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General Info Edit

Name: Draisha (no clan, no last name earned)
Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel (US)
Race: Half-Orc
Age: 22
Class: Shaman
Professions: Skinning 300 / Herbalism 300
Guild: (None)
Talents: 30/0/21 (almost there!)

This character is inactive.

Physical Description: Her blood thinned by her Human parentage, Draisha appears smaller than the average female. Other Orcs tend to perceive her build as slightly frail and her face as lacking an Orc's noble character. Her eyes are pale blue and her hair messy, mousy brown.

Personality Description: Draisha considers herself an Orc and acts accordingly, carrying herself with strength and honor. She is loyal, to a fault, to the new Horde and Thrall's vision. Though her connection to the elements and the spirits is tenuous, she has fought hard to become a shaman and to help where she can.

Bio Edit

Draisha was raised by an elderly female Orc whom Draisha called "Grandmother", though she never learned if she was actually a blood relative. Her grandmother taught her to follow a spiritual path, passing on the lore and knowledge she knew Draisha would one day need. When her grandmother passed away, Draisha left her Barrens home and set out to become a shaman.

Draisha was never told much about her parentage, her grandmother preferring not to talk about it. She always assumed she was the daughter of her grandmother's son, a hunter who was lost while the girl was still young. However, recent developments with the elder Stormreaver Warlock Juralek have raised new questions...

Most recently, Draisha has learned through the Bronze Dragon known as Chromie that time has been somehow altered for her. Events that were once long past have happened all over again, with different results. Some friends are missing while all new ones seem to know her well. The Half-Orc speaks of this to no one, but struggles to understand what has taken place.

Notable Names Edit

  • Hrash, another Orc shaman with whom she has a temptestuous love/hate relationship. Since the slip in time, he has been missing, a fact which has left Draisha curiously upset.
  • Castiza, a Forsaken priestess and former nun, still devoted to the Light.
  • Warde, a Forsaken warrior, possibly insane and/or untrustworthy, but he and Draisha have fought battles together.

Gossip Edit

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