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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Demon Monks (Also called Dark Priest) are the warriors of the city Hura. They spend their time learning how to better control and combine dark and light magics. They have no counter-parts, however, Arcane Archers often tend to be the ones they lose to. While they do not concern themselves with wether they live or die, they tend to fight to live, using sneaky tactics, and not fearing retreat. Using a combination of dark, light, and demonology, they can adapt to any situation needed. The Demon Monk was the second unique path used in Hura, the first being the Arcane Archer.




Manablades typically focus on balance. They are the only healers in Hura, and are capable of healing most wounds and deseases, although they have trouble with curses. Their physical power is the weakest in Hura, however are still nothing to laugh at. They are the closest thing Hura has to mages.

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Once the first stage of their training is complete, Demon Monks will summon a demon of their choice to Azeroth (Summoning it to Hura would cause Hura's location to be revealed) where they kill it, rip its arm off, rip their arm off, and reattach the demons arm. They gain new powers based on the demon, some powers even the demons themselves could not use.


Demon Monk saints are the most common, next to Arcane Archers. Often, there are two-four saints that chose the demon monk path, despite it being the least popular path. This is because, typically, only the most powerful magically are chosen to be demon monks. The Demon Monk saints are feared, because they are known for being the most cruel. The path is difficult because of the incredible levels of mana needed to use saint level spells. Most Demon Monk Saints have large pools of mana, instead of disciplined and talent. It is said that you can tell a saint, because their signature glows like the sun.



Sanctuary - Creates a sanctuary, healing any and all wounds within 100 feet. It is impossible to enter or exit the sanctuary, and you cannot harm anyone within it.

Mana Ropes - Create long threads of mana. They can bind targets.

Mana Whips - Thin version of the ropes, used to slash targets.

Mana Puppetry - Demon Monks can sow lost limbs back onto their body, and move destroyed body parts by treating them as puppet limbs. They can also control others' bodies, however it is a much less refined technique.

Holy Surge - Removes poisons, curses, magical effects, and diseases from target.

Flesh Link - Can take damage others take to their flesh onto their own bodies.

Regrowth - Cause flesh, blood supply, bones, and organs to regrow at over 1000 times the normal rate.

Mana Cacoon - Surrounds themselves in a cacoon of mana threads. They cannot be destroyed from the outside.


Curse of Sterilty - Render's target sterile

Black Flame - Creates a wall of black fire that absorbs mana to increase its heat.

Dark Thrust - Forces a blast of energy into their opponets body using their demonic arm.

Shadow Shield - Surrounds themselves with negative energy, capable of negating blade and mana alike.

Hypnosis - Distracts and manipulates others using their eyes, and flashes of light.

Curse of Flames - All mana that comes near the cursed one burns flesh.

Mana Feast - Consumes the mana of their target.

Burden - Causes target to be cursed with invisible weight.

Shadow Fissure - Cracks the earth, sending massive dark power from the holes. Falling in is instant death.

Muscle Eater - A physical attack that causes muscles to tear apart.


Arm Release - Changes their arm from flesh to that of the demon they chose.

Full Body Change - Changes their body into that of the demon they chose.

Claw Shot (Dreadlord/Felguard) - Extends the claw of one finger peircing flesh.

Void Choke (Voidwalker) - Surrounds targets mouth and nose with void energy, choking the target.

War Quake (Doomguard) - Slams fist on the ground, causing a mini-quake.

Demon Armor (Felguard) - Surrounds the demon monk in felguard's armor.

Hell Wings (Dreadlord/Doomguard) - Grows a set of bat wings, capable of flight.

Nexus Bomb (Voidwalker) - Creates a burst of void energy. Can turn energy into shadow energy.

Body Jump - Can jump to the body to the type of demon they chose.

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