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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Forgotten Rifts Edit

This is actually more of a patch idea than anything. It will open an island off the coast of eastern kingdoms, and you can teleport there via Dalaran portal area.

Long ago, the titans had created rifts that embodied pure magic upon a magical oasis known as "Kal'dathas" to the grand elven empire of the Starbourne. Much as how the Quel'dorei had used the sunwell to stabilize their magical needs, the Starbourne have used the massive and eternal ley energies to subdue their hunger. Under the rule of King Tethris Starsear, the Starbourne have harnessed the magical properties of their land and trained powerful mages and sorcerers using the concentrated energy. They named their dynasty of spellbinders "The Ley Guardians" They appointed the guardians' most powerful mage, Seil'thes Runeblood, as its master. Recently opening communications with Dalaran, Archmages were sent to the enchanted kingdom to explore its wonders and make diplomatic talks with the elves. They had then made a pact with them and allowed the Kirin Tor to use the ley line to practice their magics and teach there students. As a part of this pact, the elves also agreed to send troops to battle the forces of the Lich King. A proud but young warrior, Torthalis Starsear, was an uprising prince who was seeking to claim his father's throne. His father-king had sent him and his elites to claim the skull of a treacherous mage of the Kirin Tor who had joined the Lich King. Torthalis, who had been endlessly training to command the King's royal guard or "Stormblade" in battle, accepted happily and willingly for he was eager to fight a formidable enemy. Torthalis along with his right hand man, Anderas Voidbane, had fought the Scourge's forces long in to the night amongst the harsh cold of Icecrown, slaying countless reanimated horrors sent toward them. The plague had soon overcame the whole unit except for the prince and Anderas. They reluctantly killed them as their severed cries resounded through their consciences. They returned to Kal'dathas tired, shocked, void of hope, and beaten. They informed their commander of the defeat. Torthalis then asked to speak with his father. Once he reached the throne room, he begun to bicker with his father. The prince begun to mention the Starsear family's prized artifact known as the Storm Wyrm Figurine. This artifact possessed incomprehensible power however, brought about great consequences which Torthalis failed to regard. The Father told him of the great disaster that followed the last time the figurine's power was unleashed, which many do not wish to speak about due to its tragic outcomes. The prince then unsheathed his blade and struck down his father in a desperate rage. He then claimed the figurine and unchained the harnessed power it contained. A dark energy had dampened the air. Corrupting the subjects of the now deceased king. Irigus, Torthalis' brother, had resisted the corruption along with the inhabitants of the royal city know as Herasfall. Remaining loyal to the integrity of his father's kingdom, he would form and offensive. Banding an army of the kingdom's last guardians and Azeroth's bravest heroes, he seeks to bring seige to Torthalis' forces and prevent Kal'dathas' future from becoming shrouded in darkness.

Dialogue Edit

Upon entry, you may ask a Kirin Tor mage to show you what happened here.

Torthalis:Father.... I've come to tell you about the--


Torthalis:I suppose Derzeron had informed you prematurely.


Torthalis:You do not sound the least bit surprised let alone worried for my sake...for our sake.

Tethris:Why should I? I do not allow emotion to seep into my judgment. Of course I have remorse, consideration, and sorrow. Undoubtedly I was deeply saddened by your mother's passing. But she only wished for me to remain vigilant and strong in her dying words, no matter what. If I allowed my sorrows to overcome my thoughts and cloud my decisions, the sovereignty of my crown would be tarnished, blemishing our great dynasty,one that has always been known to rule with pride.

Torthalis:Sometimes such oaths must be broken to overcome an enemy who knows no morals, no sense of wrong or right; those who abhor any reason, logic, and rationality. Kingdoms consumed by such a beast lived by such standards of what they thought "upholds the integrity of their line". Such philosophy is flawed and archaic. Father, you hold the key to vanquishing the enemy to sentient and feral life alike. You can save our glorious kingdom.

Tethris:Have you gone mad, son? Think of what could happen! Last time this was unleashed it nearly wiped us out!

Torthalis:Nearly... we still remain here however. Perhaps a joke to prolong our inhabitance of ignorance and mistake. Sometimes dire situations call for a dire solutions. Such power was not made to rot, it was made to protect. If your reluctance turns to the demise of our existence then damn my soul to Argus.

Tethris:We have other options Torthalis! There is always another way!

Torthalis:Pity... I once thought you were wise... A deity of inquisition. Now I see your true colors. Corrupt and blind. I shall now clean the wound of our line. You forced me to do this.

Tethris:You seek to doom this empire, son. You will undo years of work. You do not know what you are doing!

New NPC Races Edit

Starbourne Elves: The soldiers that remained loyal to Torthalis were further corrupted by their newly granted power giving them and altered appearance to that of a more built wretched. The bulk of Torthalis new army, they seek to claim Torthalis' promised destiny.

Starfallen Elves: When the Figurine was first unleashed, these ancient heroes were corrupted. They were put to rest by the 5 titanic guardians as an effort by the pantheon to reestablish order to Kal'dathas. They have recently risen again to fight for Torthalis' cause.

Wrath Brutes: Protruding steel bones create a nearly impenetrable armor for these once vigilant soldiers. They have fang clad snarl and a brute like appearance. Their imposing appearance can strike fear into the greatest warriors

Vampiric Mage: The ancient mages have risen again with not just a hunger magic, but blood...

Death Giants: Not much is known about these giants other than their cunning tactics and great strength. They have risen to command the Starfallen and destroy anything that impedes their path.

The 5 Overwatchers: The 5 watchers created by the titans to over watch the grand ley line. These watchers consist of Yora the Lifeshaper, Korem the Stonebinder, Philosophis the Lore Master, Ergrin the Warbringer, and the Leader, Primordius. The titanic constructs were further corrupted by the figurine and now reside in the Palace, empowering Torthalis' army.

The Stormwing: I mysterious flight of dragons were summoned from the figurine's unleashing. They seem to serve Torthalis' willingly. Their scales are black as pitch, with a chillingly beautiful chromatic blue hue. They have an electrical aura that sparks at times around them.

New Instances Edit

Herasfall: A five man dungeon where you will command a unit of NPCs and Siege Vehicles. Consist of 6 dynamic boss encounters.

Star-Prince Areon: The final part of the beginning event where you and a group of NPCs will fight to the entrance of Herasfall.

Guardian of Herasfall: A titanic elven guardian. Although neutral, he is hostile to playes and his/her allies. You may use NPC aid on this fight. Summons vortexes and does shadow based abilities.

Akronos: After the beginning event, you will clear standard trash mob packs to reach the gate to the inner city, which is guarded by a arcane construct who denies your entry. A melee heavy encounter and occasional magic damage.

The next area will be very involved. Once you have gained entry, you will one of Torthalis' soldiers known as Noknus the Converter being overwhelmed by the scourge, eventually falling and returning as an undead monstrosity. His hatred was deep for the scourge, not even death will stop his terrible vengeance to end their existence. He will go into the city, converting the citizen holed up in their homes to his cause.

Once your party and unit enters the area, you can specify what they should do, as far as following you, using such and such ability, build structure, or command a vehicle. As far as structures are concerned, you may have an NPC build a structure where you can summon siege vehicles, summon soldiers, build guard turrets, upgrade vehicles, upgrade soldiers, and refugee camps.

Waves of scourge will attack your base in intervals, becoming progressively harder. There will be waves and til you rescue 40 refugees. If Noknus converts 40 before you, the event ends and you must start again. You can subdue Noknus, as once he reaches 1% he'll teleport away and enter the area again at another time, remaining "dead" for 2 minutes. Standard packs of Scourge will patrol the streets of the city. They usually stand on the most optimal paths. A group with good dps should consider taking these routes. Once you complete the inner event, waves of scourge will no longer spawn, however you will need to concentrate your forces to defeat a Bone Giant known as Fleshbane. He works similar to Brutallus. Once slain you will be able to kill Noknus at the gate of the Royal Sanctum. This time he will have more health and more potent abilities. This event is based on balance of your group and the NPC units. Based on your group set up you might one such and such casters, or such and such shieldman, etc. This creates flexibility for people seeking to do the dungeon.

Severis <Lord of Herasfall>: After the final trash waves, he will be standing at a balcony where he looks upon the city. This end boss will have an array of powerful abilities and will have a large health pool, making him a formidable foe. Upon his awakening, Torthalis manipulates him to his side and in turn his corruption follows. Severis: Beautiful Herasfall... what have THEY DONE?! Torthalis: The scourge lay waste to your city, Lord Severis. They sack and pillage the city you grew up in, loved cherished. Lay your eyes upon these vermin that lie before you, they lay waste to your council. They are no better than the mindless undead running rampant. They even aided them in the destruction of grand Herasfall. Severis: Anger and Rage builds uncontrollably inside me, these fools dare stand before me on my doorstep after destroying my kingdom. Prepare yourselves for a fate worse than death fools.

Scourgelord Vartrok: If Fleshbane is defeated quick enough, a door on the north wall will open, allowing access to Vartrok's layer. You will battle groups of his champions and risen constructions. Vartrok will be very difficult and he will drop high level epics. He will also drop a quest item that rewards items for each class.

Star Spire: The final point. The domain of the dark souled Torthalis. Here he sits atop his palace, awaiting anyone daring enough to dispute his rule.

Atroch the Guardian: An ancient death giant who will call upon the power of shadow, fire, and frost to stop you. Quotes:

Forgelord Mangroth: An Arcane giant which can forge a wide array of weapons from sinthorite and use them to his advantage.

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