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CombatMob 32Darsol Shadowstar
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Rogue
Affiliation Alliance
Position Lieutenant of the Stormwind City Watch
Location Unknown
Status Alive, killable (Patch 2.4)
Relative(s) Cousin: Sean Shadowstar

Description Edit

Darsol is a tall male Human. He has black hair and has a very muscular build. He looks quite threatening. He will usually be seen smoking a cigar. His face is beginning to show age, and wrinkles are forming.

History Edit

Darsol was born in Lakeshire. He moved to Stormwind after living for a time with his uncle in Elwynn. Eventually, he came upon the City Watch, and, after being unable to get any work elsewhere, relucantantly joined. He has risen to the rank of Lieutenant and is a figure well recognised in Stormwind.

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