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The contents here in are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


This article is a player character biography page created by Conthus1997. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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NeutralNPC 32Daraknis Destostorm
Title The Destructive, The Cold One
Gender Male
Race Undead
Level 75 Elite (Boss)
Character class Demon Hunter, Warlock, Rogue (Currently), Classic WC2 Death Knight (Novel), Mage (Formerly)
Affiliation Independent, Burning Legion
Location Terokkar Forest (Buried)
Status Deceased, Murdered by Conthus Shadowbane
Relative(s) Shadowbane Family
Alignment Neutral evil (Currently), Lawful evil (Before)
Shadowbane Disclaimer

Darrick/Darren Shadowbane [Later Daraknis Destostorm] is the Second Oldest brother Conthus Shadowbane

Daraknis Shadowbane is the Main Antagonist of Conthus Shadowbane & the Stand of Destruction

This page contains the biggest spoiler, The spoiler scene if you haven't seen the brothers thing already, go to the bottom of the page to see the actuall event where there is a spoiler.

Early Life Edit

((Under Construction))

The Cold One Rises Edit

Sometime during the War of the Ancients, Daraknis started to warm up to the Burning Legion. The Faction that the Highborne was working with. Daraknis started working with them, and becoming more like them, Starting to Trade in his normal Mage abilities for the dark powers of the Warlocks, Getting his own faction of Demons. Natrually Daraknis ended up like every other demon lord, and was forced to protect the Well of Eternity & The Portal that would bring forth Sargeras.

As expected, the demons were defeated, Daraknis was banished.

Demonic Partnership Edit

While Daraknis was Banished, He lived with the Burning Legion on Argus whilst his family was hiding on The Blackbane Isle. He worked with the Legion for several centuries waiting on the next attack on Azeroth

Partnership of the Blackrock Orcs, & Sacrafice Edit

It was Common that the Blackrock orcs would sacrafice beings to The Lords of the Burning Legion as proven Years Later. While the Orcs were invading Azeroth. The Orcs were informed about the events 10,000 years ago...and they finally had a powerful ally.

During one of the Sacraficial Rituals, Daraknis was captured and killed. Daraknis blamed Sargeras, and as a spirit kept working with Kil'Jaedan

Resserection Edit

After several years as a slowly dying spirit, Daraknis found out about The Scourge & The plague of undeath, Stealing a concentrated Version of it, Daraknis used it to revive was was left of his decaying corpse. Semi Re-allying with the Burning Legion, He came up with his own plans to set the world to flame himself...

Plans of the Destructive Edit

((Under Construction))

The Stand of Destruction Edit

((Under Construction))

Discovery Edit

Following having his younger brother working for him under his new name, something happened that he was not prepared for, while trying to infiltrate the black temple to get the Illidari to join him, His little brother was waiting outside. As Daraknis walked out, He learned that Conthus had discovered his plan, and knew everything that happened. Enraged, Conthus charged, The two started battle, but as the two were semi-defeated. Daraknis tryed to steal energies from the world to become more powerful and be able to destroy Conthus. but as he charged up these energies, he was lifted into the air, and shattered into different pieces that flew to the sky & walls.

Second Resserection and Attempted Conquerering of Shattrath Edit

3 months after Daraknis semi-exploded, one of Daraknis' Minions got ahold of the final Soulstone. And managed to Restore Daraknis. During his Resserection, The Burning Legion Re-gained control of many territories in Draenor, and were spreading to Azeroth starting at Sunwell Grove.

Daraknis assisted the Legion with their conquering, but there was one last place for him to get...Shattrath City. Half-way through the battle, Conthus entered in using his Hearthstone. Rushing to the Terrace of Light, Daraknis used a Strange Dark Stone, He managed to corrupt A'dal. Slowly turning him into a Corrupted Naruu.

As the Battle Raged on, Conthus charged in fighting the Naruu. Just in time, The Aldor & The Scryers put aside their differences and fought along side Conthus, Calling upon the powers of the Scryers, A'dal was held into place While the holy powers of the Aldor's High Priests, slowly restored the Naruu back to Normal. Daraknis watching the event, turned for an escape. Kil'jaedan would NOT be pleased.

Death Edit

Finally, With A'dal restored, Daraknis lost his grip over his last corrupt encampment, Fleeing the seen, he was confronted by Conthus, after a dramatic conversation, it turned right into a battle. after moments of combat, Acheus was knocked from Conthus' hands, The two exchanged a glare, and after a few strikes, Conthus used a shadowly thunder clap knocking Daraknis back, while going for a hard fall infront of Shattrath, Conthus jumped into the air, and swung the Whirlwind axe, the blade cut through the center of Daraknis' back, going half-way deep, Cutting his Vertebrae in half. As soon as Daraknis hit the ground, he was dead. Conthus looked at his brothers corpse and walked into Shattrath. As his spirit left his body and entered the twisting nether, Daraknis used his last words to tell Conthus he was proud and he was sorry.

Trivia Edit

  • Daraknis' Changed Last Name "Destostorm" Parodies Meryl Felstorm's Last Name, & Replaces Fel with the Player's Shortened term for the Warlock Talents "Destruction"
  • Daraknis was the First Written Villian in the Conthus Shadowbane Stories according to Conthus & Brandius themselves
  • Daraknis is a Parody of a Character in Conthus' Creators mind, Connor, The Creator of these characters has always wanted siblings, Yet by experience he knows that Brothers & Sisters are great family/friends, But they can also be the bane of your existence 20% of your time.
  • Daraknis plays in Connor's Dark Humor in Real life, from the passage of Evil Siblings: Daraknis managed to Embaress Conthus by trying to set the world of azeroth to flame. Daraknis tryed to compete for Conthus' record as most powerful adventurer to date & managed to irritate him for that.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "Brother...You will never understand, The Burning Legion may destroy this world but they have something I want to be apart of. You will never stop me"
  • "From now on, I am not Darrick Shadowbane, from now on I am Daraknis Destostorm." [Daraknis during his name change]
  • "I'm Bad, And I'm Back..." [Daraknis after his first Resserection, Repeated in Game]
  • "Join me, And together, We will get rid of this wretched world" [Daraknis about Azeroth]
  • "It is the Wand of Dark Desire, Mr. Shadowbane. That daemon wretch has it..." [Daraknis to Conthus about the Daemon "Devilis." The name Diablos was taken.]
  • "The world treats you like dirt, Boy. I know what it feels like cause 10,000 years ago my own brother murdered me." [Daraknis to Conthus Shadowbane as Daraknis Destostorm]
  • "Finally, We play like children like in the old days, Brother. We used to fight over the Treant House fort, Now 10,005 years later we fight over this rubble..." [Daraknis talking to Conthus in an Echo during the Battle for Shattrath City]
  • "So...This is how you want to play...Very Well. *Maniacle Cackling*" [Daraknis after Conthus challenges him to a duel]
  • "I'm sorry that your life has to end here, Conthus. Just as your entire Misbegotten world." [When Conthus is about to Die during their final Battle]
  • "I've made my mistakes. I've became a monster, All you've fought against. 7 months ago you died and I felt proud...yet, you tried to save me...I've failed brother, and used you to glide through my own evil life. but here I lie...Take care old friend. Your on the right track." [Daraknis to Conthus in his mentalic prescence 3 days after his death]

The Big Twist Edit

Daraknis walks towards Conthus who is on the edge of black temple summit
Daraknis says: Your not getting away

Daraknis puts out a hand

Conthus Shadowbane says: Get away from me, monster...
Daraknis says: You know who I am...But you dont know how I've become this being. There are many things you do not understand, Why I've a close relationship with your family you've not known about.
Daraknis says: Your Oldest Brother...Older Than Nicholas. What did Brandius tell you?
Conthus Shadowbane says: He told me you killed him!
Daraknis says: Your Family has been lying to you for Thousands upon Thousands of Years...I've been with the Shadowbane Family longer than you know, And I've not murdered one of them!
Daraknis yells: NO CONTHUS, I...AM YOUR BROTHER!
Shock and Awe hits the group
Conthus Shadowbane says: No...its impossible. The Blood, The Shattered Glass, The Corpse...
Daraknis says: Yes brother, it was all lies. When father & mother disowned me...I couldn't care less, I decided to make my switch to demonhood...More Realistic. The Glass you saw wasn't used to stab me, it was the shattered remains of my own Soul Shard. the blood from me was actually from my hand, and the decapitated corpse was a soldier who I walked over. You've been decieved. Darrick Destostorm, Is Me. Darren Shadowbane was my past, Darrick Destostorm is my present, & Daraknis the Destroyer is my Future.

Daraknis puts out a hand.

Daraknis says: Join me, And together we can get revenge on the world of Azeroth for what it has done to us both, after what we've done for it...
Conthus Shadowbane says: I would sooner join the old gods.

Daraknis Laughs.

Daraknis says: Hahaha...You would join them wouldn't you, The old rumor states your very soul was forged by them.

Conthus glares and backflip jumps off the edge of Black Temple summit falling through a portal taking him somewhere safe.

Daraknis closes his eyes and sighs. "Conthus..."

((Under construction))

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