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Cynadrion CaremyrEdit


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An updated picture of Cynadrion, Drawn by me!

Physical Description Edit

  • Name: Cynadrion Caremyr
  • Class: Discipline Priest, Focuses on Telepathic powers. (IC he's more of a Psion)
  • Guild: Akevial
  • Rank: Founder
  • Server: Sisters of Elune
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Professions: Tailoring
  • Age: He looks to be low thirties, though technically probably a few hundred. (Lawl elves and their old-ness)
  • Sex: Male, though horribly androgynous.
  • Hair: Long and blond, it hangs straight and nearly reaches his mid-back. It’s obvious he spends a huge amount of time fixing it up. Several strands of pearls are braided in, as well as a few Hawkstrider feathers for flare, and gemstones to make it shiny.
  • Eyes: Emerald, but they shine a bright golden when he’s channeling magic.
  • Weight: Fairly thin.
  • Height: 5’11” He sometimes appears taller due to abnormally good posture.
  • Garments/Armor: Like his hair, his velvet robes are always freshly pressed and overly well-maintained. They’re almost eerily free of dirt and always look to be brand new. Each of his robes has the crest of Akevial delicately embroidered in golden thread over the chest. Due to his massive Sin’Dorei pride, he generally wears shades of reds and golds.
  • Other: He tends to wear a fair amount of eye-liner, and obviously takes extreme pride in his looks. He smells of vanilla and is almost OCD about keeping good posture and watching his body language.


Cynadrion wants power and influence, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it. He tries his best to come across to people he meets as an elite, but approachable man worthy of respect. And has far too many complexes about needing to be liked. Because of his telepathy he is incredibly dependant on human interaction and rarely spends much time alone on his own meditations. He holds himself to strict social formalities, rarely relaxing and always carefully picking his words before speaking. Polite almost to a fault, and a bit of an over-achieving dreamer, He settles for nothing less than perfection in his own actions.

He spends a great deal of time in the libraries within the Sunfury spire, though he holds no religious faith. He prides himself as being a “Man of Azeroth,” who sees no value in wasting time pleading for divine intervention when you can simply do it yourself.

History Edit

When Cynadrion was around the equivalent age of Thirteen he was sent by his parents to serve under the church of Quel’Thalas, where he lived in the service of the Clergy until adulthood.

While serving under the church he procured a fascination for watching the sacrifices the priests would make out of loyalty to the Light. Though he was never much for the dogma, he was enthralled by how far the pious would go to prove their devotion. Yet despite the self-less lives they were leading, the head clergy of the church held unsurpassable sway over the common public.

Originally, he was inspired to try and raise in the ranks of the clergy, however, because of his obvious lack of faith, he had a hard time earning power through traditional means. After several years of determination, he gained a rather suspicious amount of influence over the clergy. Rumors of shady business started to spread of how he managed to acquire his rank, but before any research could be done Arthas invaded and spared him the inquisition.

Cynadrion wasted little time in mourning the utter distruction of his home town, and used the Scourge attacks as a way to get out from under the church’s hold. Deciding to turn into more of a secular figurehead though politics in the newly reconstructed city, he amassed a rather large group of loyal followers under the banner of Akevial.


Ambassador Kelemar of Silvermoon

Political Career Edit

Cynadrion started his political career as the squire under Ambassador Kelemar, the tour guide for foreign diplomats in Silvermoon. While this job didn’t hold much power or esteem, it did help him get his foot into the doorway of the government in Silvermoon. Thanks to his usual work-aholic attitude, it wasn’t long until he was promoted to an Ambassador to Undercity, where he served for several months.

Within the past few months, he succeeded in returning to Quel’thalas as a representative in the Magistrate Courts. Because Cynadrion doesn’t practice the Arcane, a skill treasured and usually required before you can join their ranks, he’s taken on much more of a legislative role. Proposing new bills and taxes to the Courts and the Noble circles, he’s left the ‘Arcane power shows’ to his Magi coworkers.

Originally stuck as a practical office boy for the senior Magistrates, Cynadrion was forced to seek the aid of Altheon Silverblade: A very powerful nobleman. A rather suspicious marriage between the two finally granted Cynadrion the rank of ‘Lord,’ and has vastly increased his respect amongst the courts.


His political views are a bit two-faced, though they remain consistent one the issue of popular support. Because he started out as a commoner, he’s achieved most of his current power though sheer diplomacy, and as such, sought to make often questionable allies out of all powerful figures he meets. His true intentions, however, are rather strikingly altruistic towards the common populace of Silvermoon. He seeks to gain the heart and support of the people in the hopes of uniting the Sin’Dorei and returning them to their former glory.

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