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Fiannis Swiftblade is a Blood Elf Ranger, who holds the rank of Ranger-Lieutenant. She is a member of a mysterious fighting sisterhood known as the Eighty Empresses, though nobody is certain if there truly are eighty of them or if the number is greater or less. She is the mother of Lorasina Swiftblade, a Priestess, and Constanz Clearwater Denselde, a half-elf warrior. Her second daughter is part of the Alliance. She is beautiful but somewhat sad, and she has sworn vengeance on Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde for, in her view, stealing her second daughter from her. She does not know that it was the will of Constanz' father, her former lover Erick Clearwater, that Drinlana adopt Constanz. She was called back to Quel'thalas two years before the Third War began, leaving behind both her lover and her adolescent daughter. In the wake of the destruction of Quel'thalas, she tried to make her way to Stormwind to find Constanz, but was unsuccessful.

Fiannis's eyes reflect her sadness. They glow less brightly than the eyes of many other blood elves, and she wears her hair in a much more conservative style than most. The paleness of her skin, also, speaks of her desire for the ways before the destruction of the Sunwell, and she tries strongly to keep her consumption of mana to a minimum, fighting the fierce mana addiction of her people with determination.

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