abilities). This tree will essentially replace the pet aspect of the hunter. This class may be the only one that has moves that give a knockback effect. This tree could be useful in pvp. Examples include:

  • Powerful Blow- (Requires Shields)Sends the target flying at a distance of 5-15 yards. As the target lands they will be stunned for 5 seconds. (Cool Down 2 mins)
  • Hook shot- (Requires Grappling hook (Obtained at a special vendor for the soldier)) Causes 5-7 damage, and brings the enemy within striking distance. (Cool down 30 secs)
  • Concussion- Strikes the enemy with harsh blow, causing 10 secs of confusion and puts the soldier out of combat. (Cool Down 5 mins)

Like what the name implies, it focuses on the Soldier's ranged moves. This tree has a skill that debuffs and crowd controls like most of the hunter's moves, and is even more useful when the soldier specializes it. When spec'd The trees offers ways to increase distance between you and the enemy. Examples include:

  • Aim: Weapon- Aims at the target weapon, disarming it for 5 seconds. (30 sec cool down)
  • Piercing Shot- Shots a shot at the target causing 23-34 damage and bouncing off and hitting 1-2 additional targets
  • Aim: Vitals- Aims for the targets vital organs, causing up 5 seconds on incapacitation.
Hand to HandEdit

This tree puts more emphasis of melee moves and attacks. This tree houses a slough of damaging and tanking moves. Specing this tree can increase your tanking skill by upgrading your armour form leather to mail, and improve your weapon proficiencies by allowing you to learn two-handed items ( you will still have to visit a weapons master though. Examples include:

  • Violent Swing:(Requires two handed weapon)(Talent Only) Swings your weapon, casing XX damage to all nearby enemies (Improved Violent swing has a chance to stun)
  • Heel Break: Slows the enemy down by 50% for 5 secs
  • Swing roll: damages the enemy for XX damage, and rolls you to the back of the enemy for a follow up. Back Slice: (Must follow Swing Roll) damages enemy for and extra XXX damage


The Monk class is a special class that utilizes both strength and agility, and uses energy to power their various martial art themed skills. Where monks lack i the field of defense, they make up for it with their strength and their relentless unforgiving blows, thanks to their mastery of fist weapons and unarmed combat. Like mentioned before, monks have a mastery of fist weapon oriented combat, as well as unarmed combat. This gives way to the monks unique style of fighting. At level 10, they will learn a passive skill that increases their unarmed damage by a significant percentage, thus giving way to another new system of combat. Some moves the monk implements will intentionally disarm the monk for a certain amount of time. While disarmed, the monk can use the moves that require him/her to be unarmed. Though you can intentionally unequip your weapon for the purpose of using these special moves all the time, it will restrict you disabling moves that DO require a weapon to be equipped. To fully utilize all the monk's skills, one needs to master the technique on intentionally disarming themselves.

Talents and SkillsEdit
Marital ArtsEdit

This tree of the monk's skills will focus on the monks ability in unarmed combat. Essentially, this tree will consist of moves that will intentionally and temporarily disarm the monk as well as move the monk can do while unarmed. I have not come up with its uses as a talent tree, but I'm speculating it can be used as a tanking spec. Examples of skills include:

  • Stowe Weapon- Temporarily disarms the monk for 10 secs
  • Flurry of Fists(Must be unarmed)- Increases attack speed and damage while unarmed when activated. Lasts 10 secs
  • Pressure Point(must be unarmed)- Causes XXX-YYY damage.

This tree makes use of the monk's abilities in weapons. The skills from this tree offer vast amounts of dps but will require a weapon on hand to use. As stated previously, This tree, when spec'd, this will offer a dps roll for those who choose to go down this path. Examples of this tree include:

  • Dragon Fang- Strikes the Enemy, causing Weapon damage plus XXX-YYY damage.
  • Toss (highly unlikely that this move will be implemented)- The monk hastily rummages through his/her bags finding a random "gray" item and tossing it at the enemy, causing damage. the higher level the item, the more damage it causes.
  • Weapon Break- Strikes the enemy's weapon with great force causing it it break and disarm the enemy.


New Hero ClassesEdit

I will not get into the hero class ideas until the actual hero class system is implemented.

Class based reputationsEdit

Like Ravenholdt Manor, there will be new class based reputations with each base class. Each faction will give each character of that class a special edge of that class if they fare well with reputation. Exaulted standing will obviously lead to the classe's epic or even legendary armour and weapon quests. There is also a vendor that sells spells that give players of that class a special edge compared to those who are at a lower reputation standing with their corresponding faction. I have only thought of factions for the base classes, the hero classes may have their own faction, but that may also complicate things.

High Seas/NazjatarEdit

Working TitlesEdit

  • Fury of the Maelstorm
  • Eye of Nazjatar

The Elemental PlaneEdit

Working TitlesEdit

  • Throne of Elements (Unlikely as there is an area in WoW that is named that)
  • Vice of Elements

Azeroth in the PastEdit

Working TitlesEdit

  • Rise of Archeaus (Related to Lore and the Infinite Dragonflight. Essentially, their Patriarch and the one behind the dragon flights plans in the caverns of time.)
  • The Return of Aizen (The Man that was defeated in the events of Arcadia, see the Emerald Dream expansion above)

Both people mentioned above will have a hand in the lore and the corruption of the timeways, but only one will be the main antagonist.

Lands beyond the Eastern Kingdoms/KalimdorEdit

Working TitlesEdit

  • At World's End (Possible Copyright infringement)

The World Beyond Azeroth/Extraterrestrial WorldsEdit

The Twisting NetherEdit

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