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Welcome to "LIMITED EDITION TWINKING"!! Here you will find everything you need to know about twinking! This guide mostly focuses on Horde Tactics but also has some tactics and secrets that the Alliance can use as well! This guide has been created for you by many elite level 19 twinks in one of the best level 19 twink guilds on the Tortheldrin Server! "LIMITED EDITION"! We are always looking for experienced 19 Twinks as well as up and coming 19 Twinks that are looking for a really good level 19 Twink Guild !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Lets Get Started!!!! =D

What Is A Twink Edit

A Twink is a character who strives to get the best gear possible, by getting uncommon, rare, Epic, and heirloom items, to dominate in PVP Events! These events can normally are Battlegrounds but can also include Arena Skirmishes, Duals, and other cool little things! To do this costs tons and tons of money and time so if you are a big saver and can't spend big bulks of money, twinking isn't for you. But if you dont mind spending anywhere from 500g - 5,000g or even more to get a ultimate killing machine then twinking is for You!!!

Funding Your Twink Edit

The first thing you need to decide is how you will fund you twink. It is recomended to have at least a level 40+ but is much easier to do it if you have a 60+. In order to fund your twink you can do multiple things! The normal method is to have your main raise the money from farming mobs, running instances, professions, or whatever you do to get gold. There are also other ways in which you can make gold to fund your twink as well such as, scamming, or buying gold. These techniques are disliked by many players (and are illegal) but it can get the job done if you are okay with these techniques.

Choosing A Class Edit

Choosing a class for your Twink can be the hardest part! Now people may say that a hunter is the best, or a rogue is the best! I tell you this from experience, any class can beat any class when it comes to twinking in the 10-19 bracket or 20-29 bracket! What determines who is a better twink all comes down to your gear, skill, and stratagy! When it comes to those 3 things any class can beat any class no matter what anyone says. I know a priest who beats all rogues and hunters that come his way and he's wearing cloth! but it dosn't matter. 1-on-1 it's anyone's game! So after saying that, I want to move on to what will help you decide your class! You need to pick something you will have fun playing because you don't want to put a ton of gold into a twink and then just have it sit there because you don't have fun playing him. Second, you need to choose what you want to do during your PvP experiences: do you want to be the killer or do you want to be the healer? Do you want to be on offense or defense. Do you want to be a flag carrier or a flag killer? It all comes down to you class. Check out some of the features I have listed below for each class:



  • Rogues do maximum damage very quickly
  • Rogues make good flag carriers because of their sprint ability
  • Rogues have stealth ability which is great in general
  • Rogues are the only class in the 10-19 bracket that can use dual wield


  • With the release of WotLK rogues saw a massive decrease in their dodge abilities, which means that much more skill is involved playing them now than in previous expansions.
  • Rogues now need to balance themselves with +hit enchants which can reduce their overall attack power and dodge further, although they allow the rogue to hit other dodging classes 9most notably other rogues and hunters) more often.



  • Hunters get pets so if they need to flee from a melee twink they can continue to inflict damage
  • Hunters have many slowing effects making them great for slowing down flag carriers
  • Hunters can track both humanoids and beasts at level 19, which means they can track all other players (except invisible rogues) including druids in an animal form in pvp.
  • Hunters can use Eyes of the Beast which allows then to find FC who are hiding or to look inside the enemies base without putting themselves in harms way
  • Hunters are a mainly ranged class which allows them to have an upperhand on melee enemies such has rogues, warriors, and paladins.
  • Hunters have aspect of the beast which gives them a speed boost (although they are instantly stunned if hit while the aspect is active) of 30%.


  • Hunters are dependent upon a couple of things: mana, line of sight and hit points. If any of these are missing, then the hunter has lost a major advantage.



  • Have many instant heal spells which allows them to heal themselves quickly while continuing to inflict damage
  • Long survival rate because of healing powers
  • Can run the flag because of their heals but are vulnerable to attacks from the very beginning due to cloth armour
  • Have Good buffs


  • Priests have mana shortage difficulties and even the best prepared priest needs to balance their spells in order to not waste their mana pool. Also, an increase in mana via enchants generally means a decrease in the priest's overall spellpower.
  • Priests are especially vulnerable to stuns and slowing effects and because of their incredible healing capabilities they are often the first class to be slowed, stopped, stunned, polymorphed or otherwise incapacitated.



  • Wear mail armor which results in a lot of HP normally
  • Can heal themselves and others
  • Do decent damage
  • Have Bubble
  • Can cast hand of freedom on themselves or others, giving freedom of movement until it either wears off or is dispelled.


  • Paladins have few speed increases other than potions and a foot enchant (both of which are also available to other classes), which can make it difficult to compete with other classes unless the pally can get into melee range.



  • Druids have the ability to change into different animal forms
  • Druids have Bear form in the 10-19 bracket which give them great tanking skills due to extra stamina and armor also allowing them to be great Flag Carriers
  • Druids have healing abilities
  • Druids can use Entangle Roots spell to stop a fleeing enemy or Flag carrier in his place


  • Although druids are top flag carriers and can help with heals, it is difficult for a druid to do offensive damage, although not impossible.
  • Druids are vulnerable to shadow spells and fear, most notably from warlocks and priests, although hunters can also use "scare beast" to cause them to run away as well in animal form.



  • Warriors last a very long time in battle due to their tanking skills, HP, and Armor
  • Warriors use rage which gives you more abilities as the fight goes on compared to mana or energy where it goes down
  • Warriors are good flag carriers cause they are really hard to kill
  • Warriors can fight big groups at people at once


  • It is very easy for a hunter to kite a warrior, especially 1v1, which means that the warrior should stay near their healer at all times.
  • Once the warrior at level 19 is engaged, they no longer have a charge ability, which is their initial run and stun that instantaneously brings them to within melee range of their target. This means that a warrior already engaged with a hunter that is out of range will find it difficult to get back into range.
  • Warriors with some degree of skill can fight rogues, however, their overall damage output is generally less than what a rogue is able to generate.



  • Warlocks can summon Minions to fight for them
  • Warlocks use the Fear spell to cause enemies to flee
  • Warlocks have many curses to cause lots of damage as an enemy runs
  • Warlocks have many instant spells for if you are fleeing
  • Warlocks with high spellpower are able to inflict incredible amounts of damage due to their instant cast spells.


  • A single potion - potion of shadow protection - at level 19 can effectively stop all damage from a warlock for up to 2 minutes at a time.
  • Some abilities require the warlock to use a soul shard (such as summoning their demon pets), which means they have to prepare and have the shards

before they begin the match.



  • Mages have freeze abilities to slow the enemy down
  • Mages have good Buffs
  • Mages do lots of casting damage
  • Mages can use the Blink spell for fleeing from an enemy (in the 29s bracket, but not the 19s)


  • Mages are also dependent upon their mana in the same fashion as priests.
  • Although mages have superior slowing and snaring abilities at level 19, they do not have the same ranged damage capabilities that hunters do and neither do they have the same damage capabilities at close range as a rogue.

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