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HordeNPC 32Dmitry
Dmitrius Siphiro
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Character class Mage
Position poetry, fashion designing, spying.
Location Sisters of Elune
Status Alive
Relative(s) His brother whom is presumed dead

Lord Dmitrius Siphiro Edit

Dmitrius is a Blood Elf Mage. He is an aristocrat, he owns four homes. Two of which are in the city of silvermoon one in Quel'thalas and his other in his 'retreat' in booty bay

Description Edit

He stands about 5'9 with a lean muscular build with peach skin. At one point in time, he was a passive outgoing person, never appearing to be too hostile or dangerous. A social butterfly and popular, his name was and still is famous to most, Mostly due to his poetry and his famous Tailoring designs.

He's a handsome man, even considered gorgeous. He has crimson hair spiked up giving him a manly attractive yet sensitive look to him. He has a small goatee which is kept trimmed. He's a very wealthy man, very polite and kind although with a horrible temper and ego which is exadurated to the extreme, he's indeed a very "finicky" elf. Some compare him to a cat for his clean and organized personality. What catches most attention is usually his passion for fashion sense.

Assertiveness usually comes across simply as up in your face and educated yet believing everyone is blinded by ignorance. Confused by the nature of his people and the walls they build. Turned off by affection, yet obsessively if not compulsively seeking it. Although little is known about this elvens personal life, other than men hold a slightly higher place in his heart than women. And how he is usually in and out of relationships, Where most claim he is 'promiscuous' He is rather open about his relationships although they tend to not last. It's an enigma to why 'love' seems to not enjoy staying to long.

Personality Edit

Dmitrius is finicky, very organized and tends to be a little OCD about his wears. He'd stop in the midst of battle simply to wipe off some ash or clean off some blood from his high class attire or armor. Formal and polite he tends to have a large ego which he believes he deserves to have. Looking down upon those less fortunate and whom beg him for money, he comes across rather anal at most. But with what he had gone through he has reason to be. Most speak of him as a gentle peaceful man, which is mostly true but to an extent. He is rather complicated and most claim that he is also unpredictable. It is nearly impossible to know what is going through his mind, although it seems only few tend to grasp what he thinks. Most would be his loyal friends, however he appreciates his friends and truly cares for them. He wouldn't be surprised if one were to backstab him, besides he see's friends as: Allies who haven't screwed you over yet.

History Edit

Dmitrius was born in ashenvale during the escape of the Third War. It was his mother, his father and his grandfather whom were residing in a cave that they had claimed as a home which was in western ashenvale. Living there for four years and as they had no news of the war. Alinisia dmitry's mother had gotten pregnant with her second child, 9 months passing 2 weeks before the baby was due, they had decided it was time to move along. Living as refugees they had travelled north towards darkshore in search for a new home and perhaps allies. However they were ambushed by none other than the night elves. They had them captive in a prison ontop of teldrassil. Weeks passed without eating anything but left over boar, it was time that the baby had decided to come out. Alinisia was removed from the cell and murdered, the child thrown off of the tree. Dmitry's father Tyrus filled with fury and attempted to attack, however he only met blade. Seeing this as an opportunity Cretu Siphiro had attempted his escape runnning passed the guards, Dmitry had followed and both had jumped off of teldrassil landing in the roaring oceans below. Swimming to safety they had heard a tortured cry. Miraculously the child survived and was on a pile of leaves that was the height of the tree's trunk. Cretu took both children and hijacked one of the nearby boats. Two days passing and finally reaching darkshore they had travelled south to durotar, Cretu had stolen a rune of portals and ported to silvermoon city only to see it left in wasteland and bloodshed. They travelled through Quel'thalas back to what once was their home. The next morning Cretu had died, out of old age? Dmitry doesn't know but he assumes it may have been out of anxiety. Falling into what felt as a deep depression, until he encountered "Kael'thas" "Sunstrider" And his band of "blood elves". Having no other choice but joining them for survival Kael had taken dmitry's brother into his own care. Naming him Daspien. Silvermoon slowly became restored when Dmitry had a chit chat conversation with Ambassador Kelemar who proposed he shall work for the magisters. Living in an orphanage for most of his life, he had his first lover by the age of fourteen. His lover the age of thirty five. Meaningless how they had met however Dmitry had been provided with the utmost fashionable wears, when he found his calling to create his own clothing. His brother was an assasin who worked under Kael'thas. However by the age of twenty three his brother had disapeared for reasons unknown. Leaving silvermoon city, never to have been heard from again. Believing that kael'thas was to blame for his brothers death, he has vowed to destroy him at all costs. a couple years had passed when dmitry had met a man by the name of kalenis. Using his gift of charm he had Kalenis' heart in a matter of minutes, and they had been lovers for a while. However encounters had occured with a wild ride of obstacles. ((Will post a story up on fanfiction :D)) Having exalted status with his own race, darkspear trolls Forsaken and many forces of the horde he recieved the title of Lord or Sire. Having right to slay in the city of silvermoon most have found him rather interesting, confident none the less. Recently he has caught interest with the Convocation and the EiA rather intrigued he tends to learn more of the two governements day by day. Every year, towards valentines day he is seen wandering the city of silvermoon selling poetry if not he would be seen chatting up a storm, either way. Dmitry is someone that is most commonly known within his community and not easy to simply ignore.

My Diary ((Level 1-20)) Edit

((OOCly: This is Dmitry's Diary of his adventures, discoveries and personal situations. None of this should be known IC))

Curious I guess. To see how putrid Tranquillien was and all. I mean come on- Lucky for me I haven't gone completely insane yet. And that reminds me, of that bastard who claimed to be my teacher. He told me that I was good and prepared and possibly soon to be the most successful mage this era. Well damn right, I mean first of all- I'm magnificant and majestic. Superior and Aristocratic- however I'm damn glad that I'm finally on my own. Still slightly worried though, Daspien hasn't shown up and it's rumored he would be here. In the ghostlands. Perhaps he's dead. Oh by the nether- I'll murder kael'thas sunstrider. I'll fucking hunt him down and kill him if it's his fault my brother is dead.

Well I can have the least excitement for my journies. Travelling back to Ashenvale. They've done much- Just recently preciding a good base. Or maybe it was there before. I don't know but it makes me all the more mad. My family's death and yet there was a base for safety all this time. It's just bullshit. I am begining to hold a strong grudge towards this horde. I see myself to be more appealing to the alliance. Why wouldn't I have been born a human. *sighs as he writes* No that's bullshit ofcourse I wouldn't have been born a human. I'm a blood elf- what more could I want?

I've come to a liking of the forsaken, comedians they are. They make me laugh and I'm getting slightly fond of Rath. He's an asshole as a whole but I don't seem to understand why he is yet to hate or avoid me? He's probably my best friend. I feel like writing a poem. I suppose I shall.

I made a good friend aswell. Her name is Elvera, she's really obnoxious and funny- she makes me realize that beyond the situation were in there's still a capability to be happy. Even though she is a noble. I don't care if I'm judged for it but I consider her my friend.


My Diary ((Level 20-35)) Edit

Gah I hate the humans. I've gotten a rather liking to being here in the arathi highlands. I mean- It's green, it's got raptors but I hate trolls. I do- And I suppose I always will. I have yet to meet a decent troll and yet to meet a decent orc.

I get such a sense of joy when I kill them. I've also met death and welcomed it right when I saw one of the kal'dorei in the battlegrounds of Arathi basin. I especially enjoy killing them and lucky for me the horde is loyal as I am to it. Enough of us to kill all of them. Serves them right for what they did to my mother. However I have been reminding myself to focus on what more important task is at hand. Slaying Kael'thas. I must- I need to. That bastard is the reason my brother is dead and Just because he is sun king gives me no reason to stop my attempt to getting to outland to find him.

I dont' trust him- and I am one of the few. Rumor has been spreading around Silvermoon like a sore cold. I've also been getting rather popular, perhaps it's to my benefit or perhaps not. I'm not too sure but either way, Being around others is a good thing in my eyes. I enjoy the attention- Why shouldn't I?

I also heard of a famous asshole. He goes by Mirson- I don't recall his last name but he is not egotistical yet annoys people. I haven't met him first hand- but perhaps he has his reason to be. I admire him- and if I meet him I'll simply compliment him as he attempts to insult me. I'll be prepared.


My Diary ((Level 35-40))Edit

Elvera has disapeared from the public eye- I'm not sure where she's gone. Perhaps Booty Bay, I've also been seeing someone. His name's Sashian, he's very handsome and we've kissed..don't know why I'm bothering to write this down. I don't think I'd wish to remember that. nothing good can come from this love- But regardless of all the pain that love can bring I feel like taking that risk- perhaps it's for him. Yet.. I am also being intrigued by another, his name or so he claims his name to be Kalenis. But those are private personal matters I dont' wish to recall on.

I guess life is being a large surprise and bringing things I could never have predicted with it. Whatever the case I'm glad I have this to put my thoughts in. Hopefully it won't be publicall humiliated. The book- not me.


My Diary ((Level 39-45))Edit

His name is Cynadrion Caremyr. So he claims it to be. I don't really know who he thinks he is but he threw some interesting accusations about Kael'thas. I don't know if I should write them down but they were pretty nausiating. Personlly I don't believe fel magics should be legal. I'm quite aware that they aren't. But still- I've also just realized that my ignorance has been following me. How can I be so blind to not question what acts are going on in this very city?

Perhaps I should focus alot more on the politics. The Convocation for far I suppose. I haven't gotten to going to a meeting yet but I will soon. I hope they aren't all attempting to be pompous and arrogant. They have no true reason to be. I do. Meh it'll probably be excruciatingly boring and pointless. I'm starting to feel some elightened Entertainment and start scaring people by spreading the word that Kael'thas is betraying us.

I didn't just write that- I'm too lazy to erase it now *sighs* Whatever, I'll head to bed and perhaps learn what I can tomorrow


-- I stopped adding to the diary because people were using this in RP. I don't plan on deleting what I've written though- if you wish to learn more ask during IC convo's. Thanks :) --

Out of Character Information Edit

  • Assume Dmitry is Roleplaying unless otherwise noted with Out of Character brackets, or a previous warning or he claims to be "Overtired" =P

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