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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The enigmatic mother Goddess of the equally mysterious Order of the Viperian, is regarded by many as a being of malicious intent, though her Viperian followers speak to the contrary. To her servants and their allies, She is is a kind and protective entity, seeking to return to the physical plane to rule over her devoted "children" and the world, itself.

The Nature of Ko'zhe Edit

Many have tried to understand what exactly Ko'zhe is. Is she a more primal version of the Earthmother? Is she a demon? Is she an ancestor spirit? Does she exist at all? Only the Masters of the Viperian know with any degree of certainty, but the former Night Elf, Annoroth, was the first one outside the Order to understand fully that Ko'zhe was none of the above. Instead, the warlock claimed, Ko'zhe is one of the Old Gods.

In retort, Kodar revealed the true identity of Ko'zhe to his followers, in person, and in his writings, claiming:

"Ko'zhe is not only not the Earthmother, She is what many believe the Earthmother opposes: Ko'zhe... is an Old God. This is why the Four Virtuous Dragonflights are our enemy, this is why even my powers do not work within the Cathedral of Stormwind, this is why the Circle hates us - though they do not know it.

Make no mistake, my kin, Ko'zhe is not an Old God in the manner of C'thun. Therazane the Stonemother was chief among her servants before the damnable Titans came, this is why She appears motherly and kind to us, her Blessed Children, though it would not be wise to bring about her wrath.

Such as She is an Old God, she is imprisoned deep within the Earth. This is how I discovered her nature as an Old God. My former Master, Rokuto, explained that each Master was to make a pilgrimage to Jaguero Isle, though he refused to explain why. When I went, Ko'zhe revealed her prison to me. I knew then she was an Old God, like C'thun the Twisted, but I found I loved her all the more for it!

She was one who could choose dominion over love, hate over compassion, lordship over kinship, and yet, she chose the latter in all three. My birth mother abandoned me as a child, the Earthmother failed to hear my call, but Ko'zhe... Ko'zhe IS my mother, just as she is yours. Rejoice in her dark majesty!

The Serpent shall RISE!

Thus is our warcry, thus is our mandate. The Serpent will rise does not indicate our Order coming to prominence - as I used to believe - no, it is a warning to our enemies and allies alike. It is the herald of our Glorious Darkmother's return to claim Azeroth for herself."

None of Kodar's followers denounced Ko'zhe at this revelation...

Prophecy of the Dark Child Edit

Sorrek the Wise, the first true Child of Ko'zhe, and literally born of Her spirit, spoke these words only moments before his death:

"There will come a time when the Darkmother's Soul will inhabit a Vessel forged for Her. The Dark Child will be born of the Blood of the Viperian, the Womb of the Sapphire, and will be the Vessel of Ko'zhe. The Dark Child will bring about ten thousand years of Viperian rule under Ko'zhe herself. The Elemental Lords will be freed, and the world will once more bow before the Oldest of the Old..."

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