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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Another expansion idea of mine. This would raise the level cap to 110 (wow) and introduce players to the various other "shards" of Draenor, habitable pieces each the size of a medium-size zone. There are six shards in all: Morc'Ma (the largest shard, and the zone for the ogres and Mok'Nathal, two Horde races, from 1-20), Malkis (100-102), Kilik'or (102-104), Natrii (104-106), Exoplal (106-108), and Wehuud (108-110). Deathwing has revealed himself, having remained in hiding on Wehuud until he was able to bolster the Black Dragonflight. The Alliance and Horde, along with the Red, Green and Bronze Dragonflights, have scrambled to stop them. The Bronze and Green are Neutral to each side, while some Reds are Neutral, some are with the Alliance. The new races are Drakonids and Broken for Alliance, and Mok'Nathal and ogres for Horde. The Mok'Nathal and ogres share Morc'Ma as a starting zone, the Drakonids begin at Grim Batol, and the Broken share the draenei's starting zone.

Some instances:

Deathwing's Lair: Deathwing's new lair on Wehuud. A 10/25 man raid dungeon, which has you fight various high-ranking members of the Black Dragonflight and Kilik'or Akkroa, culminating in a final showdown with Deathwing (where the three remaining Aspects also make an appearence). The final dungeon, similar to Naxxramas for WoW or Black Temple for TBC. Final boss: Deathwing.

Natrii Caverns: A vast system of caves under the surface of the Natrii Jungles. Divided into two instances: Western Caverns, a 5/10 man 104-106 instance, and Eastern Caverns, a 5/10 man 110 instance. The Black Dragonflight had a small fortress here, but some of the Burning Legion have come to take the caverns for their own, due to a strange magical power possessed by the Natrii crystals in the cavern. Final boss: Western: Lord Khamis (a high ranking dragon), Eastern: Sekilis (a Doomguard general).

Kilik'or Keep: A fortification of the Kilik'or Akkroa, who were driven insane by the radiation from the shattering of Draenor. They have joined Deathwing, and now the Keep is the second largest of the Flight's strongholds, after Deathwing's Lair itself. 5/10 man 106-108 instance. Final boss: High Lord Avias (Leader of the Kilik'or Akkroa).

Caverns of Time: Grim Batol: A new Caverns of Time instance. The Infinite Dragonflight wishes to stop Alexstraza from being saved by the Alliance. Both sides, even the Horde (due to the Old Horde's corruption), fight with the Alliance. Final bosses: Nekros ("fake" boss), Alkinarion (the "Aspect" of the Infinite Dragonflight).

Neutral Factions:

Red Dragonflight: Alexstraza's neutral dragons. They are not fully with the Alliance, like her Drakonids, but she still supports them. Reputation rewards include the Red Dragon Whelp, Red Drake and Swift Red Drake. Drakonids begin at Friendly rather than Neutral.

Green Dragonflight: Reputation rewards include the Green Dragon Whelp, Green Drake, Swift Green Drake and Armored Green Drakeador.

Bronze Dragonflight: Reputation rewards include the Bronze Dragon Whelp, Bronze Drake, Swift Bronze Drake and Armored Bronze Drakeador.

Blue Flight Remnant: After the war against magic-users, the remaining Blue Dragons became sane once more and remained neutral to all mortal races. Reputation rewards include the Blue Dragon Whelp, Blue Drake, Swift Blue Drake and Armored Blue Drakeador.

Natrii Akkroa: The more peaceful akkroa of Natrii. Reputation rewards incude the Small Avain Hatchling and Great Avian Flyer.

New Alliance Race: DrakonidEdit

When Deathwing revealed himself on Wehuud, attacking Outland and Azeroth, Alexstraza commited the entire flight to the cause. The Drakonids of Grim Batol have thrown their full support behind the Alliance. Alexstraza, however, remains on the front, personally battling Deathwing's minions, and so her mate Korialstraz has stayed behind to lead them.

Starting Area: Grim Batol

Capital: Grim Batol Keep

Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Mage

Mount: Drakeador, a kind of wingless dragon roughy the size of a horse. Epic: Armored Drakeador.


Fire Resistance
Dragon's Wrath: Becomes enraged, increaing attack and casting speed by 10% and adding an extra X fire damage to attacks. Like the troll's Berserking, it does cost mana/rage. 2 min cooldown
Massive Strength: Allows a Drakonid to hold a 2H weapon in one hand. Doing so incurs a 25% damage penalty. They cannot duel wield 2H weapons, but use a shield or held in off hand item. I can't take credit for this--see Drakonids ideas
Endurance: Same as the Tauren ability.

Leader: Korialstraz

New Horde Race: OgreEdit

The ogres of Morc'ma lived in peace along with their Mok'Nathal brethren for years. However, Deathwing found the shard--and he saw the ogre the fortress Mok'Kilor as a potential focal point for his massive invasion. So he and his flight attacked the shard, and the ogres and Mok'Nathal fought bravely. They managed to open an ancient portal to Kalimdor, and messengers traveled throughout the continent, stopping at every settlement they could find to get help. The Horde sent many soldiers to assist, as well as the Bronze Dragonfligt (the Greens and Reds were busy fighting the Black flight elsewhere). In gratitude, they joined the Horde.

Starting Area: Morc'Ma 1

Capital:Mok'Kilor Fortress

Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Mage

Mount: Bull. Epic: Swift Bull.


Thick Fat: Ogres have a natural extra 10% armor and +1 to all resistances.
Final Blow: Adds X damage to the next attack (ranged, melee or spell). 2.5 min cooldown
Ogre's Fortitude: Passive +5% Stamina (for Warriors and Hunters).
Ogre's Spirit: Passive +5% Spirit (Mages and Shamans).

Leader: Warmaster Kin Bak

New Alliance race: Broken DraeneiEdit

The Draenei have finally accepted the Broken among them. Long eager to join the Alliance, they now have finally had their chance, and with the new threat presented by Deathwing to the remnants of Draenor and to Azeroth itself, the Broken are more than ready to take on the challenge along with their new allies.

Starting Area: Azuremeryst Isle

Capital: The Exodar

Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Paladin, Shaman, Warlock

Mount: Elekk (the Broken share the draenei's mount, like the Mok'Nathal share the ogres' mount). Epic: Swift Elekk


Nature Resistance
The Wind: The power of the Elemental Wind swirls around the Broken, catching up to three enemies and disorienting them for 5 seconds. 2 min cooldown.
Staff Specialization

Leader: Nobundo (who is both the Exodar shaman trainer and now a faction leader)

New Horde race: Mok'NathalEdit

The Mok'Nathal lived alongside the normal Morc'Ma ogres for generations. Even after the breaking of Draenor, the survivors of Morc'Ma perservered and rebuilt upon their Shard. However, when Morc'Ma was invaded by Deathwing and the Black Dragons, many ogres and Mok'Nathal went through the portals to Azeroth to get help. One of the Mok'Nathal scouts met Rexxar by chance, who agreed to appeal to Thrall. Thrall, along with Cairne and Vol'jin, sent many reinforcements, and the Bronze Dragonflight also assisted. Now, the Mok'Nathal of Morc'Ma have joined the Horde.

Starting Area: Morc'Ma 1

Capital: Mok'kilor Fortress

Classes: Warrior, Paladin (for there are indeed Mok'Nathal who worship the Light), Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Priest

Mount: Bull (they share the ogre's mount, like the Broken share the draenei's). Epic: Swift Bull.


Animal Handling: Mok'Nathal Hunter pets have increased happiness and loyalty.
Morc'Ma's wrath: Blasts the enemy with X Nature damage. 2 min cooldown
Axe specialization
Expert Skinner: Mok'Nathal have a passive +15 total skill to Skinning.

Hero Classes: The Sorcerer and Far SeerEdit


The Sorcerer is like a combination of a Mage and a Warrior. They are adept at melee combat and ahve a multitude of damaging spells as well as buffs. Many of their damage spells are instant-cast, due to the fact that they will be taking hits and that will cause cast interruption. However, talents in the Mystic talent tree has multiple abilities that prevent cast interruption on those channeled and cast-time spells they do have.

-Talent Trees: Dark Mastery (Powerful DoT spells and sustained melee DPS), Mystic (Pure damage spell enhancement), and Survivability (Buffs that enhance Survivability and melee).

-Can use Cloth, Leather and Mail Armor, 1H and 2H Swords, Shields, Polearms and Staves, as well as Artifacts, similar to Librams and Totems.

-Niches (depending on tree) are sustained DPS (Dark Mastery), burst DPS (Mystic), and Tankability (Survivability; while they can only use Mail, they can use Shields and have multiple self-buffs that enhance Armor and reduce damage taken).

-Notable Sorcerer spells:

-Dark Bolt: Instant cast, 100 mana (at highest rank). Blasts the enemy for X shadow damage and an additional Y shadow damage over 20 sec.
-Arcane Shield: Instant Cast, 250 mana (at highest rank). Increases armor by X for 30 min.
-Mystic's Skin: Instant Cast, 400 mana (at highest rank). Decreases damage taken by an additional 30% and armor contributions from items by 10% for 15 min.
-Afflict: Instant Cast, 160 mana (at highest rank). Does X Poison damage over 24 sec.
-Mystic Blast: 3 sec cast. Hits the enemy with a huge blast of Mystical energy for X Arcane damage.
-Imbue with Dark Power: Causes a melee weapon to occasionally proc for X Shadow damage over 10 sec for 30 min. A weapon can only be Imbued with one Power at a time.
-Imbue with Frost Power: Causes a melee weapon to occasionally freeze the enemy in ice for 10 sec for 30 min. Any damage caused will interrupt the effect. When the target breaks free, they have attack speed slowed by 50% for 10 sec. A weapon can only be Imbued with one Power at a time.
-Imbue with Arcane Power: Causes a melee weapon to occasionally proc for an instant X Arcane damage for 30 min. A weapon can only be Imbued with one Power at a time.

-Important Sorcerer attributes are Strength (for melee power) Intellect (for spell power) and Stamina (for survivability). Agility is helpful, but not as important as the previous three; same with Spirit.

A sorcerer can only be used by these races:


-Night Elf




-Blood Elf




Far SeerEdit

A Far Seer is like a complicated, spell-DPS-based Shaman. They are like an Elemental-combat specced Shaman combined with a warlock due to summoned Spirit allies. There are three different permanent Spirit allies: Spirit Wolf (a spirit wolf with great melee DPS and average tanking), Spirit Bear (a spirit bear with good melee DPS and excellent tanking), and Spirit Serpent (a spirit wind serpent with excellent spell and melee DPS but low tankability). They also use totems like Shamans; they do not have different types of totems (Fire, Stone, etc.) but all totem spells require the Nature totem and a Far Seer can have three different totems out at a time.

-Talent Trees: Elemental Wrath (Spell DPS), Totemetic Knowledge (Improved Totems), and Spiritual Connection (Improved Spirits and Survivability).

-Can use Cloth and Leather Armor, Staves, 1H Maces, 1H Axes, and Polearms.

-Niches are almost always buffs and Spell DPS, with some minor differences depending on build; improved burst spell DPS in Elemental Wrath (EW) and enhanced sustained DPS in Spiritual Connection (SC).

-Notable Far Seer spells:

-Nature Bolt: 1.5 sec cast, 200 mana (at highest rank). Does X Nature damage to the enemy.
-Lightning Ball: Instant Cast, 250 mana (at highest rank). An instant X Nature damage plus Y damage over 30 sec.
-Summon Spirit Wolf: summons a Spirit Wolf ally for the Far Seer that has decent DPS and armor.
-Summon Spirit Bear: summons a Spirit Bear ally for the Far Seer that has modest DPS and excellent armor.
-Summon Spirit Serpent: summons a Spirit Serpent ally for the Far Seer that has excellent DPS and low armor.
-Totem of Nature's Wrath: Instant cast, 260 mana (at highest rank), Requires: Nature totem. Enhances all Nature damage done by you and allies done within 30 yards by 50%. Lasts 2 min.
-Shock Totem: Instant Cast, 250 mana (at highest rank), Requires: Nature totem. Summons a totem that shoots an instant-cast Nature Bolt at enemies within 25 yards for X damage every 5 sec. Lasts 30 sec.
-Nature's Light: Heal a friendly target for an immediate X health (low) as well as an additional Y health over 10 sec.

-Important Far Seer attributes are Spirit (as with normal Shamans), Intellect (for extra mana and spell power) and Stamina (for survivability). Agility and Strength are not too useful--due to Spirit allies, they will not be pressed into melee range often (unless they often use the Sprit Serpent; due to a lack of any way to get aggro and almost Cloth-level armor. The serpent's bad for soloing but great for raiding and PvP, but solo you'd just be taking too many hits. If you insist on using it, focus a lot on Stamina and also focus a little on Agility for the improved dodge. Strength=still useless).

A Far Seer can be used by the following races:










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