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AllianceNPC 32Dannaver/Dannaver
|Image of Dannaver/Dannaver]]
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 39
Character class Druid
Affiliation The Westwind Bucccaneers, Cenarion Circle
Position Ex-Druid, Strong Arm
Location The Albacore, Darnassus
Status Alive
Relative(s) Ilthilor Moonwake (Father), Keina Moonwake (Mother), Driiha (Wife)
Mentor(s) Ilthilor Moonwake
Alignment Neutral

Dannaver Moonwake Edit


Dannaver likes to joke a lot, although when things are serious he will hold them back. When in charge, he goes by the rules. Although because of his latest predicament, he has been very quiet.


His cat form is very majestic. His fur is a deep, royal purple with markings on his shoulders in light blue. If you looked closely you would see he has scars on his front left leg, and his right hind leg. Normally he wears leather straps up his left front leg, and wears a leather collar. His eyes are an erie silver-green.

He has not been in his Night Elf form in several years, so even the people that knew him before his incident, wouldn’t quite remember what he looks like. But before his incedent he was a tall, 6’ 5” Night elf. His skin was a light purple, and he kept his Naturally long flowing hair in a short, neatly trimmed mohawk.

Biography Edit

Dannaver is currently with the The Westwind Bucccaneers. He serves as a Strongarm aboard [The Albacore].

Early DaysEdit

Please note that Dan would likely not tell anyone about his life unless he knew them very well, so don’t come to me knowing this info. Dannaver was born the first born son of Ilthilor and Keina Moonwake who later had two more daughters and another son. Ilthilor was a very well-known druid with the Cenarion Cirlce, and his mother was a Priestess of Elune. While his two sisters grew up to be sentinels and his brother an adventurer, Dan was the only one that had inherited their father’s druidic abilities.

After being a member of the Cenarion Circle for a a long time, Dan was sent to help out a draenei Vindicator named Driiha. The two fell in love immediately. After several years of seeing each other, Dan proposed, ignoring the words of his mother who did not want him to marry anyone except a Night Elf.

The TragedyEdit

All of this is still a W.I.P. so I'll be finishign this later.

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